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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Me = Happy 
14th-Nov-2008 08:31 pm
mao passion
Heeeeeeeee~~~~~! *squeal*

Ohhhhmaaahhgodsss... I'm so so happy Rosy was at home from the point of time I left for work... I just got back at about 8pm, and well...

It was this when I checked it yesterday night:

Have I mentioned this post is slightly マオ-related? =D No? I have so now *is one hell of a cheshire cat right now*


にゃぁぁぁあん!I es, queue, ee, a, ellllllllled!!!! *heeeeeeeee* [Still slightly doing it...]

It arrrived! Oh damn, I'm so freaking happy, I can't even put it into words... I could only put it into letters but... well you know ^///^" like.... ASGJo'weru4720uafsd'ofjsadlfjsdFE@@@LDJFLDSJFLGJSDLFJGGGARGHHHH

*cough* ... y..yeaaaaahh *chuckle*

I wondered whether she worked at McDo's... *laughs* But but but... so I tried unwrapping the thing, which always sort of turns out kinda difficult for some strange reasons whenever it's something shipped from Japan containing either シド or Gazette... ah... especially the first actually ^ ^" ... and ahhh just squeaked the whole way through. I was still listening to music on my iPod, since I just got back home, ne, so I didn't really notice xDDDDD

But anyway... The first thing I saw actually was the thing I had aspired to the most... well... the towel... *_____* That... that thing... gonna me by... I mean, be my... personal cuddle towel *__________* It it it.... well okay, he didn't touch it but it's been in the same room with him so ... *shifty eyes* it ... has his ummm aura in it and .... *wild beam* ... and I can wash it too, because auras don't wash out [I think I might be Kayashima infected xp] and..... うわーん *slipped into mental illness once more, the one known as MIMD*... [Maoinducedmentaldefect]

Ahhh... but tell you what, the phonecleaner set... those phonecleaners, they pawn xDDDD まーくん。♥ [It should have read 雉子君 though xP] And they have pearls in them so they... rattle lightly... *laughs* .... Mao's are all pink and red XDDDDDDDD *laughs* Nee nee...

The third thing I got was the little bag... :3 It's a perfect bag for books actually.

Awww... I'm so happy. *doesn't let go of her towel*

Sheesh seriously though... it SO was in the same room as him X__♥"

N...No, I'm not gonna worship it but... it... won't leave my side... so soon... *sparkly eyes* I loveloveloveloveit *__________*


Happy spazzes :3 I missed them....



Actually, I wound the towel around my head at one point... and with my glasses (I tend to wear the glasses instead of the contacts when I'm at work) I looked like one hell of a happy granny xDDDD

Me, less granny-ish
I spazzled so much while taking pictures, I really had to pull myself together to get that one straight XD


Haha, almost forgot, ne. At college today, just a bit before the class started, me and a couple of the girls had some fun xD...

The thing was, when I chose my seat, it was behind a table that was right behind a pillar. Don't ask me why in some of the rooms there are pillars right in the middle... it doesn't really make much sense >_>"

Well I didn't really mind much. Would have to bend a bit to see the white board fully, but 大丈夫ね。So Sori [That's not how her name spells... gomen, am not very good at Bulgarian names XD] arrived... she's a classmate from Bulgaria... a real warm hearted, fun and frolic person.


Sori: Awwwwww! Gweeeeen! Awww, don't sit behind the pillar.... *going to sit two next to me (right next to me there already was a girl, Karina)* can you seeee at all hmm? *sympathetic face*

Me: *grin* Oh yah yeah, sure, it's totallllly fine ne.

Sori: *tilting her messy head* Rrreally?

Me: *slow smirk* Mmmm yes... and anyway.... *turning my head to her, my voice dropping an inch* ... I only have to look left... and then I see you...........

Sori: O.O....... Oohhhooooo!!!!!

Karina: *trying to not laugh too much or too loudly*

Sori: GWEEEEN!!!!!!!

Me: *grin*

Sori: Woah... for that you'll get a sweets :3 *rummages in her bag and produces a kinderchocobon* *gives it to me*

Me: Eh? ... Oh... *giggle* Thank you~~~

Sori: Mmmmmmmm *purr* Say something like that again, and you'll get moooore...

Karina: *holding both hands in front of her mouth*

Me: *not hesitating one second* Mmmm... And you know, Sori, the real reason for me not wearing a coat in winter......... is you.....

Sori: WWWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH O______O *rummages more* HERE! *gives me another one*


Me: *satisfied little smirk*

Hehhe... *squeak* I love this... xDDDDD
15th-Nov-2008 12:16 am (UTC)
i see mcdonals er... tape on it XDD eh you got a towel.. and a bag?

and yay your pic XD hello~

15th-Nov-2008 12:46 am (UTC)
Oh yeah... there is mcdo's tape on it XDDD...

Towel, bag, and phone cleaner set :3

... XDDDD Herroooww~~~~ *paw* x3
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