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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
♠ ~ CRISIS CORE ~ ♠ 
7th-Jan-2009 12:53 am
Aoi red
Oh my GODS!!!


It's... it's like the movies... I mean, the sequences in the game (and there are a lot... at least in the beginning) are just like the movies. I don't want to know how long it took them to make that game. Or well... Actually I do want to know.

But hell like... There I just start out and well... I've played a couple of FinalFantasy games before, got totally through VIII and X-2 but... sheesh, there you're just been thrown into the middle of events, have no real clue how to handle fights apart from that you theoretically know where the right buttons for at least attack and defense are, but it's all going so terribly fast... And then your fucking second adversary is fucking Behemoth >____<

I mean... BEHEMOTH!!!!! I've been having bad experiences with this guy... Well but at least... I found out, lol, once I was able to not only try to focus on enemies (these moments were rare xD) that Zack isn't a Level1 someone with 30HP but someone with ... erm, about 500HP (I didn't manage to make out the number XDDDD) so ummm... Well I guess if I hadn't found the menu with the potions, he wouldn't be anymore O.O

Now please get me to a saving point soon


P.S: It's a (belated) Xmas present I got today :3~

What a dork xD At first I thought "Haughty... I like haughty characters (I don't really know why... maybe simply because they're entertaining)..." but hey... that guy looks like he's 18 or something. "Raise your dreams" was that what Angeal said? Nn? I didn't listen just that second when he said it, I just read the translation in German. Anyway, well said. ("As a hero, you need dreams. And honour.") I hope Zack grows up... soon xD
7th-Jan-2009 12:29 am (UTC)
oh hey I'm playing CC too these days! XD

And then your fucking second adversary is fucking Behemoth
gah! I knoooow! and it's getting worse as you go on x__x even on missions..at least you get to use the damn things after you beat them! XD

Zack's such a big brat! XD Although his seriousness as the story progresses actually made him more appealing to me...And it's bad that I came to like him a lot more.. T^T
7th-Jan-2009 12:33 am (UTC)
Ahahaha you are not!!! *laughs*

Hehehe... well you can believe me I sat there like "O__O WHAT THE FUcK WHY NOW?" but.. being all in the beginning I guessed I couldn't really die from this one fella but... I learn to respect those beasts a looong time ago it seems XDDD... Getting worse? Oh nice... oO

Hehe oh yeah he is. XD In some ways I like brats though. Aww too bad vacations are over ... I could use the time well for a bit of playing XD
And yeah... you always grow to like your maincharacters, ne... sometimes too much T-T
7th-Jan-2009 12:49 am (UTC)
I so am! XD birthday present to myself :p

I am like that every time a "boss" fight comes up,and every "chapter" of the game has one unfortunately.. DX And it's like DMW never likes me during big fights! :p Which results in me losing a few times until I beat one despite my good lvl..When you start fighting nearly every character you've spoken to it does get worse.. :pp

Too much..and knowing how a the game ends actually makes me really sad for once.. :p
7th-Jan-2009 11:39 am (UTC)
Lol! Not bad... Presents from oneself to oneself strangely tend to be things one really wanted ne XP

Ahaha... DMW so far has been nice to me ... well, more or less XP I like... died the first time I fought against the two Wutai Soldier beasts, and when I fought them again right after it, it felt as if it were sooo easy... I was like "Eh? Why out of a sudden?" xDDDD Ah, bosses are fun. As long as they are somehow beatable. X-X"

Psssst don't spoil xD ... Though I think I Know. But shhh~~~~
Oy, you have no idea... I was really young when I played FFVIII, and that game influenced my life a lot at that time. I cried so terribly much when I thought squall was dead... T______T
(Deleted comment)
7th-Jan-2009 11:42 am (UTC)
I think you blogged an MV of the game, didn't you? I commented on it, too xD
That you can't get it there anymore is weird o-o' Well I guess the German market is a bit bigger? Mom ordered it on the net too.
And when they just have them sold out (after X-mas maybe.. xD) you could ask whether they get them again, and then 'reserve' it to yourself?

Lmao... Game Addicts are handy sometimes xP But they are contagious, take care XDDDDD
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