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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Dio - LIVE Munich 2008/11/18 [Part I/III] 
3rd-Dec-2008 12:30 am
mao distorted
So, this is my first night after my Dio-night, and I’m trying to reformulate all the notes I took after I returned, to form them into something legible, something one could call ‘review’. Those who have been reading some reviews of mine might already know, but I guess I should mention it all over again: My "reviews" are much more about personal experience than about what exactly happened during which song... details I fail to remember most of the time, while I remember personal things such as looks and touches much more. I write them primarily to preserve that memory. The only reason for why I post them, and that public as well is because in the past, some have appreciated reading them. Well in case you decide to read, you'll notice. [All in all, the word count is about 8600 ... *cough*]

And again I'm confronted with the question ‘how to start’, as usual.

I do know where to start though… I’m just not sure how to go on and how to put it all into a form that is somewhat follow-able. Also, I'm sorry for any mistakes, possible a lot of repetitions and about no control of language due to brainfail, loss of and within memory and lateness of the hours I will write this.

Chapter I

Before the Concert

Mom and me arrived at about 16:20 in front of the venue… with about a dozen others already waiting there in the cold. Three hours of waiting in the cold before they’d let us in - no problem x3 I somewhat managed to do my homework while waiting, lol, and the time was considerably being shortened by talking to others around … or listening more. There’s this other mom, Erika, whom mom talked to a lot. They got along very well… talked about a lot of J-Rock related things… very interesting talks ^ ^

Bit by bit, more people arrived… when it got close to 7pm, there were about 50 people, I’d say. Not that many… but being one of the first totally paid off. - Once we were let inside, it was just running, running, running… passing the security and the ticket control, got our stamps, run again, seeing the little stage up front, run run and whoooosh - landing in 1,5th row up front middle. No line for the security. Baby, yoshi. [That’s all I could say at that moment.. xD]

Got my mom to watch my place so I could do all the necessary things before the concert… including going to the toilet and giving my bag to the wardrobe person. First part was rather fun, since I had to go back OUT again for them… past the security guys… Out was no problem. In… I just showed them my stamp mark, and slipped past (past all the others waiting…), only when I already was ‘gone’, one of them said to show my bag again xD I just opened it and told him I’d already been through security, was about to leave it at the wardrobe anyway etc etc, so all in all, was back in the hall about seven minutes later.

Excitement rising again, and damn was I happy and nervous about that position of mine. No fucking security… right in front of the stage… more or less second row… I only ever had that one time before, on the Versailles/Matenrou Opera live, and that was one of the greatest experiences during a live I ever had - being able to have that close contact. [It would become so much different at that live… but how could I have known just how, ne… *,*]

Well, waiting again. They were scheduled to start at 8.30 pm… and as soon as it was 8.25, we started cheering… stopped, and started again, that for about 20 minutes to half an hour. Most of the time it were just me and hmmm… [Bad username: sanjichan] who initiated it and kept it up for a bit, before dropping it again… and starting again and again… I rather like being the voice to start acts like these XD I was so damn proud to have been the activator one time at the Gazette live :3

I remember that once I remarked about how I just noticed that there was no BGM playing… so untypical. Just then, BGM started to play xD

Anyway, one of the girls in the front said that we could just stop, since Dio had let the audience wait for a whole hour before they appeared… and about half an hour at another live so yeahhh… Jokes about the guys circulated, like, Erina panicking backstage about having gotten his period, mikaru having troubles with his wings, not getting them to flap properly so he could fly into the hall… Or Erina (again), not finding his garters, and so on and so on… Mom had brought her pulse-watch just for curiousity’s sake… while her pulse had gone up to 120 when we arrived in the hall, it had sunken down to about 105 after about twenty minutes of waiting when they were overdue…

Only at about 9:15, the staff brought down water bottles and started to check the instruments. There seemed to be some trouble with Ivy’s bass and erina’s guitar when the staff wanted to tune them, but maybe he just hadn’t found the correct switch. <_< Because he skipped back up the stairs and backstage, only to run back down just a bit later, hitting one switch, and woot, suddenly there was the sound that we had been missing before xD

There was this mysterious blonde girl again… I think I’ve seen her at about every live so far, she always is backstage… About everyone in the hall either ‘hated’ or envied her I guess… I’m just curious who the heck she is to always be so close to all the bands. oO”

So in the end, they had us waiting for one extra hour. I didn’t really mind, stoic and accepting as I can be, yet others complained that it was definitely not okay, quite bold and daring, and those divas better give us some utterly satisfying live to make up for that… It was rather unfair to those who had to leave at a certain point of time because of train schedules, for example, ne… To me, waiting one hour more or less didn’t really make a difference, ne.

Beginning of the beginning...

So after the staff had tried the guitars and basses (there seemed to be some trouble with Ivy’s bass and Erina’s guitar… or maybe it was just the amp, at least there was no sound. So after tuning the instruments without the sound, he ran back up the stairs and over the corridor up to our right, backstage again, running outside again after three minutes, doing something, whooosh, it worked just perfectly xD I wondered… I had this scene in my head of him totally embarrassed running backstage, panicking about it not working, then Ivy going like “Well yeah man, you just have to hit the red switch in the upper left corner of my amp…”… and the guy running outside again, with a burning head XDDDDD

Ah well… so suddenly, a couple of the lights went out, the BGM stopped, people started getting nervous, and then Dio’s Intro started playing.

Wham. One screaming and cheering mob, most of them making noise with as many items as they could… a lot of them craning and possibly straining their necks as they stared to the southern right corner of the room - where the staff members had vanished to, where Dio would come out (We’d been wondering where they’d come from, at first thought from the left side of the stage… I said, probably from that white wardrobe standing on the far left side XD … well, 違った.).

And then, the first silhouette appeared from the door, walked down the ‘aisle’, then disappeared on the steps to our right … seconds of nothingness, until he appeared on the stage - more screaming, more noise, him walking right up front… ah, as usual, I was too much taken away by the whole spectacle to remember their exact looks from the very first time. Black, I remember black, and leather-imitations, much much pvc, black straps and laces and… something I really don’t know what is in English. Rivets? Nieten, anyway.

Denka, he was the first one out… the first things I noticed… If I remember right… was his belly, something about whatever he wore on his legs, his white blonde hair that stood in each and every direction possible, his lips and the piercing, his eyes (did he wear light contacts?), and the strangely drawn eyebrows that made him look a bit birdlike. He went up front, waved at us all with his hands held high, and then proceeded to his drumset… already the next of the guys entering the hall. Mom said later, that whenever she glanced at him, he seemed to concentrate really hard on his drumset. I thought, that he looked as if he had pretty much fun back there, hitting the drums like anything, but yeah, he did seem very concentrated, smiled little, didn’t seem to seek contact with the people much (I wonder though whether he actually was able to see at all xD) The reason for why he might have appeared to have such a concentrated look on his face might have been caused by the curious way his eyebrows had been drawn, though. Already the first time I saw him there on stage, I had this image of a bird in front of me. *laughs* Ah well.

I don’t remember whether Erina or Ivy was first (I think it was Ivy though)… I remember I went like ‘o la la’ when I saw Erina, same with Ivy actually… Ivy was there quicker than I had expected him to be, and since he always seemed to be my second favourite in the band, I had been anticipating that moment. And sheesh. ^ ^” That man looked good. I can’t say which was more eyecatching at first glance… the flat, slightly defined belly with the scar of a former belly-piercing, the red, right eye, the red lips, the shiny, straight and white teeth, the feathery thing on his head or the elaborate eyepatch that looked a bit like an edelweiss… Probably it was all together, as it tends to be with Jrockers… It’s just so many details that your eyes are just a tad overstrained with it (or about to implode? *laughs*) and fail to remember it in the whole. I know I didn’t really pay attention to his boots at that moment, but later, during one of the first songs I caught myself staring in disbelief at the high black, laced. [what the fuck is the proper word for “lack” in English? I’m gonna get dumb by looking for it. Lacquer, varnish…? isn’t that the paint stuff? x-x … just gonna call it that w/e] LACQUER (or w/e) boots that went up his extremely long and slender legs, to above his knees and… they had fucking stiletto heels o_o” My respect, deary. Respect. And wasn’t it him who wore the corset? *blinks* He wore very very short hotpants though… Mom told me later that once he was standing up front with spread legs, she risked a glance to find out whether there actually fits something under such a tiny piece of clothing *laughs* Just what I had been wondering about 麗 sometimes, too ^ ^” But yes, she said, she was able to spot something black underneath. *laugh* And yeah, I noticed something like a mole, or some spot, on the underside of his left thigh. *laughs* And I really loved the black/red-striped five string bass. ♥

And how much better Erina looks for real than in shoots and PVs (too girly for my taste … but he’s actually really pretty). There was something about his outfit that impressed me… what, that I don’t know. His gauntlets were velvety… and had thin threads with little bells attached to their ends at them. Those threads seemed to be of a blue colour (turquoise…青い,緑みたい?笑) , but I didn’t really see them that often to actually grasp the real colour. He appears to be really filigree, delicate… and sure also moves as if he were at times, but hell that guy can rock out *laughs* He was really into the songs and headbanged a damned lot, hehe.
Am a bit ashamed to have to admit that I didn’t really catch what his boots looked like (yes, ashamed, as I do admit I do have a certain Jrocker-induced male-boots-fetish xD), I know they were high, black of course, and plateau. The tips were round. His hair was done nicely to the side… And he wore a mini skirt that reached down to the middle of his thighs. :3 And oh, that gentle smile of his… Dazzling.

Anyway, next out was Kei… with his wild, blonde hair that well, didn’t totally look like hair *x*, more like a lion’s mane. And I must say, even though Ivy seemed to wear the most eye-catching make up with his red lips, somehow it was Kei (with the tons of metal hehe) who appeared to be the one with the most make up. Weren’t his lips black? They were, ne? Just like his guitar.
About his outfit I remember that it looked more like a ‘dress’… yet a very male one. A once-piece, alright, with the bottom part going down to his thighs. The thing looked very corded/laced up over to his chest… the same look on the ‘boots’ if it really were the actual boots that had these strings and twines about them that left a couple of rips open with flashing flesh. Or maybe it were a pair of trousers, I really don’t remember what was what x-X About Kei I remember he had something red about his outfit, going down the middle of it. He seemed a bit held back, nervous maybe, and also was the one who stayed calm the most during the beginning of the live.

Don’t remember any details of the clothes… they all were black, with a bit of colour here and there, lots of laces and ‘rivets’, ne…

Well… Excitement rising, as only one person was lacking on stage, of course it took him some time, or maybe it only seemed to be that way… Ah, I was so curious whether he’d have the Carry Dawn look, or actually used wings again… *----* … And there, more screaming, tension, tension, screaming, a figure breaking from the door, quickly walking down… it was too dark to make out the persons up there, but wings, yessss wingsssssss *________*
Those couple of seconds when he disappeared out of sight while walking down the steps, and zinngggg then he was there, on stage, directly fucking in front of me, those wings (that don’t look overdone at all on him), the black coat-type thing with the dog-collar, the black, shiny, tight pants, the booooots… oh yes… I really loved his pointy black boots X_x” The black gauntlets that were pointed towards the elbow, all those bands wound around his muscled arms… the silver/black scarf that was hanging loosely down his neck, the belt buckle… his mikaru hair… Everything… The kill.

On Stage

Actually, once he was on stage, it went rather quickly… him grabbing the micro - he did not use a micro stand at any time - as Denka started to hit the drums, guitars, him moving, that demonic, smug leer on his lips that I love so much X,X, and wham, song starting without much further ado, plunge right into…

Lord’s Prayer

One of my mom’s favourites by them… And what a starter that was.

My eyes were practically living from that 鬼 those moments, sucking up every bit I could get… There’s something about him that is rather important to me, ne, and I was fascinated pretty much right away. He really does play the demon… not that I ever doubted it. But he’s much less frightful than he might have been [though there were girls who ‘complained’ later that they were afraid he’d never let go *hehe*]. But that guy… こ。。。このやつは...that guy fucking stares you RIGHT DOWN INTO THE GROUND. No fucking only-roaming-around with the eyes, focusing on nothing, or unspecific somethings only he seems to see and the fans that are close to that area wondering whether he’s actually looking at them, oh no, far from it. That guy looked at the people in the front rows, and when he did, you knew. And it weren’t short looks either. I mean, I can’t speak for the others, how he looked at them, but man… that guy has his harem oO Or.. um well. [Flustered much? 笑]

Seriously… the first times his eyes were on me, boring right into mine… not that I felt nervous, not really but… after a certain amount of time staring right back I wondered how much longer he’d keep those eyes on me… he damn well knows about his impact, I’m sure. That guy… he looks at you like… “I would eat you alive if I wanted to…” umm… Well. 含む笑い That, maybe… but there’s a lot more in those eyes. Strength, his power, his will, there’s sexual energy as well, I can’t deny it, but… more~. It’s hard to describe, ne, what eyes contain. I liked what I saw, let’s put it like that.

So, Lord’s Prayer, the first seconds, the music starting, him dancing slightly, that smug smirk, looking left, right, left, moving his body, moving the mic to his lips, then taking a couple of steps forwards and suddenly his right boot was on the speaker right in front of us, and he leant over it, singing. Oh, I did stare at that pointy, beautiful piece of boot (kehe), but I didn’t touch it. Not once, though I easily could have. I was surprised later when I realized. The closest I got to the boots were when I held around his lower leg for a little while in the beginning (it being the first of what I would touch about him ^ ^”) The sound of the mic wasn’t that great during the first couple of songs - it was to low tuned to have us hear his voice out clearly, but that changed quite quickly, よかった。

Yet, boots weren’t really the only things to be touched by the first couple of rows that night. (I hoped for the girls up front who sometimes had their fingers on the speakers when headbanging that he wouldn’t step on them… he usually did take care though, and put his boot down a bit next to them. - Also that way never came to stand in the very middle, where they always had their hands up, it seemed. However, one of the girls said that one time, he did step on her fingers… slightly xD Ouch~) Not only boots, ne. You can’t really call mikaru shy about touches… not at all. Besides… and I really loved seeing that no matter how much it got, and how hotter the live got, they all were gentle hands. All that I could see, at least.

But well… Lord’s Prayer as the first song, fucking Carry Dawn as the next, then God Forsaken… duh, the place rocked out from the very fucking first beat (>_<) … Total love. Headbanging since the first beats as well. I remember that when I realized the first song was Lord’s Prayer, I grinned, because I knew mom loves it so much. Tried to look at all of the guys, to make out what they were doing, how they were moving and behaving on stage… Of course that intention was being smudged by me feeling the need to only look at mikaru. =__= I do remember that in the beginning of the concert I was thinking “heyyy even though it’s mikaru… I might not always have to stare at him (as is usual with me and Jrocker-vocals and their strong ‘aura’), yay”… but Hel no xD I was wrong X-x Of course I looked at him most of the times. But can I help it when his eyes are so damn captivating. When he leaned over the speaker, he was damn close, and when the light was right, you could see what he was looking at. As I mentioned before. His eyes boring into yours, and at times not letting go that eye contact for qui~te a while.

To my shame I have to admit that within Lord’s Prayer, there were misheard lyrics. (I can blame mom though, whenever that song came up in her car, she sang it that way, and me not having the lyrics of that song (*gasp*), and the possibility of those lyrics being right… ne…) It was in the refrain… Pray to (the) heaven with me... and then this I’m waiting... there it sounds like “… for you, my darling” for SOME reason, though it’s supposed to be “… by the hell”

And well. *bites lip* There was this scene when the refrain came up, and he was leaning over the speaker, performing the song, and me just grinning and singing and rocking and headbanging (AND looking at him … ahhh the atmosphere was relaxed, it was great xD), and then there was this line… and right then he happened to look at me, while I with conviction mouthed those words (not that it really made any difference, seeing to that he probably can’t really read from engLish speaking lips *cough*), and he just stared and stared with that look on his face and that smirk… his gaze right at that moment was just so damn intense, and well, even though on one hand I was slightly aghling about the intensity of it, wondering how long the heck he’s going to keep that look up, as at the same time I was mouthing with some amused conviction and passion, … well, when I got back home and found out what they actually were I was just like Uhhnnnfffff *fans self* …. ^///^” Ah, well… just in case I’d die before him, I’d surely wait for his arrival once he’s on his way XD~

Anyway. It must have been during Lord’s Prayer as well, because the only contact I’d made yet was eye contact… but I noticed hands going to him from about everywhere that could reach [there were a couple of girls close that never did, though], touching his hands and arms… also some hands from behind me, while I was concentrating on rocking out XD I looked behind me then, finding my mom in total bliss going like “OMGS he touched my hand! he held my hand! He held my HAAAND!!!!” which made me giggle x3 … 可愛いね。I felt glad for her hehe. It was quite the experience for her, ne, never had anything the like before.

3rd-Dec-2008 08:50 am (UTC)
Aaaaaaaa, I love your reports, did you know that?:D

And it's so interesting to compare how we both felt during the concert (I will get to mine report next week, after the f... exam-_-;).

Ok, back to reading^^
3rd-Dec-2008 10:23 am (UTC)
Awww you're alive... and reading... and commenting... positively even... My day is almost complete XDD

No, didn't know you loved them :3 どうして?

Ohhh you were, too *_____* Well, I can't compare anything yet XD tayru went to their live in Berlin, and that, she said, was horrible. It didn't start well, it didn't proceed well, and it ended just as bad... more or less like that. So nyah... I know how much different that concert-effect can be. and I hope yours was more in the positive direction ^ ^""

When were they in Poland anyway? Before or after Munich?
[He broke a rib during one live in England I think X-0]

Good luck with your exam <33 ♥ Are you procrastinating studying right now? xD
3rd-Dec-2008 12:09 pm (UTC)
Yes, I'm alive, barely. It's only 4 more days and I'm free!!!

Because they're really personal and detailed and outorish^^

They were in Poland on 25th Nov. I think they liked it here and the concert itself was amazing^^

3rd-Dec-2008 12:24 pm (UTC)
Woah, 4 days... lucky!

... (*//w//*) にゃ〜ん! Outorish is positive? Kehehe XPPP

Ohhh that is スッゲ! =DDD
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