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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[マオ] Dear dear... thanks. 
9th-Oct-2007 11:48 pm
mao distorted

Oh man. Again. *smile*

Not that my day was a bad day... I just had a lot on my mind. And who's coming to rescue me without even knowing? Sure about the not knowing part...?


m ∀ Ø

Sheesh, I should go to bed... It's already 12 and I have to get up at 6.30, but... of course I'm not tired. I tend to go to bed at 6am >___<"

But there's so much on my mind... Now Mao inhabited... duhhh hehe.

Well first of all. I got 蜜指 Mitsuyubi in the FULL version in PERFECT quality. And... I was cured. *cheekygrin* Ne, I actually screamed. I did. I really did. And I had *headdesk*moments afterwards, when I could move my eyes from the desktop and roll the chair around a little bit to where there's enough space on the desk to actually have a proper headdeskmoment. Yeah hehe. It's THAT good. My hand hurts >__>

My mom actually came into the computer room just a few minutes after that... [I kept glancing towards the door while... enjoying, almost expecting her to see me clinging to the desk like mad, trying not to slide under it, scraping my nails along the surface... (yes to me, it IS that good) I am not joking. Hello? It's MAO!]
Nnn... Well, so, she didn't see me in those kind of ... positions... In case she didn't look all too closely she didn't see the... *cough* bitemarks either but umm... She seemed glad xD She said "Ahh at last I hear the familiar sounds again..." I think she was a bit worried because I was very quiet today. I don't tend to be that way, so motherly instinct sensed there's something wrong. Though there wasn't anything wrong, I just had issues to deal with, in me brainz.

Well so... 蜜指 was number one... and just a few seconds after that... *smile* I got a message that he upped his blog. And again... just like that time... with a picture of himself.

As I said to Deana "Can I just say one thing?... ... I LOVE him!

Hehe. But yes. とても。。。有り難うね。(笑顔)

(吐息)I don't know how he's doing it... but he's doing it well.

Also the things he posted on his blog lately... ヨガフレイム! Total love XD He's trying to tell us what he likes, huh. 寂しいだかな〜ね本当に...he says so himself. *sigh*

(´0ノ`*) 抱きしめたいよ!ダキシメタイ!Come here you fucker and let me hug you... Rrrr... 深く壊してひどく溶かして汚化してあげる蜜指突いて。

[It's his fault when he's producing such lyrics... *furrowedbrowsandpout*]

Hmmmm well he upped his blog with a picture... I already said that? Oh. Hehe xD


Well, I'll post it.


It's not much... but it's totally enough for me to sit there and stare... and stare... and stare... and... so on.

(I am so not sorry XD)

Sighsssss... 何で?何でそんな感じ...(吐息)

I just added that too, because I love it so much... it's older though (^_^)

Can somebody tell me why I have so much love inside of me......
9th-Oct-2007 11:30 pm (UTC)
ILL RESCUE Y- .. uh -backs away- NVM! You want Mao not meh. T.T You have bite marks on your desk? D: Mine is made out of wood so.. I don't think it's possible. Plus my whole computer thing is probably contaminated, no pun intended.

You have so much love inside of you because.. well, to put it in simpler words, sexual frustration. LOL. XD
9th-Oct-2007 11:34 pm (UTC)

No no... not the bitemarks on the desk XD It's made out of wood too... i guess I'd have some teeth less if I tried >__>
On me HAND. XD

Wha? XD Do you want me to want you instead of mao? XXD
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