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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[翻訳] 9GOATS BLACK OUT - in the rain 
1st-Mar-2009 12:45 pm
It's hard to believe that the only (I think) lyrics translation I ever posted was one I did when I was practically clueless, and ever since then, I haven't been doing it. Hiding behind my mediocrity.

Well, I don't care about that right now. If I don't chicken out, I'll recklessly post my translation from now on. Just be warned, my Japanese is mediocre thus I'm prone to be mistaken.

For this here, many thanks to tonbo_no_arashi who helped me [and hopefully is going to 繰り返す with that in the future, too♥] out in a couple of places I either was clueless, or just didn't seem to find the right ... twist. [Darlin', in case there are any huge or minor mistakes violating your eyes, please do give notice ^ ^'] 感謝〜w

So here we go. 漢字 from kusanoo, ローマ字 and translation done by me. Katakana are in CAPS, notes at the end of the translation. You know the game, don't repost without credits and link to the original source. [= this post] ^ ^

in the rain

手を振る影 新しい術で
川を泳ぐ魚を 針で列ね
見上げてる天へ 捧ぐ子供 知らぬ弱さ


答えて欲しい この体、汚れきった涙の跡
余生の方が勝るような 不確かな今に怯え
そうカメラが映していた 悲劇は何も伝えなかった
強くない 強くない

眺めてる光景 悲しげな情景は 不幸の雨で 汚れる

砕いて欲しいこのまま 焼かれきった史上の愛楽
長い夢に醒めるような 現実をどこかに望み
”おかえり”憔悴の中 優しさはいつもそばにあるの
怖くない 怖くない

君が見える あの空の向こうで

伝えて欲しいこの愛を 消えてしまったあの人へ
長い嘘であったなら どれだけの救いになるんだ
途絶えて均しいこの愛は いつか波に呑まれようと
届くはずだ 届くはずだ

te wo furu kage atarashii sube de
kawa wo oyabu sakana wo hari de retsu ne [1]
miageteru ten e sasagu kodomo shiranu yowasa

ai mo yoku mo sono tenohira ni fusete
CHIKUTAKU... CHIKUTAKU... omoidaseba
fukanzenna soraai

kotaete hoshii sono karada, yogarekitta namida no ato
yosei no hou ga masaru you na futashikana ima ni obie
sou KAMERA ga utsushiteita higeki wa nanimo tsutaenakatta
tsuyokunai tsuyokunai
bokura wo arainagasu ame wo matsu

nagameteru koukei kanashigena joukei [2] wa fukou no ame de yogoreru

kudaite hoshii kono mama yakarekitta shijou no aigyou
nagai yume ni sameru you na genjitsu wo dokoka ni nozomi
'okaeri' shousui no naka yasashisa wa itsumo soba ni aru no
kowakunai kowakunai
bokura wo arainagasu kuroiame ga furu

ai mo yoku mo sono tenohira ni fusete
CHIKUTAKU... CHIKUTAKU... omoidaseba
kimi ga mieru ano sora no mukou de
ai mo yoku mo sono tenohira ni fusete
CHIKUTAKU... CHIKUTAKU... omoidaseba
ano hi no egao ni aitai yo

tsutaete hoshii kono ai wo kieteshimatta ano hito e
nagai uso de attanara doredake no sukui ni narunda
todaete hitoshii kono ai wa itsuka nami ni nomareyou to
todoku hazu da todoku hazu da
bokura wa sono 'ima' ni ikiteshinu

The shadow waving a hand in a new manner
The fish that are swimming across the stream line them up on a fishing hook [see 1]
To the heaven you stare up at the sacrificed child an unknown weakness

love and desire, hide them in these palms [4]
CHIKUTAKU... CHIKUTAKU... if I remember
the defective course of events

I want you to answer this body, the trace of the tears that have finished getting dirtied
Startled by the indefinite now that seems as if it excels the rest of one's time
The tragedy so reflected by the camera didn't convey anything
Not strong not strong [5]
Waiting for the rain that washes us away

The stared at scenery the seemingly sad sight [see 2] is being dirtied in the rain of sorrow

I want you to smash the historical loving that has finished burning, as it is
Somewhere wishing for that reality that seems like awakening into a dream
While emaciating 'welcome homes' is there always gentleness by?
Not afraid not afraid [see 5]
The black rain that washes us away, is falling. [6]

love and desire, hide them in these palms
CHIKUTAKU... CHIKUTAKU... if I remember
You're visible beyond that sky
love and desire, hide them in these palms
CHIKUTAKU... CHIKUTAKU... if I remember
I want to meet the smile of that day.

I want you to convey this love to that person who disappeared
If it was a long lie how much would it take to save me
"This ceased and equal love will someday be swallowed by the waves"
Ought to reach ought to reach
We are living and dying in this 'now'.

[1] Instead of singing 列ね'retsu ne' as in the lyrics, he sings 'tsure ne'. That way, instead of saying "The fish that are swimming across the stream string them up on a fishing hook" which is more of what the lyrics say, he changes the image into something 'nice' like "lead them across the stream with a fishing hook". I love wordplays.
[2] Instead of 情景joukei (sight, scene), he seems to sing ai (love)
[3] Chikutaku is an onomatopoeia (not to be found in my dictionaries), it could be -what it sounds most like- our 'tick-tock', or it might depict the sound of either the splashing of the rain drops, or whatever might be streaming from wherever (for example what is hidden in the palms), making these sounds as it drops down. [I also liked that 'Chikuchiku' depicts prickling pain. Makes me think of the rain as a prickling pain.]
[4] Please don't think of trees here xD
[5] I chose to leave these lines untouched, though note that the way they are put into the text, they could also reference to the 'we' of the next line. In these lines → "us, who aren't strong"/"us, who aren't afraid".
[6] Black rain = radioactive, polluted rain that falls after nuclear explosions. I chose to leave 'black rain' as it is, since it sounds better than putting the whole tail into the line. Just know what it really means. ^ ^

Maa nee... please don't kill me ♥

After reading through the song so often, right now I hold a rather clear picture of the scene and what's happening in my mind - but that's just my personal interpretation, you might see something totally different.

Interpretations anyone?
1st-Mar-2009 01:59 pm (UTC)
nice one.

to my knowledge, chikutaku is onomatopoeia for the ticking of a clock. like ticktack..ticktack..you know.
1st-Mar-2009 02:10 pm (UTC)

Thank you <3

That's what I thought at first, since it sounds just like a clock and would make sense, too. I checked 'tick-tock' though, which is supposed to be かちかち. And since the something dripping isn't that far off, and the aspect of time didn't seem to play such a big role in the song, I chose to disregard the closeness to tick-tock xD I could add that in the notes though >,>’.

Thank you again ^3^
1st-Mar-2009 02:45 pm (UTC)
ooooohhhhh that's my favourite song from this 9Goats album!!!! (together with "A light")
1st-Mar-2009 03:23 pm (UTC)
Yeah, that, a light (it's pretty mad), tenshi (angel) and rakujitsu (setting sun) are my favourites. I'll try rakujitsu next, I think ^3^
1st-Mar-2009 11:36 pm (UTC)
I totally love that song, ;A;
Thanks alot <3
1st-Mar-2009 11:50 pm (UTC)
It's rather beautiful neee... I got carried away when listening to it, simply had to try and translate it :3

You're very welcome ^3^ I plan on translating more of 9Goats in the near future, so in case you're interested, keep your eyes open, ne~ ^---^
22nd-Mar-2009 08:08 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for these ;--; I really appreciate these. ♥
23rd-Mar-2009 07:27 am (UTC)
Aww, you're welcome. ♥ I'm glad someone can make use of them.
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