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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Nostalgic discoveries in old trousers 
30th-Apr-2009 04:24 pm
... Ah... or something.

I just got back home from college, 疲れ過ぎー!ばたんきゅーしたいんだー!笑 and after I started my laptop and the music, I looked for some trousers I could wear for baseball this evening. I didn't want to use the same ones as I did last time, because I use that pair for my work as well, and it's kinda goo~d trousers...

... so not really made for sliding in the dirt. *laughs*

Anyway, I found this pair I haven't been wearing in ages... I don't even know whether I even wore it a single time after I moved here.

Hmmm... So I pulled them out of my wardrobe, and ah, so many pockets... and usually, there are things hidden within the pockets of my clothes... a lot of things sometimes. And this pair just felt as if there was very much concealed on the inside.

So I emptied the pockets.

All of them.

Feel free to click for a huge version x3

May I explain...

To the far left, a bunch of scrunchies. Children's scrunchies. I then remembered, that I used to wear those trousers when I did the housecleaning back in Ireland, when I was AuPair. They weren't too good for the dusty and dirty work, and my discman (嗚呼懐かしい…) fit into the pockets... besides, there were enough pockets to put into stuff I found behind wardrobes and under beds, so it was really handy.

And yeah, Sadhbh's scrunchies were scattered everywhere in the house. Their favourite place next to those already mentioned, were the gaps of couches. I used to just stuff them into my pockets...

And there, sometimes I just forgot to empty them when I was done.

The silver star I found under her bed at one occasion. Yeah, it's Xmas decoration but the time I found it... was not Xmassy at all. *laughs*

The Scooby Doo... I have no clue.

Up up the circle, there's a twirled toffee wrapping. *sigh*. ... Toffee... (☆,♥)ノホシイ

To its right... maaah, that moved me so much, finding that. It's a drawing my best German Irish friend Jools made, one of her typical 'Schnabis'... and the writing says "Gwen ♡ Japanese Boys"... Awwwww... I miss her. Should call her.

Under it, a scrunched up piece of paper with a lot of stenography and English vocabulary such as to covet, haughty, barmy cow... and so on. [I think I was reading Wuthering Heights at that time ... hence... those words]

Below that one, a very old receipt from Supervalue Grange ... waaaahhhhh... *moved to tears* The writing has almost washed out, but I can read what I bought... even though I have no real idea what it is.


Cully&Sully I know. The best soups in the world... especially the champion soup. I loved eating it, dipping my toasted bread into it and... o(T^T)°· .

Hmmm expensive... but normal prices for Ireland.

Well, and the next one is a piece of paper that has a couple of Japanese words on it. The way I learnt them... I probably had been watching some anime, and then noted down a couple of wordings and phrases that I thought I made out.

On this side of the paper, there's No ni and Iin da yo... *laughs* There are other random scribbles on it as well... two email addresses I don't recognize at all... maybe I should just write to them and ask whether they know me ... Wow, that piece of paper must have been from the very first times of me being there. I even scribbled down

3.30pm Cornerhouse Pub, Cobu~~y Street
every 2nd Sunday!

... I had just found out about the Pagans in Cork, and where they'd meet every week... muhaaaaa... I feel so terribly nostalgic right now.

Who's Li Xiao Chen? I have that name on the paper too. Under 暁 aki gyou dawn


Everybody I know from over there...
Thank you so much.

Chibi, feel free to tell everyone. ♥you, miss you. (;__;)m
30th-Apr-2009 07:32 pm (UTC)
Aw~, that sounds so cool, finding out so much stuff from the past. I never put anything in my pockets, so I can't experience the same. XD
And you're Irish?
30th-Apr-2009 07:59 pm (UTC)
Mmmm, my pockets have always been stuffed full with things I find and all that... xD It's best for me to wear skirts, really. *laughs*

No, I'm not XDDD~ I've been aupair there.
30th-Apr-2009 09:15 pm (UTC)
Ahah, that's cute. XD Since I wear summer clothes all year, my pockets are usually small or too close to my body for me to stuff them a lot, so I just put my things somewhere else. xD

Oh, that sounds really nice! One of my dreams was to do that sort of exchange, but my parents never let me. ;_; And Ireland is one of the countries I'd definitely want to visit at least once, I love its culture. :3 Did you like being there? ^^
30th-Apr-2009 09:34 pm (UTC)
Warm enough to do that, eh? What's the lowest temperature you get?

I liked it... but you're much less free than in other places. Norway for example. Ireland looks nice, but you can only look at its beauty. You can't touch it and be 'interactive' the way you can be in Scandinavia. I missed that. But Irish people are nice and all... so yeah. ^ ^'
30th-Apr-2009 09:54 pm (UTC)
Our coldest season is from July to September, and the temperature rounds 25ºC. And it's 30ºC+ the rest of the year. ^^

Oh, I see. I actually thought it was quite the opposite, I thought Ireland was very free in that sense. Where are you from, then? If you don't mind me asking, of course. XD
30th-Apr-2009 10:53 pm (UTC)
Oh sheesh. Too warm for me XD

No, it only looks it. In truth, there are fences everywhere. And high brick walls, a lot of them with thick, thorny bushes... that hurt... a lot.
Oh, that's a secret XDD ... Not really.
1st-May-2009 12:18 pm (UTC)
Ahah, it's warm, but the weather is kinda different from the heat we encounter in Europe. It's not suffocating like in some countries I've been to. x_x It's actually a pretty nice weather. I'm sure I'll miss it when I move. XD

Un~, I see. Really different from what I thought, then.
Oh, that's okay. XD
1st-May-2009 05:46 am (UTC)
Aaaahhhhh, yeah, your stuffed pockets ... they annoyed me in the past, when I forgot to empty them before washing ...

Hehehe, typically YOU: tiny sheets of paper with tiny tiny scribblings on it, your desk was full of these ...

*sighs* memories coming up ...
1st-May-2009 10:17 am (UTC)
Heheheh, ye~~ah... XD There always were things in them. Stones.............. leaves........... xD~ and so on.

Kehe... I don't use these kind tiny pieces of paper anymore (I know why XD), and the writing on those I use now is remotely bigger. ... Somewhat XD

Ah yes...
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