December 25th, 2014


[翻訳] Dir en Grey - 空谷の跫音

I bring another translation from ARCHE. This here is probably my most favourite song out of the whole album. It flows perfectly, which 濤声 also does, but... ah. Either way, after the 15th time of listening or so, I realized just how much that song is me. No wonder I love it.

I transcribed the lyrics from the booklet directly, romaji, translation, blood-and-sweat-shedding are done by me. Prepare for a mountain of notes at the end of the post.

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Hou what, I'm done? 8D Okay, that was a lot of notes. I like notes though. I like to clarify certain things in lyrics translations, and I find notes to be entirely too helpful to omit them.
Footsteps in a lonely valley. The imagery I find breathtaking. There's really not that much text, but there's so much in the text, that I find the song so strong. But that might just be me~

Hope you enjoy, feel free to discuss and object etc.

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