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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Dio - LIVE Munich 2008/11/18 [Part II/III] 
3rd-Dec-2008 12:37 am
mao distorted
Chapter II

I decided to split the review not only because it's rather long... but also so that people that for some reason don't like the idea of touching artists can skip this part here, which will be about ~touches~ not only, but mostly... Yeah, rather huge chapter as well ^ ^" And well, most of any interaction that happened is in here kehe.


Maybe it was already Lord’s Prayer, maybe it was first after Carry Dawn had started … No, I think it was Lord’s Prayer, just a bit after mom had held his hand. The position he was in was a bit to my right, so that I wouldn’t really be able to reach him comfortably. But at one point I reached over, stretching all I could, to get the initiating contact, touching his right elbow just above the ‘gauntlet’, grinning my ears off. His skin still felt cool back then. “Not yet warmed up enough, eh?” I thought… they would pretty soon, though ^ ^”

He was constantly covered in a sea of hands, depending on much he would lean in, ne. Most of the times the one shin that he was leaning on, his knee, the forearms, parts of his hands and upper arms.

I don’t quite know where to start. Well, to me, touching the artists is, when possible, of some importance. It’s not very easy to explain… it’s not that I need or want to touch them to fondle them. I don’t go off by touching them, ne. First time I had that chance was at Matenrou’s live, when I was in front of Sono - I didn’t even know him before the concert. But by touching him, I got closer. On some level, it makes me feel the songs even more, feel the whole everything of the live, that moment. It’s like sharing something special. But that’s just me, ne. [There possibly are enough who do it for being able to say ‘mwahahah I touched him…’ or something… ne] So to me, when there’s the possibility, I do it.

And I tell you, when Carry Dawn came up, and I totally lost it, exploding with sheer happiness, that guy was grinning at me… xD I mean, well… the 「踊り狂え」[line from the refrain] was rather very visible on my neck [not only that, but… XD] *laughs*… He constantly moved over the stage. Went up to some speaker, leant in, went back on stage, danced, stalked around, moved, went over to a different place and a different speaker, leant in there, seemingly seeking the contact with the audience… and it possibly was then when I, too, was able to reach his hand. His left hand, and I merely brushed the outside of his curled fingers, slipping from them… but I already went like “waah, touched his hand :3 *___*” in my head *laughs*

And after that, I stopped counting. I realized that his skin got warmer and warmer… and I grinned and thought something like "Getting hot in here?". xD

Between one song and another, he removed the ‘gauntlets’ and the many armbands he wore (just when I had been wondering whether it wouldn’t get too warm with them…), during the first half of the concert. At one point, he happened to be so close, I had his right forearm in my right hand, and had my left hand on his upper arm (gyunn *,*), and when he moved backwards from the speaker, my hands slipped from that sweaty arm gyunnnnnn *___*

He really leant into the touches, he didn’t only let the people touch him. There were no groping hands (yet..?) then, either, just touches for the touch’s sake, and people holding on.

I tried fishing for his hands once he got close enough. At some points, I held parts of one of his hand (the one he did not use for his micro, ne - he switched hands frequently -) along with other hands hehe… and brushed his hands at a couple of times. I didn’t not always try and reach out for him though, even though he was close. At times I actually focused on the others as well. I remember that quite in the beginning, one of the first times I consciously looked away from him, it was just in a moment when he’d look at me again, and as soon as he realized I turned away he had this air of “TCH! Renegade… ” about himself, and he turned his head xDDDD I’m sure it was just my amused mind that made that up but… well, I’m still amused XD
Well besides that, it happened a lot that I was headbanging far too much to want to stop to reach out for him neee… Or was too much into the music. Actually, when I think about it, I didn’t really touch him that much, it’s just what I remember so very intensely… those trained muscles and biceps, the feel and warmth of his skin… seriously.

At times, it seemed as if all those hands were merely flies on his skins… or a breeze. Most of the times just moved along as if they weren’t even there, unobstructed, slipping from them time and again as much as he leant in again… hmm no… they were like the white froth that touched on the rocks of his sandy beach. ^w^ You noticed how natural it was for him to be touched. [Or how much he wanted it… *shifty eyes*]

The more the touches grew, the more he noticeably seemed to enjoy, or at least 'not not really care'. He leant in much more, people even had their hands on his chest and belly (I smiled at the hand I saw pressed against his heart for a while), also the crotch (erm, mom... she said "that bitch enjoyyyed that .... " hehehe… And well, the one time she did, there was another hand under or next to hers which she thought to be one of an underage XD), when I did, I aimed for hand and arms though.

During one song, before the enchore, I ended up with his hand in mine, as he had stretched it out more or less... it was a firm grasp, strong, but not too strong, I know I could have let go, but I kept holding it and just wondered for how long he'd be keeping that up because... there was no other hand but mine, as he sang on, looked over the crowd... I was seriously so *___* I loved it so much... he lowered his hand then (the right), but still kept mine in his... it wasn't as firm then... well still with strength, like not wanting to have to let go, so we kept holding... and then the song went into headbanging... I was moved to tears fuck... he held my hand as we both were headbanging together T_T

It happened that he looked at me while I touched him… he also did, when I held his hand that time. But he looked at a lot of people, all the time ne *laughs*

And then there was this other time, when he was on the left side of the stage, already leaning in so much that people could touch his face, stroking his cheek and forehead, his neck, shoulders, chest… Since he never got that close where I was, and I wasn’t ‘caught up’ in rocking out, I reached over with my left, smiled as I noticed I reached the side of his neck, and laid my hand on it… Ah… as much as I love necks anyway… his just felt lovely. Strong but soft to the touch. And sweaty. I just grinned while all the other hands held his face, and tickled him a bit and then rubbed/caressed/scritched it. I chuckled as I did *laughs* A few moments later, he was about to move backwards to move over the stage, but before he did, or rather, as he did, he moved his head to the left (that look on his face… ) and kissed my hand…

Nyan!!! *www*

Hm, I already decided that I’m going to post this in chapters so… I shouldn’t feel bothered that it all comes in one big blow, right? ^ ^’

Well, after they had left and re-entered the stage… I don’t remember any changes of outfits of the other guys, they probably just dried off the sweat and drank a couple of cool water before heading back out. Mikaru however had removed the whole of whatever he’d been wearing on the upper part of his body but for a black muscle shirt. Mom had to head to the back of the stage when the guys had left the stage, she said she would have been able to make it if they’d stayed, but not with the break. Unfortunately… because she missed a chance she’d liked to have, somehow…

It got even hotter with the encore-songs, mikaru leaning in more and more, the other guys skipping from one side to the other, leaning in as well as much as possible - it seems instrument players always are cautious of their instruments… Ah, I’d be, too. They’re brave enough to lean in as much as that people actually could do something to their beloved ones. Luckily, no one did.

Ivy came up close the most, I think, at least to ‘our part of the stage’. I saw erina up front a lot as well, but didn’t really keep my eyes with him neee… Once erina came close to us, I reached out to feel the fabric of the gauntlets… aw, they were really soft… velvety. He seemed rather shy about direct contact - though, please note the ’seemed’. As I mentioned before, he rocked out much more than Kei did in the beginning. Kei unfroze later though ^u^ And it was him with the incredibly soft skin *__*

Hmmm well, during the encore, most of the live was just one mass of lovely headbanging… I can’t remember when I actually had my head up - there weren’t that many occasions. Just when I thought some of the guys were too close to miss the opportunity … all in all I guess it reads as if every chance had been taken, but I can tell you… if I done so, I probably wouldn’t have had time to headbang at all XD

And mikaru just leant in more and more. At some points I wondered whether he’d actually started to think about stage diving, and somehow I hoped he wouldn’t… Not because I feared him being above me (kehehe), but I wasn’t sure whether everyone would be able to actually carry him and … well how much of him really would have stayed in place ne. At one time that he was really close, with hands about everywhere about him, his arms, hands, face, chest, legs, stomach… I reached out again and suddenly my hand was on his stomach. Uh… that stomach… was … firm? If that’s an expression for it at all. ヽ(///>_<;////)ノ ヤメテー He’s so damn toned it’s just… uh. Rock hard and so nicely shaped. Erm. Yes. Could rant about that for a while but… Well. Fact is, that.man.feels.censored.nice.. … hai. Well, but since it was so inviting, that belly, while my hand was there, I tickled him there as well. *laughs* And grinned from one ear to the other. *snifse*

3rd-Dec-2008 08:54 am (UTC)
Ah yes, the touching partXD

Personaly I think Mikaru loves to be touched and he did something resembling stage diving in Poznań^__^ And with a body like this? Thanks God he does!:D
3rd-Dec-2008 10:30 am (UTC)
Oh well, he wouldn't lean in that much at let himself be touched if he didn't LIKE it XDDDDDDD
Ah well the stage diving.. x-X I hoped he wouldn't. Just because I was a bit unsure what would happen to him once he did XP
3rd-Dec-2008 12:11 pm (UTC)
Oh, I can imagine what would happen:D I can see it verrry clearlyXD
3rd-Dec-2008 12:20 pm (UTC)
XDDDD Well. Not sure about either way, they were really nice xP
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