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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Ouch =_=' 
18th-Feb-2009 11:00 pm
Saa... hello you.

Among the couple of good things I just happened to not mention in my nicely moody entry, there also were a couple of bad things I did not mention, one of them sticking out, and slightly affecting me on to this day (and probably tomorrow as well, and maybe the day after, lest I meet some magical hands on the way... *頼眼*).
While pushing those fucking heavy trays up the step(s), somewhere along the way, as I somewhat already saw coming, something happened, a pain shooting from my hip down my leg and wheee~

Well, when I put pressure on my right side, it's slightly painful. (not slightly. You know what I mean. =-=)... *sigh* I really dislike this. When I make a wrong move, when there's too much weight on the right side, or when I carry something or lift something, pain explodes in the right side of my hips and pulls down my right leg to my foot. Great. =-= [No, 葵, you can't make it better by kissing it. Give up.] Praise the days when [No, licking won't help either. =-=] you don't feel any pain [Eh? Don't pull the offended now. No, I'm sure even マオ couldn't help it, so stop that. ... YES, I'm sure about that.] at all anywhere [Sheesh, NO, you don't need to call him to make sure it's true! Gah...] about you. Sorry, nosy man popping in there.

Well well, I'm trying to ignore it as much as possible. It's just annoying, ne.

Soooo... the package that had arrived indeed were my books. Which is great. I indeed spent the afternoon and evening at the library again, this time sinking down into that Heisig book. Yeah, I decided to try his method of memorizing the kanji. Kehe... and I have to say, I don't dislike that man at all xD At first I slightly raised my eyebrows at his steadily re-appearing allusions at the Bible and Christian tales and whatnot, until I read one passage that made me smirk... It's where he gives us an example on how to memorize 「元」

Keyword: beginning [consisting of the primitives 'two' and 'human legs']
"In the beginning..." starts that marvelous shelf of books we call the Bible. It talks about how all things were made, and tells us that when the Creator came to humanity, she made two of hem, man and woman. While we presume she made two of every other animal as well, we are not told as much. Hence we need only two and a pair of human legs to come to the kanji that means beginning.

Lol, Mr Heisig, LOL! xDDDD I very much liked his hints at Dr. Freud here and there XDDDDDD 召 was my special favourite there. → [...] The related but less tame key word seduce was chosen because it seemed to fit better with the - how shall we put it? - Freudian implications of the kanji. (Observe if you will that it is not sure whether the long slender object is seducing the small round one or vice versa.)

AHAHAHAHAH! Ohhhhhhhmygods, thank you Mister for having my inner mind theatre running wild!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA this is just great. GROIT! XD

... *cough* Well, anyway. It was quite funny getting back to the library... I haven't been there for almost a week now, I believe... well, last time was on friday, for just a couple of hours, ne. However, already when I was about to get into the actual building, who do you think walked the opposite direction, that is, towards me?
Yosh, that blonde cutie with the giant headphones. The sun was a bit blinding so I guess I twinkled more than I actually looked at him (...xD) but I think he recognized me.
And surely, in the library, there was *drumroll*... no, not Patrick, but that Asian guy I promptly came to name "Knuffel". [He's kinda dropdeadsexy, so it's not really a fitting name but... X-x"] HIS HAIR! Gah. He always plays with it. =-= It's like... really sexy hairstyle and... bleh. I usually enjoy looking at him, be it from behind or the front, but today I fatally came to think that something about him looked like something about Mao, and ZING → GAME OVER. YOU LOSE.

Seriously. As long as that kind of thought does not pop up in my mind, it's all innocent (..?) and playful, but woe me I start thinking that, from that point of time on I fail. ... I tried hard to fight against it though, analyzing his face to find out what I thought looked similar. Deadly cold analysis to get rid of that sudden outbreak of heat. Well, I settled with that it were the sides of his nose and the corners of his mouth. That's about all of it. Though, he actually has a lot more about Hiroto hehe. So, hopefully, crises averted.

Hmmm... so, I made the first 100 kanji there [大事じゃねぇよ。もう勉強したんだ。] before I got back home where I went like

Put bags down → Switch on lappy and music → check mails → Prepare and make dinner → eat with my usual habits → take a shower → think "Wheee, that's about the last time I shower before I get to mommy's place!" [I really thought that... oO *guilty as charged*] → start blogging → get on.


When I got the package from the post office, I saw a couple of things on the way that were photograph-worthy. I hoped that the sun would still be about the same when I'd get back, so I could go there again, that time with my camera. Ah, I did so... Some motives alas were already greyed in the shadow of the houses, but I found other motives instead. I'll post them in another entry. It was really cold today, and apparently last night, too. The slush froze over... there was more ice than snow on the streets, ice that sparkled in the light of the sun. Beautiful.

19th-Feb-2009 03:33 pm (UTC)
Poor honey, so know you have an ache in your hip??
So it's good that we will be sitting around at the movies for some 5 hours or so, hahaha ...

Is it better now with your hip?

As you posted: You're nearly on your way to Mommy, so she can motherfully take care of your hip with massages or creams or stuff like that and lots of yummy things for your poor stomach, too (the fridge is already filled - there's a surprise waiting, too ...)

I hope it's ok for you that you can't go to the library to that *heatwave* sweet guy for three days *giggles*

Aaaaahhhh am so looking forward to tomorrow, to seeing you, to go to the movies for TWO films, to cook for you and to pamper you and to squeak and scream at all the wonderful things your lappy will have for me *cough*
19th-Feb-2009 08:01 pm (UTC)
Ahhh hai. It seems to have gotten better until now, bit by bit. Meaning, it doesn't hurt every time now that I put my foot down the wrong way xD So I guess it's gonna get better. There are other pains bugging me now, though. Let's see what your hausapotheke has lol.

Ohhhhhh yeshhh... yummy things for my stomach :3~ Surprise, that sounds good xD~

Hehe, that is totally okay. After all, last time I'd been there was friday... so they're used to my absence ne ^ ^

I'm also looking forward to tomorrow, a lot =D And Gods yeah, squeak and scream... *sweats* I checked those I have down so far, each of them, whether they'd work, always in the beginning and somewhere around the middle... unbearable!!!! GARHG. ...
20th-Feb-2009 08:09 am (UTC)
Am breathless ... just some more hours and you'll be here ...

PLEAZZZZEEEE put a jacket on, it's snowing like hell here (wet snow again)
20th-Feb-2009 10:22 am (UTC)
Well... I'm gonna take one with me... ii?
19th-Feb-2009 03:35 pm (UTC) - Comment #2
Sorry, sometimes I'm too blonde

The books that arrived - are it THESE books?? If yes, the delivery was quite fast, eh?
19th-Feb-2009 08:01 pm (UTC) - Re: Comment #2
Of course it's those ^ ^ I never ordered anything else x3
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