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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Inner Heat 
9th-Jan-2009 02:19 pm

Lol... There today while I was outside, on the way to the subway station that was about ten to fifteen minutes away, this tall man passed me by. He'd been walking behind me for a while, though I never noticed him (blame it on Ruki's voice *laughs*), and then got ahead of me... just a bit though, as we both had about the same speed.

He looked back at me once. Walked slower.

Walked faster again. Me, amused.

Walked slower, looking back yet again.

Me, even more amused.

I mean... people tend to stare at me here and there, especially now that it has between -10°C and ±0°C... It's no wonder, ne, I don't wear any jacket or anything. Not even tights xD

And well, today I think it was about -6°C... freezing air. Slippery ground here and there. では、おなじみの鴻です

I was curious whether he'd be one of the people who'd just wonder and walk on, or whether he'd comment.

Well... we had this faster/slower/looking back-thing going on a couple of times, until he adjusted his speed to mine, looked at me with deep blue eyes and asked...

Deep blue eyed, in his mid-forties, man: Say... o-o' Aren't you... cold? When I look at you like that...
Me: *frolick* Nope~☆ ^ ^
Huge-eyed man: Uh... but... how...? Must be inner heat or something...
Me: *smirk* Mmmhmm x3
Slightly smiling man: *walking a bit faster again, then falling back* I mean... woah... It's so cold though...
Me: Hehe... Well, you can get used to everything.
Slightly nodding, still huge-eyed man: Hmmm I guess so... *laughs* Well it's definitely nice to look at. I mean, with all those tightly wrapped-up people everywhere... surely it's inner heat.
Me: *smirk* Hmmhmm~ well... that, too. *thinking about all those warm thoughts and music to warm me up xD*
Amused, tall man: So, did you just... one day decide you didn't want to wear winter clothes anymore, or?
Me: Yeah, *nod* that's practically it. Little by little. ^-^
O-mouthed man: Ohhh... Really? Wow... That that is possible... *laughs* But really... nice too look at. It's definitely something out of the usual.
Me: Hehe.. *smirk* It is, isn't it... x3 *wondering for how long we'll be taking the same road, that steady slower/faster/slower was getting a bit... 変*
Radiating I-like-this man: *nod nod laugh* Hmmm... *ponder* I really have to wonder... *looks at me* Nice figure though... really nice to look at. :3
Me: *chuckle*
Traffic light coming up
Resenting man: Oh well... I have to head this way *points right* actually...
Me: Okies~ ^-^ *waves*
Gallivant deep blue eyed man looking at me as I cross the traffic lights: (*-*) Nice figure, really! *bright smile*
Me: *laughs* Babai so~ ☆ ^___^ *and walks on*

Awwww... That was one of the longest 'comments' I ever got 笑 Most of the time I get "Woah, aren't you cold?" - "Nope ^-^" - "O___O" and nothing more xD Oh well, sometimes I say "Well now I still am, since I just got outside, but in five minutes, I'll be warm" but as I tend to be a bit tight-lipped, I usually take the other alternative.


On to studying ^____^

(Deleted comment)
9th-Jan-2009 08:28 pm (UTC)
Exactly desu xD Most of the time I don't. Happens once or twice, especially when I have to wait some place outside. Then I take one. what others call summer-jacket XDDDD
(Deleted comment)
9th-Jan-2009 08:29 pm (UTC)
*laughs* O well, most people I know wear a couple of layers XDDDD Rosi asked me yesterday (again) whether I'd really been outside the way I was then. I nodded and she had to avert her eyes XDD
Then she showed me what she was wearing... inside, ne XD Like... one thin pair of tights, then two thick tights, lol, trousers, and two shirts and a pullover... ^^"""" But that woman freezes easily.
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