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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
June 12th, 2017 
edy 出口
Let me tell you a story.

The kind of story that is a little, let's say "painful", while it is happening, but probably quite funny in hindsight. Once it's a story, not an ongoing event.

Part I

So, about a week ago, at 6am I suddenly find myself awoken with a start (after about two hours of sleep, and tell you what, two hours of sleep and me don't agree. It's almost worse than not sleeping at all) to the noise of an alarm. So I sit in bed, heart pounding, get up, look around... realise it's not the fire alarm. What the fuck is making that noise?

Disoriented, I think I went to the bathroom first to get changed in case it was a fire alarm, but wait... it wasn't. The sound came from my stove alarm. Peculiar little thing, came pre-installed but without manual. Had freaked me out a few times after I had just moved in and was making food the normal way when it would suddenly go off. Just touching it makes the sound go away though, so all good at those particular instances.
Well, I touched it. Believe me, I did. Nothing happened.

I touched it a lot.Collapse )

Part II

But WAIT. There's a part two.

Friday, ten minutes to midnight.Collapse )

Well I'll see how this goes ahah.
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