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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
15th-Oct-2007 10:50 pm
mao distorted
To the...
PROLOGUE < < here...


I don't want to antedate but... I LOVED it!

It wasn't too easy to get to the building in which the introductory thing was held, though. You could go there by either bus or tram, tram would have been faster and easier, but when I arrived at the tramstation, it said that JUST the one I needed wasn't going today due to a construction site x__x So had to take all the tubes back to university and try to catch the bus... I had had plenty of time left when I was at the tram, but Ha! I needed about 10 minutes to get back to University, Had to wait 10 minutes for the bus, and that took 10 minutes until it had arrived at my destination... So the time when I got off the buss was the time the introduction started.

What was funny though... While I was sitting on the buss, listening to music obviously, I noticed that girl sitting on the other side of the bus... She looked a tiny bit nervous [sheesh I was nervous though! Have been the whole day! I'm rarely ever nervous...], and somewhat I thought she might go there as well... When we got off the bus, it was her that started a little spring towards the building... I just smirked and ran after her, maybe 50ft, until I called out to her "Hey... don't tell me you're going to Japanology, too?"

Well, hehe, she indeed was. XD So there we were two. Very very nice. Even better, she knew exactly where the room was situated, so we flit there. But uhoh... There, too, students were already filling the space in front of the doors. X__x But this time I was cheeky. Probably because she was there, too, and I had this protective instinct welling up (she's shorter than me and looked all forlorn... weak voice too... XD), so I pushed through the wall of guys 'excuse me, sorry, excuse me, can we... thanks' and tadaa, we were IN the room, able to understand what was being talked about.

So many people! Well, it wasn't only 1.years. *long exhale of relief* Interestingly, there were some male students... in my other course, DaF [German as a foreign language] there were maybe... five guys and... 60 girls? XXXD In Japanolgy, most of the guys even had long hair ... haha...

The proffs introduced themselves and told us what their area of activity was and which courses they held. I already eeked as I saw that... young... Japanese♥prof... Ne, no Uruha by far XXD But... just the fact he was young and Japanese and not exactly bad looking...(__) Hehe good thing: Since I pushed my way forwards, I was standing in the middle of the aisle, standing, in the front, everyone of the proffs could see me CLEARLY XXD He... looked at me... and smirked... *cough*

Erm actually when I first saw him, or... when I looked at him the second time or so, the other Japanese Prof, an older man, had fixated me with his eyes without me ... knowing? because I was SHORTLY looking at the younger one, and when my gaze swashed over to the other man... he SO grinned at me as if... he saw that I was... staring (I wasn't though? No? I don't think so?) at his younger collegue.... (///.///) Ehhh anyway XD

So there are two male Japanese profs... I only have a course with the older man, Kasai-sensei, but that is alright, he's really lovely (^_^) *wishes to have a course with the younger one next year XXD* And then there are two women, I know I have courses with one... and she's so cute! Very pretty and nice and her German AND her Japanese is real cute ... aaaahhh can hardly wait.

*intoxicated* Hmmm I already made two new friends at the first day... Jules and Irene lovely lovely and hehehe~ There was one girl with completely green hair... She could be a JRocker? Anyway, there was a girl standing behind me, and she SO was. She even had VK cloths... then her hair... and on the strap of her bag she had written 'Yaoi'... *pwnd*

Haha... well. She might be bitchy though. I'll find out.

And then there is one word... no two... or three... it is...

JaPaNeSe GuEsT sTuDeNtS



They all had to introduce themselves ... eheheh... Kasai-sensei told them to, but they were all shy... of course they did it. And they only talked 日本語 and *giggle* while there were people around me going "huuuh?" and other 2nd years who laughed and understood, and in my head I was like "I so understood half of what you said muahaha!" ... There are about a dozen... Most of them are girls, but! There were a couple of guys and... ummmmmmm... erm... my... ummmm... 'feelings' towards them were about... hmmmm~

(*゜▽゜ノノ and (;°皿°)

XD So um ... they're quite ok hehehe~

I'm actually eager to talk a little Japanese... those people I know already don't really know anything... I want to test my knowledge (*cougherhem* Well if I had*cough*practised more during the last few months...)

Ohhh... I really need to go to bed already? Aww that sucks >____<"

Well then ~ お休みなさい!
15th-Oct-2007 10:37 pm (UTC)
so everything went pretty well *-* ♥ *goes to bed too*

おやすみ~! XD
15th-Oct-2007 11:33 pm (UTC)
Your class sounds so cool! Im happy everything went well ^^
15th-Oct-2007 11:55 pm (UTC)
Awesome! I hope your class goes really well. =) Haha. Good thing you know 2 people now. =D It would take me probably a week until I'm confident enough..
17th-Oct-2007 01:01 am (UTC)
Now I'm all excited to start Japanese classes in university next year! <3
When I went to simply visit the one I'm hoping to attend well... there were so many adorable asian boys...
No! That's not all I think about!
*cough* well maybe...

I can't wait to hear more! XD
8th-May-2008 10:42 am (UTC)
You know. The way you're talking about this subject ... and how you know so much already even though you didn't even start studying it (then) ... and how you are happy about having understood something while the others (other first years) haven't ... and ... you being eager to talk some japanese, to test your knowledge ...

... it is SO ... (sori) ... cute XD
No, I seriously really like it. I mean. You seem to love that language so much ^.^' (ok, not that this is news to me, but still ^^)

Your ... hm. Way of talking about it and stuff. All the things you've said. Knowing that much already. And so on. That's how my girl always is (and when startingf to study also was already) about Finnish ... her studies started just the same way. Well, her finnish studies.
That ... just made me smile ... ^^ 'cause it seemed kind of familiar.

Reading things like that simply ... make me smile so widely ^.^'

(And? Are you having a course with the younger prof this semester? XD)

*smiling* *laughing* ... O_o *then dying when noticing miku_chan6's dp* *_____________*
8th-May-2008 06:51 pm (UTC)
Awww... mm... thank you ^ ^" *ignores that you think she's being cute*

Wow damn... that was terribly interesting to read again... now being my 2nd sememster and all... And no, didn't take courses with him, though I could, now I'm with HER all the way through xDDD Cause she's... terribly ... terribly... TERRIBLY cute *___*

^ ^"" Erm. Yes ^ ^
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