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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
How wonderful... your violin... 
17th-Jan-2009 08:13 pm
The lady has a little speech on the man of the evening in German before he enters the stage, for all of you who neither understand German nor want to listen to it, skip to 2:07. I will post a little translation of how she introduced him under the cut.

This is just amazing.

A man who realized his dreams.

David Garrett.

He is, what you call violin-prodigy. Born in Aachen, Germany ... At the age of 4, he took his brother's violin and never gave it back again.
With not more than 10 years, he had his first public performance together with the Hamburger Philharmonika (Orchestra of Hamburg), when he was 12, he shared a stage with [don't know the name, and can't make it out. Sounds like Deodine Medoeane]. Many performances with a lot of big orchestras, from London, Los Angeles and Moscow were to follow.

Concert halls instead of football fields, tours instead of school trips... These were the sites of his youth.

When he was 18, he went on his own account to New York, remote from his parents and record labels, to study at the renowned Juliet school of music, and find his very own gateway to music.

To fund his studies, he worked as cleaner, barkeeper, and wavered over the catwalk for Armani.
He often is called "the Beckham of the Violin", a violin-virtuoso, highly sensitive, yet at the same time endowed with the potential of a rock star.

And it's this explosive mix that makes him to a classical entertainer, literally. What he is giving the classical world is, next to his outstanding play, is most of all: young people in the concert halls. On his album, Virtuoso, he joins what seemingly does not belong together: Classical, Pop, Musical, and with Nothing else matters a real rock-hymn.

That way, both him and his 300 years old Stradivarius made it both into the Classical and the Popcharts. This is, literally, Classic music without limits.

Today, he will be playing "He's a Pirate" [...] please welcome... David Garrett!

Breaking the violin world speed record

17th-Jan-2009 09:39 pm (UTC)
Oh, I love this!
The violin is such a beautiful instrument...
I really must search for (one of) his album(s) next time I'm at the mall. X3
17th-Jan-2009 09:53 pm (UTC)
Do do do do doooo~~~ Yuki told me about him. She msgd me, telling me she just bought his album... and I should check him out, the music was so beautiful... so I did check him out =3

Violin is only beautiful when one mastered it. Really mastered. >ー>’ Too many disturbing sounds else.
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