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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
It's so 'empty' here, I could hear my breath resound in this room if it weren't for certain songs 
11th-Apr-2009 01:55 am
Aoi red
Wow, I got online a couple of minutes ago, it's ... well, the time it says on my entry, and there's about no one online and nothing's happening.

Where is everybody?

Oh right, it's Easter, is it? Oh well, maybe that's a reason.
It's good actually, that way I might make it into bed at a reasonable time.

Just now was one of these "first listens after a hundred times of listening". 「土曜日の女」suddenly seemed to sound so different... it seemed to echo in these walls, together with the sound of the huge clock on the wall.

It wasn't, not really

But I perceived it that way.

So, a bit about today...

Family meeting

Went to mom's place over the weekend. She and grandma picked me up from the station and we went home in her Dodge [♥]... Lol, when Despa's Paradox5 started playing, I turned the volume up higher, and grandma went like "Oh, it's okay, I can hear it from here, you don't have to turn the volume up..."
Mom and me laughed... Grans didn't really comprehend why but... XD~
After about half the song she went like "Goooood song!!!!" hahahaha...

We had cream cake and tea later, then took a walk along the river all together.

Mah, I took so many pictures more of trees than of our actually come-together, but I don't have the cam here right now so... maybe I'll up later. We'll see.

Anyway, it was a fun day. Grandpa, Grandma, Mom and me.

After dinner (veggie lasagne ♥), my gramps left, and mom and me sat down to watch Final Destination3

Hmmm, it wasn't bad, but I liked the first one best, and the second better than the third, I think. There still were surprising moments though, despite the obviousness on what's going to happen here and there... the chain reactions I love so much weren't that intricate, unfortunately. Apart the one in the store house, I really liked that. Plus everything went much too fast. However, all in all I enjoyed it. ["Lol, see, now his face is dry again. Though he's standing in the rain. And it was totally wet just a couple of seconds ago." - "Oh lol, I bet you the tube is gonna block the door, then the drink she's taking with her will drip onto something electrical in the cabin, and they'll burn to death =D" ... yeah XD]

Hm, I knew that mom had intended to go to bed after it, so a bit after the movie had ended, and she went like "Ummmm... I would like to..." I thought she meant 'go to sleep now' so I was prepared to say 'yeah, yeah, I'm off I'm off', but instead there were words like "... just take a little glimpse of... of... ummm"


→ what she'd meant was the Sadie Suicidal Applicants DVD. When I had told her I brought it with me, she let go off the wheel and jumped around in her seat, while grandma went like "DON'T LET GO OFF THE WHEEL!!!" ahahahaha...

She didn't have to say anything about Sadie, I knew already what she meant, and just told her "Du bist doch bescheuert XD" [You're crackbrained] and got my laptop. Thing is, just a moment ago we were talking about my recent SID entry, and how 'strange' it was to her that I hadn't put マオ as the first of the members, lol... I mentioned 'the old SID' and felt like showing her some pictures, but didn't want to switch on my laptop anymore, thinking she'd wanted to go to bed.

Uh, no. So I got my laptop, showed her a couple of pictures, Gazette shoots (lol), the new -OZ- PV we both enjoyed to great extents... to then "watch just the intro of the live"

Yeah, sure.

When the Intro was over, she went like "Ohhh just a little bit more... just... I just want to know when he loses his tie 8D~" [Accompanied by me going like "you crackbrain..."] Um, well so we watched... and watched... [サヨナラの果て→killer]... and watched... until the backstage part, and then

Me: HA! There, look! There's no tie anymore! He took it off!
Mom: Huh, what? ... Nah, can't see it.
Me: THERE, see? Tie. Off. Not there.
Mom: Hm~? No no, no idea.
Me: xD You crackbrain.
Mom: Okay okay! I'll behave! Fine. Let's watch the rest tomorrow.

... ahaha...

Ahhh, 真緒, you amazing man... *sigh*

Sooo... I don't think I'm going to do anything on here anymore. But, you know, I totally 'forgot' 「嘘」yesterday, so... I guess I'll give into the shot and then take a good, long, very hot shower... and... um. Yeah, and then go to bed.

To sleep.


11th-Apr-2009 07:09 am (UTC)
Errmmm, may I add something?

When Grandma and me were on the way TO the station to pick you up, Phantasmagoria's Nil Frontier was coming up and after some seconds, Grandma stated "that's a Japanese guy singing, I can hear it". Don't know what she means with this. Hmmmm. Well, my answer was simply "I listen ONLY to Japanese music ..." hehehe

Then it was Sadie's Obstacle Process coming up and I reduced the volume out of sheer "Granny thoughtfulness" ... coz I remember quite good Grandma's reaction on the "Lord's Prayer" PV (just wanted to give them an impression of to which live I'm going: "Ah, that's terrible, terrible, disgusting!!" (and then she left the room)

I agree with your opinion on Final Destination 3. It was a bit boring - compared to the other parts. I missed the real thrill.
So this was the ONLY reason why I needed a little thrill after this film. You know, I was expecting some thrill, there was no thrill, so I had to have a little Sadie-thrill. Savvyy????????? *looks VERRRY innocent*
Dagegen muss ich mich aufs entschiedenste verwehren!! (sorry, no english translation possible um die Ernsthaftigkeit zum Ausdruck zu bringen)

Ah yeah, and before we started Sadie, you also showed me the new Meevster pics, ya ya, don't miss out Meev, Gosh, he really seems to grow up! I'm definitely impressed!

... and it was so much fun for me to slowly vanish into sweet sleep, hearing you giggling just some meters away from me ...
I do love this!
11th-Apr-2009 11:16 am (UTC)
Grannie thoughtfulness XDDD~
Hmm, I find it funny that Granddad actually likes the styles and all *hahaha*

Oh lol, the Sadie thrill. Of course of course. *laughs*
We all are crackbrained, so... xD

Oh right, I forgot Meev... but hey, that's only natural to happen, after seeing all my darlings after another 8D~

Nn? I didn't start giggling right from the start though >D
12th-Apr-2009 11:35 am (UTC)
Hey Darling.
just really short, we'll have lunch in a few mins

It's so rare I'm here at the moment, just yesterday, but not for really being online but for changing some things.

In some way it feels really good, but I also miss it a bit, ne. I'll be back when I'm back home which is tomorrow even though I don't know when exactly.

Have been on the balcony for one or two hours today, from when it was quite cold until the sun shone soooo brightly, everything calm....pure love.

Have some nice Easter days with your Mom, I love you.
12th-Apr-2009 12:21 pm (UTC)
Enjoy your lunch.

I'll be back tomorrow, too. And balcony is my next target. Out on the country, with my cat or my book on my lap, birds singing in the trees, flowers growing on the grass and butterflies flying around. That is pure love.


Edited at 2009-04-12 12:21 pm (UTC)
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