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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
27th-Oct-2008 10:54 pm
mao passion


Ah, I was looking for some Momotarousongs on youtube, actually looking for the one we were listening to last week, and that's when I stumbled across this erm... very modern version of the momotarou 'fairytale'... It's... a bit very modern, but kinda interesting...

I find the audience's comments quite interesting XD Those girls were laughing so hard in the beginning... and then... 「コワイ!」yeah damn, I found that image quite scary, too xD

Unfortunately I didn't understand too much of what he actually was saying. T-T It helps when one knows the actual story xD

... 雉子くん♥

Hai, I looked for more and... oh my Gods... really, really old cartoons... wow... I love that. It's all still handcraft, ne and so... awww... just... look.

Isn't it lovely? Unfortunately it seems all the other parts have been taken off youtube T_T

Can't help it, but somehow it's scary too...


I mean, it's like...

"YAY, WAR!... YOUR personal CHANCE to die for your country, take your chance NOW"

*sighs* Well, it's been released in 1945... Propaganda... would be interesting to understand more of it.

Heehehehehe... and there I found another comical one XDDDDDDD

私にください犬!XDDDDDDDDD アハッハハハハハハッハ!


AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA。。。(泣)Have I... have I mentioned that I love 雉子君 just soo much? *sniffle* *wipes tears from her laughing eyes* nnnaaahh ahahha... *sniffle* Keheehehe~

And I just CAN'T STOP laughing the more I watch AHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! This is just toooo great XDDDD~

男1(鬼):エヘ ヘ ヘ ヘ>D
男1:おーO_O” 。。。*雉子を持って* 。。。エヘ ヘ ヘヘ>D


omgs.. OMGS AHAHAH... "Kiji san? Kijisan???? *panic*" "Kijisan nai yo.." AHAHAHHAHAHAH *dies*

My throat hurts... my... ahahahahahaahhaha XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Keheheh... I need to calm down from the last one XD~

If that really is the bird... it's talented, oh my ~

And that's just the song I want but... a slightly different version of it XD

*sings* Mooomotarou san, momotarou saaaan...

Oh no... no please, not a mario momotarou X__X AHAHAH! ugh oO"

*shakes head* omahgods... I need more comedy... nyao~
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