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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[poem] Forever. Not. Yours. 
27th-Jan-2009 12:21 pm
Mao eye
I had feared that the recent issues might have laid the entireness of my muses on ice. Well, maybe not all of them.

Forever. Not. Yours.

半世紀前逢いましょう   安い   エンディング     刺して

Beginnings and endings encircling me
I look at the palms of my dusty hands and see
utterly crumbled wings of a frail butterfly
blown away by the breeze of your selfishness underlied

小説は綺麗なページだけ   残す   弱さ   選び


To the incinerator to burn it all:
Names given, love I thought was shared,
feelings, memories that keep revolving
and resolving
around nothing

延滞の制度申し込んだ   事   恥じた   事実


Let's burn it all
And watch the coloured flames lick up the air we breathe
Destroying it all in pleasure
In a morning when we're only entangled with ourselves.

一人にしないで   意思剥ぎ取るから   好みの鈍器で   容姿変えるから

嫌   泣いて   泣いて   塞で

Stripped for purpose once again, all meaning clogged,
Is it, that I really don't want to be alone?

唯一   奉仕   繋げる

Is it that unjust in such a defective reality
to hold a frail creature when it lives from your love
and slowly sucks you dry...


手招た   何故?

Held out your hands as to ask me in
Demonic eyes that kept me down
A green gaze of lust that made drown
Licentiousness stifling the love I meant to give.

懸命に芝生整えて   貰う   偽の   褒美


Let's burn it all
And listen to the soft cracking of the flames,
Such a soothing sound,
As it eats away the love that filled our hearts.

全ては受理して   要求はしない   許されないなら   温度も持たない

My tears I wipe away,
in a manner as if I didn't care
And the etching streams
engraved within the surface
Tell me of another pain
Burn away...

酔う   最後   最後で   ループ

If you can't even tell me that you love me
Convince me
By stabbing me and ending this life
Bound to you

心地良い   痛みに   まかせて

If you can't even convince me that you can
I'll stretch out my arms into eternity
There's no one to love me more than Them
Lost to humanity
Won by eternal ephemerality


Forever not yours

Forever not yours

Forever not yours


Eccentric ecstatic epileptic dancing
Under a blood red moon, drenched
Offering up the love that keeps my alive
To those that know how to handle it.

嫌   泣いて   泣いて   塞で
心地良い   痛みに   まかせて

Good bye, butterfly,
you who was me


Your shattered wings
don't even burn.


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(Deleted comment)
27th-Jan-2009 11:12 pm (UTC)
Why, thank you... I don't think it's as good as some of my poems are, but well, it tells of something, and it does so in its own way, so that's fine...

Depends on what you define as 'it', I guess.

29th-Jan-2009 11:20 am (UTC)
aaawwwwww ...
so beautiful - made me swallow - but definitely absolutely beautiful
29th-Jan-2009 11:34 am (UTC)
Thank you. ♥
30th-Jan-2009 08:30 am (UTC)
You're welcome!

ARIGATO to you that you let me have this insights!
29th-Jan-2009 03:02 pm (UTC) - Poesie
I loved the imagery (I seem to connect with butterflies for some reason).

I felt I could feel all the images as if they were rushing past me contained in shattered pieces of glass. I could smell ash and feel wind.

Very vivid, and beautiful

29th-Jan-2009 11:38 pm (UTC) - Re: Poesie
Mmmhmm, butterflies seem to be special in so many ways. They're frail strength seems to be only/mostly visible for females or Jrockers, as those are the ones writing about them the most, it seems. *laughs*

When I read it again some time after I've finished it, it seemed as if they were many shards of different moments and aspects ... yet all of them connected. I love the smell of ash... Well, depends on what is burning...

Thank you darling.
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