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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
•°~ガゼット~°• A live report [PART 4/4] 
24th-Oct-2007 09:37 pm
uru drama

I'm at Katharina's parents' and maybe it is because I am quite tired, phasing out at times while reading through that Japs paper for college, but I remembered more details. Until I got to Ruki, then I started writing down...

When I got to the table, Uruha was waiting for me, looking at me smiling like that, the corners of his mouth, the beautifully shaped lips, the way his eyes laughed. Such a lovely mouth. Then he signed. I watched his black polished nails and fingers as those beautiful hands flit over the paper... now as I am writing this, my heartbeat... I didn't exactly hesitate with stretching out my hand, because I wanted to, ne, but I did it slowly. He also looked up after he had signed (guess there wasn't a new thing to be signed yet, or maybe he just took the time), and as he registered my hand, to meet mine with his, his whole body came forwards towards me... just a tad. And he smiled again that way, so warmly.

The grip of his hand... oh sheesh... my heart... I really... I really think I fell for him.

I'm utterly impressed by this person. Especially now that I have seen him as he is, looked at him, been looked at by him, had that connection, felt his flesh... even now that I have seen him live on stage. It is not that now that I have seen him for real and know he's more than a fantasy of mine, part of many fantasies, that I stopped feeling for him. Or that my emotions are dimmed. Or at least different. Not at all.

Those hands. They are beautiful. I fell for . Wow... I mean... Aoi has been there all along. He is gorgeousness, he is personified loveliness, personified flexability (I had to meantion it)... Uruha ... his hand. Why is it i suddenly remember him so much more right now...

His eyes. He... they didn't emanate the pure WARMTH that had been mainly in Ruki's eyes, not the sheer happiness, GLADness conveyed in Kai's, no... 麗の目の中で there was love.

It was love. Maybe the most in his.

They ALL were sincere about their feelings, I guess it's just that it seems with Uruha I had more time (that's also why I had to rush, or was being rushed, from him over over 流鬼Ruki to れいた, where again i had more time.

I also remembered in detail again... Surprise, friendliness, recognising leading to pure Sunshine. Pure sunshine, that isn't only "laugh because you're able to" or "laughing because you're born with that laugh and it makes people happy so just do it", no, sunshine, that isn't even only warmth. Or a combination of warmth and the above. It feels as if no words could explain it in truth, because yet it IS warmth, friendliness, it is overspilling with it, illuminating and warming up everthing around him, but only if he means to. And he meant to. It really is warming up your heart. Spilling from his eyes, his mouth, his whole face...

And I remembered more of ルキ. I think that when I still was with Kai, he looked over ~ because he didn't have anything to sign. He tilted his head, looking to or at Kai or Uruha or me, or just over the table, tilting his head in that coquettish manner to be actually able to see at all... his hat... I noticed his hair. XD such a lovely red, and so MUCH. It really doesn't look as much on photos... maybe because on pictures it's always ever been flat, two dimensional, or just because we're so much used to seeing such hair, but it really IS different.

My eyes flew over , too. When he signed I looked down the back of his head. The short, stirred hair there... I loved his dark hair. Really loved it. It's not much, not as elaborate, but oh so lovely. Black strands framing his pretty face. The light reflected int he shine of his fronthair. Lovely.

Anyway... ルキ. He usually had his hands on the table, sometimes had the right one on his leg (mrrrm), or his hand was holding up his head, elbow on table. The beautiful black fringes of his cloths hanging down over the bench... the boots... >______<"...
Uruha's swallowtail's back I think was parted in two.

Ruki looking over... his hands, his warm hands, were a little red, too, methought. His fingers. Only marginally I recognised his rings on his right hand.

Kai's handshake actually... he did grab my hand when he saw it, all the altering of his facial expression taking place at the same time, taking, accepting my hand... his hand felt lovely, too. Strong, but he didn't use his strength. Thumbs interlocking...

Thumbs interlocking, sheesh. Come to think of it. All our thunbs "interlocked" somehow...

24th-Oct-2007 09:32 pm (UTC)
Beautifully portrayed again...*sighs*

My gosh...*nods her head a bit*

I'm envious and so happy for you all at once. Maybe I'll get that chance...someday....
24th-Oct-2007 11:26 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the live report. I really enjoyed reading that. It made me happy, sad, envious and excited all at the same time. But wow..

I still demand more pictures. LAWL. I'm so annoying. ._.
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