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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
→ BASEBALL re-entry ← 
23rd-Apr-2009 11:33 pm

Today, as promised, 雪 and me went to baseball together.

We met up a couple of hours before that, so I could show her the basic movements, teach her a bit about batting and throwing, and explaining a couple of the rules. She's a total beginner, but a quick learner, she said. The thing is, that the only training she would be able to attend, would be the mixed team/advanced uni-people training. She totally wanted to do baseball though (with me XD), so we wanted to ask them weather it would be okay for her to join the team.

I myself have been playing for four years... Yet I stopped five years ago. (°A°;)
Been longing for it every now and then...

So when she asked me to join her in some sports, I checked the offers on the university's sports site, and found baseball on it. 雪 first wanted to go to something more aerobic oriented (or fencing XD), but when I told her that there's baseball too, she got like (*___*).


None of us had any idea about the facility... it's in a huge park (Olympiapark), and the facility itself is a labyrinth. Where are the dressing rooms? Where's baseball? WHERE'S BASEBALL??!?!?! There was some fitness going on, some other place football, yet another place -havenoidea-... we asked around until we found a guy who would tell us where to find the baseball field.

Guy in his late 40ies: It's fa~r off! Like... really far! Are you sure you gals are gonna make it there?
雪: Uh...?
Me: Errr?
Us: Sure?
Guy: It's like... more than 500 metres... *walks really slow*
Me: Hum, *laughs* oh I guess we'll make it somehow.
Guy: Sure? Got your bicycles?
Me: Yeapp. Invisible ones! =D
雪: *laughs*
Guy: *laughs* Oh well, that's good then.

... wth? XD

The field

Anyway, so after all that stumbling from one place to the next, we finally reached the baseball field.

As we got closer, I saw that there were four guys between end of 20ies up to mid-40ies, stretching, so we walked up to them ~ there was another group of people in the outfield, running. So I asked.

Me: *wave* Hey theresss... Uhm... Are you the team, and those over there *points* is the other group [as the training was supposed to be team/advanced mixed], or...?
One guy: *laughs*
Another one: No, we're the only ones. *stretches on*
Third&Fourth: *curious looks*
Me: Ahhhh the only ones, eh? *laughs* Uhm well, is it okay if we join then? =D
Second guy: Yeah sure~
Other guys: *curious looks* *stretch stretch*
雪: Ah, there's just one little problem... *explains that she hasn't ever played before, me telling them that I have*
Guys: Nah, nah, that's fine, just join us =D
Us: *GRIN*
Me: Uhm okay, so... *to 雪* let's run a bit more then~ ... Like... *to the guys* *grin* ten rounds?
Second guy: Nah, one is fine XD
Me: kehe... *dashes off*

We joined them in the stretching after running one round (雪: Heyyyy run a bit slower... -_-' And it's me jogging every night ugh) and of course they started asking~ The second guy, Christian I think, he's the coach. So he asked me how long and when I played, and where... I smiled "Freising..." and he suddenly had this knowing smile "Ah... Yeeeaah... Then I know the score" Hm~ it's a good team, ne =D The women's team won the German championship a couple of times. I told them that I played for four years... the guy I would later know to be Chris, a small little ball *wai*, he laughed and went like "ohohoooo well then..." ... I told them like

Me: Nnn but I forgot everything X_X
Christian: Pfff, nah. What's there to forget?
Me: Oh well uhm... The details... and I don't have any baseball muscles anymore (泣)
Guys faces: Well, we'll see about that.

All those baseball stretching and warming-up methods... I smiled while doing them. Also, because I noticed how the others were curious whether we'd actually be able to keep our arms up and all. ... Haha. I don't have any problem with that >D I'm not exactly weak.


Throw&Catch practice

Christian paired us up. He'd take over 雪, to explain the basics to her and keep a good eye on her movements etc, and another guy, Chris, would do the practicing with me.


Me: Uhm... *meek* I probably won't catch anything at first... and throw the Gods know where... (XAX;)
Chris: *just smiles and gets in position*
*starting practice*
Me: *rejoicing in how it just works so well*...

Seriously. I caught everything as if I've never been gone. I was still able to throw the ball... not as terribly far as I used to, but hey...

At one occasion, Chris asked me which position I used to play. I told him 2nd and ShortStop, then the last year(s) outfield. He laughed at that "Ahaha, thought so." ... I didn't ask why...


Chris: Seriously. I've hardly ever seen such a beautiful throwing.
Me: Ehehe... Eh?!... what? oO' *thought he meant his own throw that had gone beautifully into my glove*
Chris: Yea~h... the balls hm... they spin really perfectly. *showing with his hands what he means*
Me: O.O ... (*------*)♥嘘でしょ〜

MAH! ドキドキ

Everything else~

Seriously, everything... ... apart from the details, as I said... It went so smoothly. Okay, the usual thing, I threw very nicely in the beginning, and then half an hour later, when we were to catch balls from positions in the Infield and then throw them back to Home, my balls went like... ugh, slightly very ↖ and ↗. 笑
But you know... that's baseball → You don't hear a word when you miss, apart from "That's okay, don't worry", and when you do something good, it's "WELL DONE! =D"... That's just so baseball. 泣 When I still played with the Grizzlies, we had that football (soccer, ne) field next to ours... and when we would do the warming-up run, we'd always here their umpire shout at them -__-'

I also did well with the grounding, and the flyballs... I don't know for sure why, but

Me: *throwing the ball back to the catcher*
Christian: Hmm... did you by any chance play an outfield position?
Me: Uhm... yeah? Uhm.
Christian: *grinning silently*
Me: *mumble* I've heard something like that before, today... oO

*laughs* I'm not sure, because, well, as I said, my baseball muscles have gone, but I guess it must be because I still have a powerful throw? ... maybe, I don't know. It doesn't seem so terribly powerful to me. Maybe it is though. 笑

A pity we played so much on the field that we couldn't do any batting practice. I was looking forward to that so much. Instead, I had to go and catch a hundred flyballs ahaha... Just like in olden times.

And you know what...
Just standing there, outside in the evening, on that huge field... just like years before... an empty sky... the sun setting... golden light... the breeze on your face... キュン\(☆ω☆)§

After training (we trained from 6:30~8:15), Christian told us that we were welcome to come again and that...
We're welcome to actually play in their team...
I guess they were pretty surprised. A) Women. B) New to the team. C) ... Women? D) Freshwomen. And we weren't that bad at all. 雪 did very well. She doesn't do the movements right yet and all, but she can throw, she can catch...


And join the tournaments


KYUUN! ドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキ

Oh my Gods... Just... 泣. .·°(゚▽^*)·°·.喜
Training made me so damn happy (T^T)
Okay well. After I washed my hands and 雪 mentioned more and more of which parts of her were in pain [She had loved training though. Totally.], I felt the pain coming to me, too. 笑 I actually had a huge swelling on my thenar.
It's gone down a bit, after massaging and massaging. Yet, the feeling was weird xD

But it was just so good, coming back home, feeling just so many parts of my body exhausted in this very nice way. Let's see where I'll have a muscle ache tomorrow! にひひ

Mah... I have to get my baseball stuff from mom's place. The gloves and the outfits. And then I need to get new shoes with spikes. I think mom threw out the last ones I had.
24th-Apr-2009 06:33 am (UTC)
You found baseball again, Gosh, that's SO great!!!

You know, that baseball time was a great time for me, too. Oh, how I loved that time, watching the Grizzlies play, going to matches, YOU winning at the hit-and-run-competition in Regensburg ... all that nice guys around ...

Yepp, your baseball stuff is here, down in the cellar. I guess I threw the shoes away because they started to get moldy. No problem, we're gonna get new ones!

Oh I'm so excited about you playing baseball again!
24th-Apr-2009 07:31 am (UTC)
Hahaha... I never won at H&R...... xDDDDDD I just won 'going there'. XP But yeah, it was a great time, the H&R... Watching the pro's play afterwards, and all. *hearts*

Yosh, gonna get my stuff... at my bday then XP

Me too :3
25th-Apr-2009 12:17 am (UTC)
baseball =0

I wanna play baseball xD
But I don't understand the game =/
it's strange for me that sports.

In my country don't play baseball u.u

25th-Apr-2009 09:07 am (UTC)
Baseball is great (♥.♥)
Doesn't matter, I didn't understand it completely at first, either XD~
but it's sad that they don't play it in your country...... T,T
Maybe you're wrong though? There should be teams everywhere =D Just look around on the net for teams. ^ ^
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