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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Walking through WinterWonderland 
21st-Feb-2009 01:09 am
I owe you a picture post.

Currently I'm at mom's place. Gonna stay the weekend here, nyan... Well, here's the promised picture-post from yesterday's winterland.

I was just walking down the street from the little department store back home, when I passed this very urban snowman in the middle of the walkway. It was sort of... touching to see that even kids in the city were enabled to build a respectable snowman in the middle of the city.

Directly next to a car.

Walking down the street that's running parallel to the one I live in, turning around to see how the sun's shining on the asphalt, the snow and the ice...

And then I walked down that little path next to a stream, and of course, Outori has to take pictures of trees she sees... ^ ^'

Just as she, for some reason, has to take pictures of the evidence of other life.

In this case... the trace of crows.


And well. Of dogs.


And right there, I took a picture of a couple of crows sitting in the crown of a tree.

Went on then, until I reached a cute little bridge. It has been built the last couple of months. Once I passed the warning signs to not take that path, because it was an obstruction site, but I didn't really care... and walked over the unfinished bridge. *laughs*
They added to the barriers after that, so I was forced to take the little longer and less peaceful way around, along the houses instead of along the stream.
It had been a while since I last went there. And there, it was finished.

I got fascinated in the copper rain drain and the sun reflecting in it, until I moved my head to the other side... and saw this epic creation of ice and fire.

I was so happy when I found that motive... *laughs* Though it was rather hard to get a good shot of it, due to all the snow amassed under it. I didn't want to get wet feet in the end after all.
Well, on I went, down the street...

Me, and my steady companion.

All the way until I reached another motive, one I had seen the very first time I passed by that place that day. I hoped that, for one, the sun still would shine at the time of day I would get back to it, and for the other, that the ice wouldn't have dropped yet.

Rather fascinating, no?

Well, gotta go to bed. I'm seriously tired. Mom and me decided on a sort of marathon-cinema-day today... *laughs* First we watched Benjamin Buttons... (what a lovely, touching, clever movie... ♥ [For a beautiful beautiful beautiful woman...])... and then, easing and lightening it up, Transporter3. Our beloved Frank Martin back in action. And woah, I was surprised. I sat there, and suddenly purred. I went like "Woah, hey! Did you realize? I purred! At a western guy!" I was all happy that moment xD

Hmmm... 帰る途中で私達の無くした過去を思い出した。


21st-Feb-2009 08:40 am (UTC)
Gorgeous pics!!!
(As usual. You do have THE eye for taking pics)
Love the snowman. He's showing the V with his fingers, does he??

Uuups, didn't realize that you were purring at "our beloved Frank Martin aka Jason Statham", but I think myself was so engaged in purring, that I couldn't hear your purring, hehehehe.
*sighs heavily* oh yeah, F.M. aka J.St. is so *hjiuwehfnjnvjwehi* especially in this movie ...
21st-Feb-2009 01:02 pm (UTC)
Hehe, thank you.
Is he? I didn't see that XDDDD

You didn't? I told you I was purring when I was though.. xD you probably were too 'botto' to realize, staring at Mr.Martin xD
(Deleted comment)
21st-Feb-2009 01:03 pm (UTC)
It looks lovely :3~
Lol, you won't believe me when I say that I didn't even realize that he makes the V xDDDD
Benjamin Buttons is lovely T-T And yeah, didn't feel like that long. It's appropriate anyway. ^ ^
Ahahah... You mean Jason Statham neee~ he's groit xD
(Deleted comment)
21st-Feb-2009 06:42 pm (UTC)
Lol! My mom, too, apparently xDDD
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