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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[mem] Another shuffle meme! And a dream. ... 混沌 
6th-Mar-2009 12:30 pm
mao distorted
I found this on karasu_0's just a while ago, and since I do love these kind of memes so much, I did it.

And as I started to drift slightly at one of the questions, I remembered my rather adventurous dream from last night and posted that under the meme.

1. Put your iTunes, iPod, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag whoever you want.
5. If you’d like, add a brief commentary on your reaction/interpretation of the answer if you have one.

> If someone says, "Are you okay?" you say?
obstacle progress (Sadie)
How smart. It actually makes sense.

> How would you describe yourself?
生暖かい雨とざらついた情熱 (The GazettE)
Lukewarm rain and a rough felt enthusiasm? Well, for one, I don't like lukewarm. Unless... unless it's a summerrain hmmmm... Enthusiasm? Rough enthusiasm? I wonder what could have been meant there. xP

>What do you look for in a guy/girl?
Oho... how true. In so many aspects XDDDDD I mean, that word can mean so much... and yet...

>How do you feel today?
AGITATED SCREAMS OF MAGGOTS (Dir en Grey. Uroboros Version)
Mmmm, I've mentioned before how much I love these kinds of meme, right? ... Before I clicked on, I almost expected "nausea and shudder" and wondered whether I actually have a song on my playlist that's called 'sick' or something. No Nausea&Shudder, but well. There aren't too many others that would have fit so well, I guess. Luckily, it's just the physical aspect of it.... Which reminds me... oh dear. I had quite a vivid dream. One of those kinds I don't have too often anymore. Really adventurous. I'll post it under the meme.

>What is your life's purpose?
モノクロームシネマ (Rentrer en Soi)
Monochrome? We can already stop there, thanks, Monochrome already means a lot to me. Might check out the actual lyrics later.

>What's your motto?
....蜷局 (The Gazette)
[Toguro] AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! Please... just please... PLEASE, if you KNEW why this is just so DAMN fitting and so much more than just.... fitting... This is just absurd. ...

>What do your friends think of you?
Hyena (The GazettE)
Thanks, guys. *eyebrow lift* xD Hehe, well. If it's about the lyrics, they do fit, ne. Hyena fits to that part of my last entry, about Yaya.

>What do you parents think of you?
drop note. (vistlip)
Really? ... Well, who knows. I don't even have such a good overview over the lyrics but... believe it or not, there are sequences of that PV that make me want to cry. 智あほう;_; bleh... now I wanna watch it.

>What do you think about often?
ミルク (シド)
*Smiles softly* You know what, I would have been slightly let down, if there had NOT been a SID song coming up now... and that one fits nicely. Well, there'd be a lot of songs to fit, but ... それはひどく突然で [=Suddenly, it was cruel] as opening line... nee...

>What do you think about your first kiss?
母へ (Kagrra,)
"To mother"? XDDDDDDD LOL! Well, if she was the first one to kiss me.. which I wouldn't doubt... xPPPPP (or maybe I was thinking something like "To mother... if you could see that now... xDDDD" Not that you'd want to share these kinda a very private moments with your fam, though...xD)

>What do you think of your best friend?
Sister (MarBell)
Hmm, I wouldn't want to be her sister, as I wouldn't want to have her parents, ever. But we feel close like sisters... that's a sure thing. :3

>What is your life's story?
Dozing Green -Japanese Lyrics Re-mastering- (Dir en Grey)
Woho... wait a second... -___-; Now it turned from ReD to GreeN? Humf. just like his pants. *shifty eyes* 裂けた胸躍らせ ... my split heart is dancing... Hm, it's a painful way of optimism, isn't it? Getting hurt all over, look behind these joking eyes and you see deep sorrow, but I dance on... and on... and on... So far, it seems to fit.

>What do you want to be when you grow up?
Isshi's Solo (Isshi)
Erm... how great that I have no idea what he's singing about... maybe I should pay more attention. I understand 'hibiku' but I tend to be so taken away by the voices that I just get totally botto.

>What do you think when you see the person you like?
狂想曲~Cruel crucible~ (Phantasmagoria)
Lol... Rhapsody? Cruel crucible? Surely I don't always think in that direction. But often enough, I guess.

>What will you dance at your wedding?
park - シド
Oh yesss, we'll dance to SID... ... but park? o-O Oh Hel, that's gonna be an insane headbang dance *hehehe*

>What will they play at your funeral?
REGRET (The GazettE)
Hmmmm... I hope it's not me who died with regrets, but rather the one's remaining that regret I'm not there anymore. But please dance people, dance... Damn, funeral, how actually? Can you have Heathen funerals in Germany? You can, in Denmark......... -______- Bleh. Anyway, Heathen banquets for everyone! Music for everyone! Drinks for everyone! HAVE FUN!... mmhmmm

>What is your hobby/interest?
FILTH (Dir en Grey)
Hummm xDDDD Oh yes... when you take it from the pov of dear "church" then a LOT of my hobbies.../interests... are indeed filthy..filthy... filthyyyy...(and I'm proud it's these sorts of filthy) And well. Doesn't he say... S的S的S的Mを切断? ... *cough*

>What is your biggest fear?
私は雨 - シド
[Watashi wa Ame - SID] Oh. Hm. Yeah. A lot of my fears have to do with ... that. And to be precise, and including that song, 捨て猫みたい捨て猫みたい帰る場所なんてないの... like an abandoned cat like an abandoned cat... nyan?

>What do you want right now?
Kyo's screams live @ Wilburn Theatre
... *shudder* Uhmm... yeah I do want them live again. And now I definitely got goosebumps. Woah X0x"

>What do you think of your friends?
undecided (Dir en Grey, GLASS SKIN version)
...Hmmm: "from my heart I wish you happiness / there is happiness beyond the tears /but you aren't there beyond the tears"... mah... ;___;
"we won't be seperated I don't want us to be seperated, but / your words pierce deeply through my heart don't you see? / we won't be seperated I don't want us to be seperated, but / the waves erase your footsteps again, one by one"..... TT^TT

>What will you post this as?
混沌 (Kaggra,)
Konton - Chaos, Confusion. Hmm I never realized that heavy, sexy intro O.O And well, I already added a title but... that fits too xD

And here's my explosive dream:

I was a grown up woman [to me that means 'at least 30'] with a lovely (western) hubby. We were on some (field?-) trip with about 10-20 other people. It was night, there was this open fire. A black boy of about 9 years was dancing around it with one or two other children. After a while, I got alarmed, because he seemed to get closer and closer to the fire... Yes, he definitely was dancing too close. I already saw little catastrophies in my head, about him catching fire... I tried to say something, alarming him, but he didn't hear. And just when he got really close, a flame glued to his sweater and eating up to his hair, I jumped up from my seat... sort of frozen to the ground though, as the boy didn't even seem to notice. He slipped through the fire then... and my eyes stood wide open. I just couldn't believe them.
And just a second later, before I could react in any way, the boy stood in the middle of the fire... I then realized that this couldn't be an incident. ... The flames caught him, were all around him, people around me in a slight riot, he spread his arms and started to glow white... whiter and whiter, there were rays coming from his eyes, and then suddenly he exploded in a huge wave of heat, burning in and through our eyes and consuming everything around him, the whole part. I just remember how my hubby tried to throw his arms around me in protection and I huddled up to his chest...

Next thing, I wake up on a hill in the middle of nowhere, or rather, in the middle of mother nature, with no sign of civilization whatsoever. I immediately remembered what had happened, and checked myself, but I seemed okay... except for that my clothes were totally in rags, and something about my eyes didn't seem to be okay.
I got up then, and started walking (or rather, stumbling) down the hill. It was lovely, actually... really wild and beautiful, untouched. However, I was far too scared to really enjoy it, as I had no idea where I was, whether there were... dangers or whatnot. While stumbling down there, I suddenly noticed a small horse a bit further down, and I started smiling. It looked like an Icelander, and it seemed to be rather wild. And curious. It wasn't afraid of me. It seemed to like me, rather. So I was rather glad to have found someone, and was sure, that later in the dream, I would probably be riding... ^-^

Yet, I got to a road quite soon. So there would be some sort of civilization after all. But... there suddenly were people on horses... people that looked all the same. They wore strange kinds of helmets and a silvery cloak... and weapons. They didn't really look too friendly... and just as I reached that road, there were other people coming from the opposite site, they clashed, fought, and those from the other side won. It turned out, they were survivors from our group... You have no idea how happy I was then. Though I didn't really want to hope... I realized their eyes then... all of their eyes were white. As if they were blind... I startled. One of them laughed then, and said that mine were just the same. ... So we were blind... but could see. Maybe we just saw a different world...?

The next scene I remember was me snuggling up to the warm chest of my beloved hubby (he wasn't anything terribly attractive, but still good looking. With dark hair, and a rather strong, yet cozy body) T____T It was so intense, I could feel his heartbeat, his warmth, the way his (hairy xP) chest felt under his shirt... maaah... So peaceful. ;___;
6th-Mar-2009 02:42 pm (UTC)
I was more entertained by the dream than anything else--very imaginative o__o but I think I may do the meme, too, especially because you got so many seemingly-appropriate answers. XD

The dream, though, ah~ so cool. Especially how your group was all somehow blind and yet... not.
6th-Mar-2009 07:01 pm (UTC)
Oh well, I'm glad my dream entertained you. What I found really interesting about it, was that most pieces weren't apparently inspired by any recent happenings at all. There was nothing about fire, nothing about burning children, black children, dancing children, horses,... It's as if I totally slipped into a different world.

And wile I was at work, I suddenly remembered why Agitated Screams of Maggots had reminded me of that dream... something I totally forgot to mention in the post itself xP
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