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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Lesson III... Maybe... Non-existing trains in the way X_x 
18th-Oct-2007 08:18 am
mao distorted
To the...
LESSON II<<< here...

Hmmm... It is 8am now... I should be at university... but... I am not. I WAS at the station at 7.oo, good girl I can sometimes be ineed, yet, the trains were striking, are striking, (well the personell, not the machines XD), and after about half an hour waiting they told us the next possibility to get to Munich would probably be at 11.15. And it's a little 雨


Shite... >_______< I miss two classes... And it's the first week, so that would all be introductory and informative... arghs. I hope I at least get to Munich SOMEhow. And back... I'm nervous about that actually. My classes end at 6... then I have an appointment about 6.30... I so hope my 'appointment' will make it arghhhhh.

Anyway. Yesterday, My first seminar ... *gulp* HolyMyPancakes. I mean, it's not that hard YET but when reading through the list of books we have to read this year, and all in all... in one subject, no problem, but I might start losing oversight. Grr. Must work on that. ... One week... After next week I must be settled in. そうそう。I decree. XXD

I love ガンゲスに紅い薔薇 by the way... The guitar!! The bass!! It sounds terribly difficult. Good job, boys.

Anyway, yesterday in the language course... haha... Kasai先生 again looked at my sign... But this time, after a while, he tried. *giggle* Again, he called that and this person's name... then he stared at my sign... his eyes narrowed slightly... "Fuuuu... that is a... difficult name..." and I grinned and said my name in... Japanese XD I said like 「嗚呼〜んんそうですね。グェンドリーンです...Orグェン.」I don't think I said 'gwenchan' I hope I didn't [I'm too much used to it by now] xXD Anyway, he was like *nodnod*「嗚呼...グェンドリーンさん...ドイツ人ですか?」「そう〜すね。ドイツ人でっっす。」「嗚呼...」So now he know my name XD Now he can officially call on me. にひひ

Then he taught 'us' the rest of hiragana, and then dictated... LOL. I feel a tiny bit sorry for those who don't yet know hiragana... because learning them in two days... umm well. *cough*
Anyway, so he read out words, easy ones like ashi, ike, suika, hoshi, etc... It was fun because... well it always is fun when you know you're good at something XD Too bad he didn't collect them. Because I had written the kanjis too, when I knew them XXXD

After the dictate, he asked people to call out what they had written. He wrote the kana on the board, and then he asked if anyone knew what it meant XD In the beginning, like... the first 3 words, he called people randomly, until he said, if we knew, we should just raise our hands XD So... after another few I raised my hand the instant... and again and again and he always got the answer from me in notime... hehehe... It was like

"Uatt uas the lasuto uado?"
*raises hand*
"Yes!" *writes down* "Now, does anyone know what that is?"
*raises hand*
"Mhhm, yes?"
"Yes!!... next word..."
*raises hand*
*looks around* "..Yes?"
"That's right! Ii ne... *writes down* And what does it mean? *asking anyone*"
*still raised hand xD*
"mmmhm, onegai~"

Haha XD After a while he only and always looked at me when he asked what it meant... and when I happened to not know it I innocently looked at the wall... or let my eyes wander over the ceiling, almost whistling XXD [because I am a person who knows things like 'baishunfuu'売春婦, 'saigo'最期, 'kioku'記憶, 'kaihyou'海豹, 'nueteki' 鵺的... but doesn't know words like pond, bank, company, post office, station... hehe... Well I could ask a Japanese guy if he knew where the next prostitute is... I would never get to my train but...at least I have some fun? Hahaha~]

After a few, he asked me if I had previous knowledge. Yeshhhh... I grinned and said that I did, a bit. Now he knows that. XD Yesh.

Ahhh... before I was going to college... I was taking a little walk through the citycenter, because I had some spare time. I walked from one station to the next, when suddenly, a tall man with shaved hair came steering towards me.
"Excuse me?"
"Hmmm yes?" *stopping*
*looking down my... necklaces... or my cleavage* "You are interested in old myths, as I can see?"
*amused smirk* "Mmhmmm..."
*eyes directed to my face* "Mmm... *smile* We are buddhist monks, and ..."
There he told me that they had books they were giving out to people. I pulled my earphones out of my ears and wound them around 青葵 while he pulled books out of the bag he had with him, showing me them. One was REAL thick, two were thinner. The monk also told me what they were living for and what they belived in (they're following the Vedas), and after every couple of sentences he asked me if I had heard about this and that term ... I only grinned and nodded, and when he was finished, again with that they want to give them to people, seeing what they'll be given for them, since the printing and all costs a 'little'... -'A-ha(n)' I thought XD- Sure I don't really have money and all... But heck, Buddhist monks can have my money. They're not the church after all >__< I would never give THEM any money. The fucking have enough, those rich bastards. Ummm, anyway. The man was really interesting. He *did* look like a Buddhist monk. A German one, but... his eyes, the way he was talking and BEING ... so calm, ne? He definitely had something about him. His eyes were so deep. 'Enlightened' almost hehe~
He told me about the books too... The thick one is the Gita, the complete one. The man said that Ghandi always recited from it, and that it's the most important work, even Schopenhauer and Hesse and certain University professors praised it. The smaller ones probably were books about the original. So when he said that they see what they can 'receive' I said "ummm yeah! Sure!" and started roaming in my bag for money "Ummm... you can give me... one of the smaller ones for 5?" ... I didn't have a 5bill, so I roamed in my pockets.
"I can give you change, you know?"
"Ahh no no, it's okay...I have enough change in here... ummm... *fishing* There are six." *pulling out about 12 XD*
"... Why don't you give me eight and I'll give you the big one. The smaller ones are only roundups of the Gita."
"Ah! Yeah, sure, okay!"

So he gave me the big one. I said:
"Actually, that comes in real handy."
"Ah really? Do you like to read?"
"Hm yes, that, and that I'm at college and had a reading about Buddhism yesterday..."
"Ahh... haha! Well I hope it might inspire you!"
"Yes... thank you!" *wave and bye*


I'm glad actually. Not only that I made a Buddhist richer... but the book is good, too. [about 800 pages *cough*] It has all the verses of the Gita in orignial sanskrit, the romanisation, the translation word by word then a fluid translation and a pages-long comment. Nice. (^人^)
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