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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Oh mai, my Grandparents... 
3rd-Feb-2009 01:34 am

There was this 'incident' about my Gramps today that I thought "sheesh, I so have to post this, no matter how late it has gotten"... *laughs*

So, the thing is, tomorrow is going to be a huge strike in the public transportation system here in my city, which means, no subways, only a couple of busses... 無理. Well, I already figured out how to get to college somehow - I 'just' have to take one of the busses that still go to the center of the city, then walk from there to college (about 30 minutes, I'd say). That's only the theory though. With no subways at all, people on the busses will probably be stacked rubbish, but ay... I'll see tomorrow.

Well, the information about the upcoming strike has been on display in the subway system for a couple of days now... it's a bit hard to miss it.

Then today, as I am at work, I get this text message... I was very surprise to see that it's from my gramps. Erm... I mean, for one, yes they do own a cellphone, thanks to mom, but use it like, once a year (and never carry it with them when it would be of use... =___=") for the other... they actually send messages? oO" I mean, they found out how to do it... I wondered how long they needed for typing... xD And that was the message:


Lmao... (they barely made it XD Basically just telling me that there's gonna be that strike tomorrow...) that is so fucking cute, I mean, they live out in the country, right, and me, in the middle of the city, I should know about these matters, but there they try to call me [I actually had felt that, I lifted off the receiver off our homephone when some unidentified number called, thinking it might be them - weren't them. That was just a bit before I left for work.] and even try and send me a message.

Seriously. That's nice. Very *laughs* I love them, hahaha...

There was another thing I wanted to write about that I forgot now, alas... Yet, I remember the third thing: I was just signing in into my messenger... to stay for a bit, for once, and as I started talking to Melissa, I didn't notice I had the japanese keysettings... and just somehow the result of what I typed to greet her became......





Why ever. Well, I do know, why, I found out. But it was... funny oO" (As in ... peculiar. xD) [Shh... this is what I typed: ヘッロ大大尾=ッッッD]

Soo... just have to try to get to college tomorrow. I won't walk the whole way from here, forget it =_=' That would be like... two hours. Neh... But I definitely want to watch the movie - Tuesday is Japanese movie night, ne, and tomorrow there'll be 「今、僕は、、、」, a film that sounded very promising. And before that I want to stay at the library for 漢字の勉強や練習。はぁい〜


(Deleted comment)
3rd-Feb-2009 12:31 pm (UTC)
Hehehe, that's family... ^____^
Well, about the 'dressing warm', my grandmom always tells me to wear a jacket when we meet up XD (I rarely do xD)... it's so hard to look at me without jacket in winter for a caring grandmom's heart, maybe.... ^ ^"
3rd-Feb-2009 02:10 pm (UTC)
Hehehe, sorry, the message from grannies, this is my responsibility *cough* coz I had a phone call on Sunday and Grandma asked me "does Gwen know about the strike?" And I said "how should I know?? PLEASE call her, she's got a phone!!"

Hmm, but sometimes it seems to be hard for them to use a simple phone *LOL*, and when they did, they couldn't reach you.

And Grandpa was nearly panicking (maybe) so he used his cellphone (for the 1st time this year, for sure!!). Yes, it took them a long time to type the message, you can be sure of that, haha ...

But, well, I know that you don't listen to the Radio. You don't watch TV. You don't read newspapers. So it might happen that you don't know that there would be a strike, ne?

*anybody cares good for you*
*pats your head little girl*

(please don't smash angry eyes on me now ...)
3rd-Feb-2009 03:28 pm (UTC)
Ahahahahah ... no, it's cute xD
Well, da gibts doch diese anzeigetafeln in der Ubahn, und genuegend Durchsagen neeee... xD Daher xP Ich bin doch direkt an der Quelle.

Hey, uebrigens hab ich grad endlich meinen entry ueber Kaz von letztem Jahr fertig geschrieben XDDDDDD Wurde mal Zeit xP
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