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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[翻訳] ClearVeil - 零〜ZERO〜 
3rd-Mar-2009 12:26 am
So, this was actually the translation I had started long before the other two I posted recently. I was just a bit fickle about posting it... One of the reasons for why I was, was probably that I started the translation because and for mah tayru
The lyrics are pretty fascinating. So expect a long list of notes ^-^" For those that don't know the song, here on youtube.

As it was the first of those translation, it also was the first time I got (major-) assistance from tonbo_no_arashi. Thank you again... as always. ♥

漢字 are from the booklet, ローマ字 and translation done by me. Katakana are in CAPS, parts that are in Engrlish are in italics in the translation, and notes are to be found at the end of the translation. This time I chose to use two kinds of notes - one for the list of words he sings differently than they are being written.

As usual, don't repost without credits and link to the original source. [= this post] ^ ^


青白い部屋の壁 装飾つけたビビアン
触るたび香る エンビィが胸を引き裂いて



戻せない距離 十分過ぎる


硬直してゆく 心の悲鳴を叫んでた

苛立ち 叫びにかわる

it is heavy above all...
it is not tomorrow...





Aojirui heya no kabe soushoku (1) tsuketa VIVIENNE [see 1]
Sawaru (2) tabi kaoru ENVY ga mune wo hikisaite

LOCAL eiga wo
SILK de fukai ruriiro no BEDDO ni koshikake
yorisoimiteta ano koro

Kimi to waratta beta na serifu (3)
Onaji kotoba de hoho wo nurashita

Aitai to tsunoru omoi ga
Aenai genjitsu ni samasu
sono tabi ni tekubi ni mitorete wa...
Keisotsuna sono ba kagiri ni
Hitokakera no anina uso de
Modosenai kyori juubun sugiru
Shashintate ni utsuru futari
Koufuku (4) na shikakui sekai
Hibiwareta egao wa... naiteiru

Modorenai genjitsu nante
mou nani mo mitaku wa nai to
Utsuru mono subete wo fusagu you ni hitomi (5) wo fuseta

Nukegara no you ni VIVIENNE nigirishimeta mama
Kouchoku shite yuku kokoro no himei wo sakendeta

Gamen no mukou
Minareta uta ga
Iradachi sakebi ni kawaru
baka ni shiteiru no ka?
Furue yamanai kara
Kore ga tsumi no omosa na no?

Uragiri hate ni mietamono...
it is heavy above all...
Omomi imasara kitzuite mo...
it is not tomorrow...

Itami ga omoku no shikakaru
Kowarekaketa omocha mitai
mune wo nandomo nandomo saite

Ore ga me wo somuketeite mo
yonde mo inai no ni asu wa kamawazu nobotte
ikiteyuku no ni riyuu (6) nante
Ikiteyuku no ni imi nante
Hitsuyounai darou

Kono mama doko ni yukeba ii?
Korekara doko ni susumeba ii no?
Mou ii...
Aitai to tsunoru omoi ga...
Omoi kienu no nara koroshite

Shuuen wo tsugeru
ENDROLL nagare hajime
Owarenai ore ni
Sunaarashi dake hibiite

The Vivienne that has been attached as ornament on the wall of the pallid room [1]
Every time I touch it, it gives off a fragrance, and ENVY splits my chest.

The LOCAL movie
Sitting down on the silken, deep lapis lazuli coloured bed
this time that we tried to snuggle up

Laughing with you, cliched words [see 3]
With the same words, the cheeks have been drenched.

The worsening feeling of wanting to see you
awaken the reality that I cannot
Everytime I'm fascinating in my wrist...
in the bounds of that rash situation

With a fragment of the simplistic lie

The distance I can’t restore is more than enough
Those two photographed in the picture-frame
A happy, rectangular square
The smile that cracked... now is crying.

Realities that can't be restored, pah
I don't want to see anything anymore, saying that,
I covered my eyes in order to block all of the reflected things

Because I clasp the Vivienne so tightly as if it was cast off skin
About to pertrificate, I screamed out my heart's shrieks.

Beyond the screen
The songs I have become familiar with is
Irritation being replaced with screams
Are you making a fool of me?
Because I can't stop gathering courage. [2]
Is this the weight of sin?

Having seen the end of betrayal ...
it is beavy above all... [3]
Even though I finally became aware of the importance
it is not tomorrow...

The pain is heavily leaning in
Seeming like a half-broken toy
Cleaving my heart over and over again.

Even if I avert my eyes
Though even if I screamed, even though you're not there, the tomorrow is ascending without caring
shining and soaking
Even though I go on living, for what reason!
Even though I go on living, with what meaning!
It's not necessary, is it...

As it is, where should I die? [4]
From here on, where should I advance to?
It's enough already...
The feelings of wanting to see you are growing stronger
If the thoughts won't vanish, kill me.

Informing about the demise
The ENDROLL has started to flow
And in the me who is unable to end
only a sandstorm is resounding

[1] When I started translating this song, I had this very clear image of a BIBIAN as a scarf in my head, yet someone told me that it was Vivienne Westwood who was meant with it, most likely. Rather, anything done by her. So maybe it really was a piece of clothing after all - it would at least make sense.
[2] Might be a play on words. If you didn't have the lyrics, one would probably guess that what he says is "because I can't stop trembling", which would also perfectly make sense.
[3] I'd say it's a typo and means 'heavy' -_-'
[4] Another wordplay. With 'yukeba ii', it sounds exactly like "where should I go to".
[5] The line is written completely in katakana, as to emphasize it, or as if he really was screaming it.

(1) Written soushoku 装飾, sung kazari 飾り. They mean practically about the same - decoration. Shoushoku could be seen as something more valuable though, like an ornament opposed to the mere decoration.
(2) Written sawaru, sung fureru. Both mean 'to touch'. Probably just used because the sound of fureru fits nicer into the song, who knows ^ ^
(3) Written renaimonogatari 恋愛物語 ('love stories', possibly with a touch of eroticism), sung serifu (one's words, speech)
(4) Ahahaha... and I was so relieved he didn't change anything so far... Well, here it's written koufuku 幸福 but sung shiawase 幸せ. Both mean happiness, but koufuku has this connotation of blessedness, whereas shiawase might go more into direction luck. Might, as I said: Might ^^"
(5) Written hitomi 瞳, sung me 目. They use that a lot in Jrock songs, ne. They both mean 'eye', it's just that hitomi is more poetic, and additionaly stands for the pupil of the eye - me means the eye as its whole.
(6) Written 理由 riyuu, sung 訳; both mean reason here. wake might be more of a reasonable reason (pun not intended), while riyuu is more of a motive... maybe like, the reason of thought and the reason of heart, if that makes sense.

Mmmmm... he sings so beautifully...

... And I totally hope I did an okay job with that ^o^""
28th-Mar-2009 09:46 pm (UTC)
Hey, fristly Thank you!!
I typed and romanized this once,too.
Maybe you'd like to compare yours with mine
I guess it's almost allright and stuff |D

Hmm.. I noticed some potential faults..
as for the 'VIVIAN' and 'ENVY' thing for e.g. I had a talk once, it most likely means the brands.. [VIVIENNE Westwood & CK's ENVY parfume~]

[sry for my very bad english ><"]
According to this it might be the fraquance of Emvy he's talking about?!
There are some other phrases I'm very unsure about..but my jap. is a mess so I won't keep complaining XD'
You really helped me to understand this song way better, thank you for this :3
28th-Mar-2009 10:35 pm (UTC)
Hoooo, thank you... That VIVIAN really bugged me XD
You cleared that up nicely. Makes a lot more sense, too. Or well, until you chisel it into some sense.

I'll check out yours a bit later. I'm a bit busy atm -_-'
hehe, there's a couple of lines I'm unsure about myself, but ah well. Head through the wall xD~
You're welcome, and thank you, ne~
28th-Mar-2009 10:52 pm (UTC)
Yeah me too, at first XD
It's pretty unusual to put brands into lyrics, as well XD but there's no other explaination for this..at least in my view |D

Oh well, allright :D o need to hurry, I guess your romanization was almost right,too. but i didn't check every word, soo~
Are i do understand XD~
No problem ♥
28th-Mar-2009 11:25 pm (UTC)
So viel wie ich bisher gesehen hab, hattest du auch n anderen Kanjitext als Ausgangspunkt XD Hattest du deinen vom gescannten Original?

Naja, Abmuehen ist so ne Sache XD Mir faellts eigentlich leichter, Englisch zu schreiben... but I don't care whether you write English or German, really ... xD どっちも良い~

29th-Mar-2009 12:03 am (UTC)
tatsaechlich? XD Ja hatte ich OO wobei da natuerlich auch fehler aufgetreten sein koennen..aber eigentlich hatte ich es weitesgehend ueberprueft XD'

Oh if that's the case it might be good to stay 'international' in order to be understandable for others interested in the lyrics XDD"
29th-Mar-2009 12:38 am (UTC)
XDD~ Uh well, happens... However, do you remember where you got yours from? o-o'

Long live Lingua Franca, eh? XD'
29th-Mar-2009 03:23 am (UTC)
I..bought the CD!!? XD [in case u think there might be an error, I'll check it again |D]

29th-Mar-2009 11:37 am (UTC)
*bows before the legal legality* Nice... I'll have to thoroughly check the kanji version I had then uhuuhhuhhh...

mais bien sur xDDD~
28th-Mar-2009 11:03 pm (UTC)
BTW: ist es natuerlich intelligent,dass wir uns mit englsich abmuehn X'D
1st-Jul-2009 10:25 pm (UTC)
Finally corrected the kanji and adjusted the rest~
22nd-Aug-2009 11:28 am (UTC)
These lyrics are truly amazing, Saki is indeed an awesome writer! ´UU`
Gotta love the word plays, especially 「このままどこに逝けばいい?」 is fantastic.

It's really a shame that ClearVeil lyrics are translated so rarely D:
I would love to translate them but my Japanese is yet not accurate enough, I'm afraid. ;_; But I try to make that up by romanizing their lyrics a lot, haha. Although I don't post them very often since I don't want to fill the whole community with them. D:
23rd-Aug-2009 04:38 pm (UTC)
Your comment is sort of 'right in time'. I had been thinking about translating more of ClearVeil's songs, but sort of had forgotten that I had wanted to do that... xD And just now I wondered what I should do.. ^ ^
Well, then I know that. xD

I was deeply amazed by his lyrics... what a wonderful lyricist, really.
Would you actually have scans of the booklets? I have scans for 信者ニ捧グ謳 and the dropping sky, but they're so small, it's sorta painful to try reading those X-x'
Another one of these communities where rarely anything happens? 8D It also seems I'm kinda filling the unsraw com with 'translations' for 勇企s' blog XD
23rd-Aug-2009 05:13 pm (UTC)
... Oh, really? That's absolutely great! ´ww` ♥
Well, I'd love to see a translation for Iro no kaketa sakura, the lyrics have such a beautiful touch to them ...
Also, Secret Letter and crime are simply so beautiful and melancholic that they just make you cry, and SWEET PAIN would be really interesting and show another side of Saki with all the hints of sex & stuff like that ...
But please choose a song that you really like and which motivates you!

I totally agree. c: He's my favourite lyricist. ♥
Oh yes, I think I have the scans of almost all their booklets :D Someone posted them somewhere about a few months ago, I can't really remember but oh well. XD

Uh-huh D: But I think that translations are more appreciated than just romaji and kanji lyrics, you know XD
23rd-Aug-2009 11:27 pm (UTC)
*laughs* Okay okay, then I have some sort of goals here XD
Translations always take me a while, but well, I'll inform you if ever I get one finished XD

Nya, could you share those? I kinda... need the lyrics in order to translate XP And the best source is and will always be the actual booklet. Too many mistakes in those posted online somewhere.

Probably. Many don't even want the kanji *cry* xD
24th-Aug-2009 04:51 am (UTC)
.... XD
Okay, thank you very muchh! ♥

Of course ~
So which do you want? ´O`

Yeah D:: Kinda sad.
24th-Aug-2009 05:38 pm (UTC)
Don't thank me before I'm done xD

All you got that I didn't mention XD So all apart from the singles 信者ニ捧グ謳 and the dropping sky x3

So much gets lost when not seeing into the kanji... ;-;
25th-Aug-2009 01:06 pm (UTC)
Uh, okay XD

Do zip files work for you? ´_`
I guess it would be the easiest to pack them all in an one file and then upload to Mediafire or somewhere.

Yeah. ;o;
25th-Aug-2009 01:35 pm (UTC)
Un~ Those work fine for me ^------^
You wouldn't necessarily have to include the scans from RE;BORN, as I found them yesterday (also found the post of the person who had upped about all ClearVeil scans, however her galleries were ... dead? when I clicked the links x-X'), but do as it suits you best~ ♥
25th-Aug-2009 08:03 pm (UTC)
Kiitos~! ^ω^
And how wonderful those scans are ... ;_;
I shall use them well :3
26th-Aug-2009 12:37 pm (UTC)
Aww..... ;w; You're welcome ♥
...I don't know why, but my heart just always melts when foreigners speak Finnish to me, ahahaha. :''D

They are indeed awesome~ ´ww` But for some reason I don't have the page with FREAK Party at all... D:
Please do! ♥
26th-Aug-2009 06:17 pm (UTC)
Nyan... :3 I don't think I can melt your heart much more though *laughs* Just ... well... if we say you ought to go to sleep now I could tell you hyvää yötä but... x3
Hnn well, I have enough to do with those I have now *laughs*
23rd-Sep-2009 12:09 am (UTC) - ClearVeil translations :3

I finished a couple of translations during the last couple of... well, the last month xD
Here's my archive... crime and Secret Letter are done :3
And I'll work on more x3
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