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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Ehhh I know it's late but I was bored 
14th-Oct-2007 06:32 am
mao distorted

And because I was utterly bored... well I discovered roflbot for me... That was how those macros came to life... It was 3am and I didn't stop until... about 5am, my concentration drowning while I started drowsing with eyes open... so sorrz if they inflict boardom XXD
Tiny Note: The MacroGeek you are duo_simulacra, you'll probably find them XD. I had to think of you doing the last one XXD Noooouuu idea wai (≧▽≦) It's OFFICIALLY for you. [see how much I love you? See? XD]

SID シド: 11x
Gazette: 3x

Yes you've reached the end. See? Line. End. You are released. You can leave. I freed you. Now go and leave your mark.

Woot yepp that's it... and I'm going to go to bed VERY soon XXD [it's 6.33] My baby just came to keep me company... or say a curt meow... Guess he wants to go to bed, too >__<"

With that... I am off... in... a while [oh dear I am so bad at this...]. Mao comes first! [omfgs that's even worse XXD] *cough* ANYway!

See you!


RINKU onxjrock_macrosx
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