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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Tornado Warning 
10th-Feb-2009 05:32 pm
edy 出口

Just got back home about an hour ago or so. When I closed my window, the wind blew a little, brown linden-leaf into my room... 小さくて枯れた菩提樹の葉が風にこの部屋に噴き連れられたのは何故。トーネードの縁起かな。。。There's actually a tornado warning for today.

Yesterday day and night

I went to 雪's place yesterday evening. We were watching a movie, after ehh a couple of ... hours of teasing and being teased by her cat and laughing so much our facemuscles started cramping XD~ With people that fall easily for my humor, it's just great. She couldn't stop laughing at my bakarie~ *laughs*
The movie was a Korean drama about a gay 'couple'. It's called 「No Regret」/「Huhwihaji anha」. It's, hmmm... well, not bubbly or pink at all. Much about humans and their failures at trying to love, or running away from love, not believing in love... ne. Very moving, very touching, very... I liked it much. ♥ Didn't expect the end at all. Well, the ~almost~ end.

I stayed over as planned. Actually, we had 'planned' to go for Sushi after the exam, yet she'd already been having Sushi on Saturday, adding to that I wouldn't have been able to afford it anyway, so we agreed that I'd "just go to her place" instead, and she said like "Well then get used to the idea of staying over... *mwahaha*" xD So, that's what we did [... I don't really want to know how long we continued talking after we 'went to bed' xD... It's funny to be the one person to be talking most part. Well, really depends on the person. With Katharina, I'm like that a lot, too. But she also laughs the whole time. Guess it really has to do whether they catch on to that humorous side of me, or not ^ ^ I'm a tragic little comedian, after all, ne.], and when I got up I already had to get ready to leave, to meet Irene, Dani, Dani, Yuka - Dani's tandempartner - and Alex for 和食の昼ご飯Japanese Lunch at their favourite place.

That was so terribly much fun...

Eating at 円

In the end, neither Alex nor one of the Danis had come. Yet, some of the other girls had brought cake and presents for Yuka, as it was her birthday. I met up with them just when I exited the subway station (wasn't planned to meet them there, but very convenient), and woah... we were... fourteen girls xD Four of us Japanese, three or four older semesters who'd already been in Japan - one of them talked Japanese just like a Japanese would... and well, the rest was from my class.

I'd heard a lot about their little meetings at that place before. They used to go there every second week or so, I think on Tuesday before a class. So last time they 'reported back' I sorta asked whether I could join them there xD They were like "Ehhh??? Why isn't Gwensan with us ever anyway?" xD

When we entered the little place, that all in all had about 20 seats, maybe, the ojiisan already looked a bit like o.O' (while the girl working there more was like O__O) and the Japanese girls went like "*countcountcount* We're 14.. =D Is that... okay~? ^ ^;"

He made all the food for us by himself, and woah... so yummy *3* It's very cheap there, too. =D

The best parts however were actually talking.... err, or rather listening to Japanese XD I'm very unused to talking Japanese, as I never had any tandempartner or anything so... 恥ずかしいね。But well, it's the same in any language for me - once I grasped it, or at least, once I got into talking, my 'guards' are down, and I just ~ do ~ it, ne.

It was sooo great... when all of us had finished eating, and starting going しゃべるしゃべる with each other, somehow, he started talking to us, too. Well, they've always been talking with him the other times, ne, it's all rather familiar already between them xD (he's even been returning the tips they'd given him the last times xD)
Dani is just great. She's one that no matter what she says, she does it in such a way, it's terribly comical. She's so great. You just have to laugh xD She also talks a very accentuated, very... not German exactly, but very... Dani-ish Japanese. The most fun of it all probably is her face and her grimaces *laughs*

There were a couple of funny little incidents... For example, well, she really has to restrict everything she wants to eat down to a couple of things, as she's allergic to a lot of things. So there was a bit talking on that... I'll do that talk in English, though it really was in Japanese, ne. It wasn't all directly after another, ne.


Ojiisan: How are... Bananas, then? *working away with the food*
Dani: Bana...na?
Ojiisan: *Japanese pronounced* Banana!
Dani: Ba...ba...oh! BaNAna! Ehhh hehehe well...
Ojiisan: Are they okay?
Dani: Hmmmm well... they're oookay but...
Ojiisan: Hnn? *working away*
Dani: Ehehe I can eat them but I... kinda... really... hate them.
Ojiisan: Ah souka... xD
Dani: ^ ^"
Ojiisan: But you can eat them, right?
Dani: Yeaaaaahhhh...

Ojiisan: *grasps something under the counter and gives her some Japanese sweets* Here, have these, since you can't have those cakes. [Yuka was walking around at that time, distributing pieces or green-tea-'tiramisu' and chocolate cake]
Dani: AwwwwwWWW! Thaaaank youuuhouu =33333 *takes them*

Ojiisan: *sees that Dani is about to unwrap one of the sweets* *worried face* But bananas... are really okay for you?
Dani: Uhh yeah... I guess so. In a small amount anyway. I just kind hate it. xP
Ojiisan: *grins, then comes around the counter to distribute tea*
Dani: *unwrapping and tasting a bit of the sweet* Hmmmm... what is that, actually.
Ojiisan: *behind her, smirking* Oh well... that's... banana.
Dani: o---O Ho-ntou?
All: Ahahahahhaah he tricked you xD
Ojiisan: *says nothing and plays innocent*
Dani: But but but.. it ... doesn't taste banana... *tries more of it*

Apparently, it tasted more sugar than anything else, ne.

まぁ... So this and that happened, and somehow Ojiisan started talking to Irene and me about small Japanese companies here in Germany totally want to hire Germans that can use Japanese, and so on and so on, so he talked and explained a bit about job interviews and things, aaaaall in Japanese. Both mine and Irene's minds were spinning and spinning, all concentrated on what he says. Ahaha... So much fun. With a bit of his patience, we actually understood what he was telling us.

He kept saying 'seikaku' over and over again, and neither of us knew what to do with that word at first... though we both were sure to have heard it soo~ many times before. Ojiisan (sorry for calling him that all the time, it's Irene to blame) laughed and quickly fetched his 電子辞書 to look it up... well, it was 性格 character, of course... and all the times he would use that word again, he paused and lifted his 電子辞書... ahaha... I won't forget that word ever, I guess.

We also started talking about German handwriting, or the roman alphabet, and how the way ~we~ write it, and the way the Japanese learn it, differs. For example the h we are used to write (in cursive), he'd read as 'lr'... they kinda write it differently. *laughs* So Irenechan and me went and started writing the alphabet on sheets of paper he fetched for us. She wrote it the way we've been taught at school... Didn't really remember how the L was done, so she replaced it by 'her own' L... and I wrote 'my alphabet' for him. xD
After he kept watching Irene writing and talking about this letter and that, he looked down on my sheet and commented this and that and went like "eh?" about a couple of my letters... especially my I and J, they're a bit... special xD As is my z, it's like the old z ^ ^ I never learnt it, but found it written somewhere and thought it to be much more beautiful than boring z.

When he stood there next to/behind me, I didn't really know what to say, especially as Irene, the one who usually was talking, was occupied with talking to Dani... So I ended up telling him that the way Irene had put the alphabet down, was the way we were taught at school, while mine is 'my way of writing'... but I ended up saying something like 'it's the kind of writing we are being made learn at school' or something, but a bit... chaotic XD He pretended to be understanding exactly what I said XDDD But once I had started to talk just a bit, I really wanted to talk more... Most of the time, when I say something it's like "ah fuck, I totally fucked up there now, it should have been this and that, ne" after a minute or so... xD So with a bit more of practical 練習 that should actually work out. *cough* Well.

He also taught us about how Japanese made some katakana words into Japanese words, like... >倶楽部< Lol... We were like "ehhhhh that's not true is it... oO" xD And I innerly strut out my chest, glad to have held my nose into Gackt texts ages ago, and went like "Ahhh... just like 硝子, neeee? =D" *kehe*
硝子 is actually ガラス - glass. Just transformed into kanjis.

Well, we stayed there from noon until 4pm... Surviving a couple of his lynch attacks from behind, play-strangling both Dani and Irene... And making some joints in their thumbs crack by simply applying pressure in the right place. He also did it with my hand, and failed. ... I don't know if that's a good or a bad sign, but I felt accomplished for some reason xD

Well well then...

Currently, I'm trying to fight back that slight headache that seems to want to take over, probably caused by my body slightly thrown out of rhythm today. Didn't have breakfast at all, very very unusual for me, usually I don't function without breakfast. It's essential. So... the time until two or so, that I finally got something to eat, my body was rather unstable. But it was okay once I had my dish of 味噌カツ丼 in front of me. *love*


笑 また日本語が下手だと思う、たって(!!)。。。実は...使いことが怖くないから某はちょっとママヨママヨ
っぽいの性格かな...かな...ねぇ 笑

Lol... I mean, when I constructed 日本語らしい sentences a year ago or so, a lot of them were probably wrong, but I think it's much easier to reconstruct what I had meant originally... the more complicated I try to build them, the more 混乱 chaos it becomes, でしょう? But well, it's like 「fingerpoint* ええ、見て見て!少なくも頑張っていますねぇ*汗*」笑

Anyway, got time to study, now that I'm on vacations.

YAAAAAY! ♪(゚▽^*)ノ⌒☆

And I don't really remember whether I said, then when I finished my third semester that I'll try to do my best in 'officially' translating some blog over the holidays... or whether that was for after my fourth... I fear I said 'third' and now seriously wonder what I talked myself into there... =-='

Anyway... そろそろなんとか。
11th-Feb-2009 06:10 am (UTC)
haha... banana incident priceless XD
11th-Feb-2009 09:28 am (UTC)
XDDDD Evil old man... ♥
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