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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Ex-Visual Kei'rs... II 
3rd-Feb-2009 03:00 pm
Omgs, this is so unfair... I was just about to leave.... for college... or actually, the library, but then this got in the way ... T^T

Ex VisualKei-ers

I don't know if anyone of you remembered that once I was meeting that ex-Visu my mom met at work... There was this anniversary at her working place, and people from the branches all over the world came to the company to celebrate (well, and hold conferences and stuff) ... amongst them were two Japanese guys. And one of them... my mom ... well. xD She liked that guy, somehow, the stylish way he was dressed, the hair, his all over appearance the first Japanese man she met that actually looked more than good.

They started talking to each other, and so she found out that he's an ex-V系. *nod* ... Immediately told me about it with much lovable hysterics, hehehe, how she's starting to sweat everytime he passes her by, how sweet and friendly he is, how great of a person etc, and how she of course had also told him about me, and couldn't I come down there to meet him...

Which I did, in the end - very spontaneous act. I started blogging about what happened there when it happened, never finished, but well, I should maybe do that soon. (first I have to find the entry again x-X... I'll do that now.)

Okay, so I'll finally post that entry, I'll put it before this one XD

It's here... and that entry also included the first entry about him. XD

Thing is, those two have been exchanging emails here and there all the time, a bit sporadically. Mom always added me as cc so I could read them, too... I hadn't really noticed that he also had added me as cc... So, a couple of days ago mom finally made it to listen to a couple of his recommended artists... and me, currently open for new artists, I checked out one of them

9Goats Blackout

And totally fell for them.

As I had been like "ehhh maybe I should write him too, some day... x-x" before, I saw this chance to do so now that I got into music he likes, too... Argh, so I did write him an email xD ... Rather ... longish and at times a bit passionate, as it's me, ne XDD

He answered my mom, however no reply to mine, so I wondered whether he'd gotten it at all (or maybe he didn't know what to write xD), but mom then told me, he had answered... ah, there, the mail had just not arrived yet but sheeesh... I just read it before I started this entry, and Gods did I squeal and flail! XDDDDD~

I'd wished him a belated 明けましておめでとう with a couple of 顔文字 笑 and talked about how I started listening to new bands now that the new year's here, and asked him whether he knew DELUHI... *purr* and came to talk about 9GOATS... *smiles*

He said, he didn't know DELUHI, but wants to try them out and listen to my recommendations xD~

I had said

Anyway, just recently I thought, I should try out 9Goats as well... and, to say that Ryo's voice is pretty amazing would be an understatement. I think it's one of those kind of voices one could drown in... His voice in combination with the guitar in 'Lestat' sounds really haunted... rather goose-bump-inflicting. Same with 'float'... the whole sound seems like a spider and its net, waving around oneself, coming closer and closer unnoticed, until you realize that you're strung along.

... erm, yeah, my opinion, and whee! XD He replied that:

"Yeah, should try out 9 goats! Ryo's voice is really fascinating. like melting voice.
I agree with your impression. As you feel, its like a spider net surrounding us.
His dual face between silence & lunacy leads me to 9 goats world.
Yes, next release is soon, Of course I'll get it. We could share our review with each other!"

Awww! *dances and distributes heart shaped chocolate to everywhere* Ahaha... He likes imagery so. That's great, just great XD I can't even express why his 'approval' makes me so happy XD or well, at least, let me squeal so that my throat hurt after only two seconds X_x"

And you know what is just cute, can't find any other fitting word but... he also used 顔文字... NNNnnaaahhhnnnnnnnnnn 音譜

Like, here:

However, just now I knew I failed to get the ticket of 1st oneman...( T^T)
But there is one more chance in March. I will never fail to get it!!

He told me about a couple of other recommendations (recommended Blast to me XD Hehe, one of them played in Siva, heheheheheheeh isn't that great XD)

And his mata ne... じゃ、またねww ← it's flailable, no? (*^*')

Gaaarrghhhh okay, now I'll hurry up to get to college... WAN! I won't lose to the strike. MAKEMASEN! xD
6th-Feb-2009 03:59 pm (UTC)
ah jajaja, he can do that, sweet Kazu, he can make us squeak, he?

So now this entry of yours made ME squeak coz everything that makes u happy makes me happy, too!!

It was one of the best "coincidences" to meet Kazu in my office, yepp.

Are you really wondering about Kazu liking imagery? Isn't it typical Japanese - or at least typical V-Kei?

Did you realize that he wrote me that he always starts crying while listening to "Sakura to Ame" from Gullet? No western man would say "I start to cry at a song"!!!
Si that makes me squeak, too!!!!
6th-Feb-2009 10:44 pm (UTC)
err... *cough* ^ ^"

Well, you could never know for sure... especially what kind of imagery, ne XD
And hmm... I don't think I read that about him crying over that song... aww. ♥ I listened to it the first time in the morning. nyan.
7th-Feb-2009 07:58 am (UTC)
Aarrgh I'm pretty stupid.
The song "Sakura to Ame" is from Deadman (not from Gullet)
sorry sorry sorry sorry

So what did you listen to??

Like my new icon?? It was a gift from gaxnela
7th-Feb-2009 10:03 am (UTC)
Eh? I didn't even realize you made a mistake XD Of course it's from deadman ^ ^ And that was what I was listening, to, too.

Of course I like it =3
Like mine? x3
8th-Feb-2009 08:37 am (UTC)
8th-Feb-2009 09:57 am (UTC)
Keheheh ^_^
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