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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[翻訳] 9 GOATS BLACK OUT - 落日 
3rd-Mar-2009 05:30 pm
And yet another song by the amazing 9GOATS BLACK OUT.

漢字 are from kusanoo, ローマ字 and translation done by me. Notes are to be found at the end of the translation, as usual. ^ ^

And, same old story, don't repost without credits and link to the original source. [= this post] ^ ^


夢見ていたの 窓の外を見つめる
動けないのに 暗い空を見て鳴いて

水たまりに映っているのは 泣き顔と夜空

忘れていたの もう誰も傍に居ない
聞こえないのに 鳴き声は空に響く

共に眠る星と鳥は 瞬きをしない
何かが縺れだして 足を捕られたの

夢見ているの 窓の外を見つめて
動けないのに 明ける空を見て泣いて

花にキスをする蜜蜂は 帰る場所を持つ
太陽が空に押し潰され その身を隠す
今なら 君をどうにか見つけ出せるかな

笑わないで また落ちたみたいなの

真っ赤な花 真っ赤な空


kataashi hinadori
yumemiteita no mado no soto wo mitsumeru
kataashi hinadori
ugekonai no ni kurai sora wo mitenaite

mizutamari ni utsutteiru no wa nakigao to yozora

kataashi itodori [see 2]
wasureteita no mou dare mo soba ni inai
kataashi itodori
kikoenai no ni nakigoe wa sora ni hibiku

tomo ni nemuru hoshi to tori wa matataki wo shinai
aa honto wa
kimi to ano sora mada tondeita hazu
nanika ga motsuredashite ashi wo torareta no

watashi hinadori
yumemiteiru no mado no soto wo mitsumete
watashi hinadori
ugokenai no ni akeru sora wo mitenaite

hana ni KISU wo suru mitsubachi wa kaeru basho wo motsu
taiyou ga sora ni oshitsubusare sono mi wo kakusu
ima nara kimi wo dounika mitsukedaseru kana

warawanaide mata ochitamitainano
hidoku itai yo mado kara miteta kurai sora wa
akaku somatte mou mienakunarisou

makkana hana makkana sora

mada toberu kana
mada toberu kana
mada toberu kana

Setting Sun

One legged baby bird
have you been dreaming gazing outside the window
One legged baby bird
even though you can't move you watch the dark sky and cry [1]

What is reflecting in a puddle of water is a tear-stained face and the night sky

One legged young bird [2]
Have you forgotten that there's no one beside you anymore
One legged young bird
Though it can't be heard your crying voice is resounding in the sky [3]

Both sleeping, the stars and the birds are not flickering
Aa, the truth is
It should yet have flown to you and that sky [4]
Has something started to entangle and captured your foot?

Me, baby bird
Have I been dreaming gazing outside the window
Me, baby bird
Even though I can't move I watch the dawning sky and cry [5]

The honeybee kissing the flower has a place to return to
The sun squashes into the sky concealing this body [6]
As for now can I begin finding you in some way or other, I wonder

Don't laugh It seems like I again fell
It's cruelly painful, the dark sky seen from the window is
dyed red and it seems I already am becoming unable to see it anymore

Bright red flower Bright red sky

Can I already fly, I wonder
Can I already fly, I wonder
Can I already fly, I wonder

[1] Meant is the sound of a bird 'crying'
[2] He sings the same hinadori as before. 幼鳥 could also mean 'juvenile'.
[3] Again, this crying is the one of a bird (or any animal, really)
[4] -__-' I only just realized now, that the personal pronouns are a bit tangled in the translation. The way I see it is that the 'it' of this line is the bird, and the 'you' is one not before mentioned. If I had chosen to translate whatever he says about the bird with 'it' instead of 'you', it would have been clear in these two lines, yet it sounded so distanced from the little creature, I didn't want that. ^ ^' As long as you understand what's meant, it's fine in the end, deshou ^\\^'
[5] Now this is the human (and turtley) form of crying.
[6] 隠す kakusu 'conceal' also has the connotation of 'hiding something away'.

Mmmmm... Those JRockers have a thing for poor kawaisou little creatures, it seems. Translating this touching song reminded me of UnsraW's 休眠ーお休みー

Until next time.
5th-Mar-2009 05:49 am (UTC)
aawwwww such a beautiful song and such sad lyrics ... Thanks for translating!!
5th-Mar-2009 11:49 am (UTC)
Meow~ you're welcome ^-^
I just corrected something that was wrong and added another note ^ ^'

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