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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
•°~ガゼット~°• A live report [PART 1/4] 
20th-Oct-2007 07:15 pm
mao distorted
Note: In case you haven't read the post I made before this... I was unsure about how to post, because thinking of it AGAIN just makes my innamost dissintegrate. Thinking of it again in such a short period of time, that's what I mean. Sorries for confusions of time and jumping from here to there, it's been my thoughts at the moment. You know how thoughts are. Might be boring here and there. I warned you ~ ... Off I go.

Shite I'm so nervous I can't even write Hiragana... Now that's bad. XD Actually I've been far more obviously nervous yesterday evening. Nervous breakdown. I couldn't manage anything anymore. My hands didn't work properly etc... Today in the morning, mom looked at me and was about to ask... something. She didn't when she saw my face.

"Ok... Dann brauch ich nicht fragen." [Ok... then I don't need to ask *smirk*]

Everything went well with the flight etc... bought a bit of food for later... and went straight to the event. Which was good, because when I arrived at noon there already were.. hundred there?

It's about 16:30 and people are already getting up. Not those immediately around me. I decided to write because... I started getting nervous... again. Breathing deeply. Remembering what I want to say. If I get the chance. But sheesh yes, I AM going to see them. This time is special, ne. I've never seen them before, never felt their presence. I want to... connect.

Security already cleared the way. Oh shite...

There are some cosplayers around... Two or three Reitas ^_^ Really good ones, also the others... umm I really am a little lost right now. I wonder how many things they will sign for each person... because I need to get the Ruki signature... and I should get Reita too... as in... get them for other people. Whoo... and now I started shivering... More people are getting up. (>___<)

I hope I'll be able to say... it. Say something. And I want to connect. People behind us are planning to cheat. Are planning to press themselves under the barrier. That's unfair. Well well they'll get what the will/shall get.

Security people talking... A night sky is being projected onto the ceiling. I'm freezing though I shouldn't. Wow. This is major. I don't think I quite ever felt this way before... My first concert, yes... but ved Friggas vevstol, I have grown. Barely much more than a child that time. Now this is different. I am grown up, grown upper, I mean... it's been 7 years since then. 称賛。尊敬尊敬称賛してる称賛してる尊敬してる尊敬尊敬称賛尊敬。Remembering... 戒は太陽のような笑顔がある...あるね...太陽のような笑顔あるね〜そう〜すね尊敬尊敬。

We all are nervous wracks. Either quivering or trying to think of something else. Okay I guess I'll do away with this again. I'll try and think of other things. An hour left. They're all being so civilized here... ^___^

And hot Japsguys upstairs staring down. Hee~

So many people standing up there, staring down. They seem to have spare time, huh? They'll get it all without the nervousness. (How boring XD)

And why I didn’t bring presents… (there are like… people with BOXES… ) I didn’t want to bring anything just to give them something. They can’t remember the faces to the presents… I just want to give them myself. Hmmm… It will be okay. ^_^ Because I’m me. Heeh~
I just looked up and there was a shooting star in the ‘sky’ above me. Projected sky. Night sky. Yozora. 夜空 称賛称賛してる愛してる尊敬してる…
Okay I’ll definitely pack it up now.

20th-Oct-2007 09:58 pm (UTC)
*Biting nails...waiting for the rest* I can practically feel your tension...
20th-Oct-2007 11:05 pm (UTC)
See, even gazerockgirl is excited about this. To think what might happen to us if we actually see GazettE in person and touch them when we're already going psycho over your blogs.
21st-Oct-2007 05:25 pm (UTC)
You're going psycho over my blogs... XD Maybe I shouldn't write them *cough*

5th-May-2008 08:57 pm (UTC)
Ok, so, I started commenting on Saturday ... while being at my grandfather's.
I don't want to type everything into my computer. So I decided to scan everything. Meaning you'll have to bear with my handwriting, but I guess it's readable ^.^' ...

Last things first ...

And now the comments for this part ... =)

Page 1
Page 2

Also ... I scanned the prints of your posts again. For I made some comments on them as well. I don't know if you want to look at them now. But it's a part of the comment, so I won't keep it from you, of course ^^

Print 1
5th-May-2008 09:20 pm (UTC)
As I already said...

GODS YOU'RE SO aDOrrrablE *___*
Such lovely and thoughtful commenting. ♥♥♥
And so personal hehe. (And I can read it, so it's grand xD)

*reads page 1* Why weren't you having dinner with them?
They didn't play Cockroach in Munich methinks. ... eh? Or maybe. NO they diddddd!!! yeah.

Well the thing is, you know, I'm never nervous. Or... rarely Very rarely. Some people think it's creepy. I'm always calm. Had to have a talk today, ne, and it was baaaaaad I thought... at least, well, I've actually written that talk yesterday and the day before, only went through it once or twice so erm. o-O yeah. But he said "Sehr gut!" in the end... I went like oO 'well if you think so... xD'
Cause you know... I kept repeating the same things over and over, didn't really have a line going through, lost that line so often and just rambles and gah. But. Huh. Calm and all... 2 friends of mine told me it was 'Goooo! *_*" in the end. I chuckled xD Cause...well. Erm, no? And Miriam went like "yeaaah damn, you were all cool. like *doing 'yomangesture*"
xD Yeah well that's me. Hoping my down-to-earth-coolness greift ueber auf the others ne.

//rambling about me

So ... that day, i was fucking pissssssssedwith nervousness. That means a damn lot. So I just had to do something. or, try to, but as you can see, it's all short. Couldn't write more. Couldn't concentrate. And since the people around me (whom I've become friends with... or some of them, at least) kept seated cause well, there still was a lot of time, i did, as well. Everybody else was practically standing.

Yeah, the atmosphere. Visible? In the faces, and everybody... but it was tangible. It was hanging there, in the air, you could have reached out and sliced it. It was... just wow. No words, really.

The nightsky (yozora haha.. that word was in my head before 'nightsky' xD)... one kept going on and off, the other was off the whole time. Everytime the spaceshuttle flew through it, it was gone XD

Well. After all, I wouldn't have been able to give it them in person. And, I'd only give presents if it was something that my hole heart is behind... if you know what I mean.

5th-May-2008 09:44 pm (UTC)
well ... ^.^' I felt there was no other way I could comment this. It. Hm. Yeah ... ^.^'

I was having dinner before my parents XD Eat a little something, quickly, 'cause I wanted to start reading and writing *g* And my father and my grandfather have diabetes, so they needed to wait some more minutes until theny could have dinner ^^

Hehe, I'm being told that I didn't seem nervous after things like that as well, usually ... but. I think it's mostly said - to me - 'cause they're being nice XD
Because I personally get nervous ... hm. Not easily. But. Well, maybe easily, after all.
But not when I have no reason to ... and. I knew their names. I knew who Aoi and Kai were for sure, had some trouble remembering Uruha's name and mixed up Reita and Ruki. I didn't know their music. Only ever have heard one song, but I haven't really been concentrating on it ... so. What should I be nervous about? I tried distracting myself with that question for some time *g* (na, didn't work ^.^')

I'm happy that you managed to write down at least some things ... 'cause otherwise, you wouldn't have posted it like this ^.^' ... *lovesit*

Yes, I noticed that one you're talking abut XD I made fun of it the whole time. I thought about calling that radio station I talked of with my mobile to tell them that it's not worth going there 'cause the beamers are weird with one not working at all XD I always waited for that one beamer to work again, though *gg* (I was sitting ... kind of directly underneath it)

I already thought that some of the people taking pics might be staff members XD I mean, why else should - admittingly cute and also at times hot - japanese looking guys *didn't wear her glasses* go there only to take pics of the crowd ... XD
6th-May-2008 05:25 am (UTC)
Hmm... Going to reply, and which song comes on? The one I've been wanting to hear all along. Cause ... I've been listening to it a lot, lately. *lovelovelove*

Tsunagareteta the reason for being... 
tachikirereba sachi aru mirai

Ruki insanely sexy. Uru's insanely naked...bellllywaitwhat,nohe'snot? ... o-O" Okay, then it's my fantasy. His skirt ... wait. Oh. And Aoi's very visible bellypiercing.

I love the guitars



Nah, why do I love the GUITARISTS too?

Ohhh I see... Hope you won't get diabetis too x-X Since it's... um? Vererblich.

Never mind that when I went into the kitchen, and did the dishes, 'prohibeted education prohibited education' rang in my ears and had me so um *insert adjective* that I took the canned fish into my room again =_="

Hmmmhmm... I usually always write down things just after the event. Now that Ilive in Munich, I just sit down in front of the computer afterwards, and write write write. Is faster. When I have to travel, I write on the train... or wherever.

5th-May-2008 09:23 pm (UTC)
hit the enter button too soon xD

Go you, for pushing them back.
Ahhh and that's why you were asking about the pink box XD Nah, I really don't remember. Only have what I've written down.

Hehheheh... well at least I recognized and saw what I liked. I mean. Liked what I saw. And some of them were staffmembers cause they took pictures from up there and posted them on heresy

haha! It's just repetitions of words... over and over and over... ^ ^""" well. of sentences. um. yeah. *sigh*
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