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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Baseball aftereffects 
1st-May-2009 12:19 pm

I got up an hour ago or so... ahh, today's an off day, that's why. It comes in terrifically convenient.

When I woke up and stretched, blinking into the sunlit room, I noticed the hint of a new muscular string on my lower arms. *laughs* I went like "ohhhh... x3333", and pulled my arms in close again. To notice that my baseball muscles indeed are coming back... already after the second training. Maaaaaaaaah! ドキドキ Biceps ahoi *laughs*

Yesterday's Practice
Yesterday was a lot of fun. This time, it weren't just 雪, me, and four guys, no, we actually were 13 people there, four of us girls. That was some change. While doing the warming up, Coach Christian introduced us (curious looks from all sides, especially from an... Asian girl (萌え) and a tall, blonde guy. Ah, of course he only introduced us (and confused our names) but didn't introduce all the others. ... Not that I would have kept all the names ... xD

Well, since we were that many, 雪 and me paired up for the throwing practice. Hehe... she's too hmm... *insert adjective* to really listen to what you tell her when she's doing something wrong. Because you'd have to shout it across the distance, 恥ずかしがるなー。

After that, my long awaited batting practice. Hey, I haven't been doing that for about five years now, if not more, and I just love it ri~ght... and then they start with Banding practice (is it called that in English?) Something we, my team I mean, used to practice very little... as you don't really 'Band' in Junior Teams.

For the batting practice in and around the cage, we made groups of three. There wasn't enough space around the cage, so the group I was in, and the other group with the Asian girl, went to another net.

It was the typical situation... The guy who tossed me the balls didn't know what to expect from me when it was my turn... for one, I took the heavy bat instead of the 'recommended' lighter one. Ts... I always used the heavy ones. The light ones are just too... light? XD Yosh. I just love their faces, when I - as usual - don't hit the first five balls or so [The guy said "Hmm, the balls are too big for you, aren't they?" and I said "Yepp xD" ... which is true. They actually play Softball - I never liked those balls. -_-'], this slightly amused glint in their eyes, and then oh hoe, suddenly I hit them like WHUMMMMMP-PING-ZOOOOON. ... Hehehehehehe...

... He actually told me there's a half Japanese girl on their team, even though she hasn't come to practice for a while now.
I'm STAYING!!!! hahahaha...

The Asian girl - one to be mistaken for a guy quite easily btw - was one of that sort to not really talk with people. She kept quiet most of the time, so you didn't really know how good her German actually was. When she and the guy from her group made a little break, while I kept swinging and hitting the babies, they talked about things, though... China, I think. I didn't really listen. I just smiled at her most of the time whenever we had eyecontact.

Surprise surprise...

It was our groups' turn to go to the cage for live pitching, and after a while of watching, I went to stand behind the Catcher (outside of the cage of course にひひ) to watch the way Mike pitched. I'm not used to Softball pitching at all, neee (°A°;)∫
And suddenly, that girl came over. And started a talk. *laughs* That was unexpected. She's studying at my uni, actually. Philosophy, Archeology and Chinese Literature. Not bad not bad... So yeah, she's Chinese.
I told her I was studying Japanology... so it's a bit 'close' to hers にひひ And she went like "oohhhh O__O reallllly?" *laughs* "Can you speak the language then?" "Uhmmm well... more or less XD ... I can write Kanji though!" ... Gods, that was like "I carried a watermelon! =D"
She then said, that she can only read a couple... so I guess she's been raised here, I didn't ask more. It was my turn for the live pitching.

... I was slightly nn... not nervous, not tensed up, but very curious about how I'd do. Five years, sheesh, and then softball pitching at that...

... I wasn't that bad. *laughs* I hit almost all the balls that were in the strike zone [Apart from that one I thought was foul, I didn't even swing... and Coach Christian just grinned, then laughed a bit and went like ".....Strike... mwahahah..." and I went like "O_O Eh???? ... >_< *pout*... *grin*"], and at least one of them was a beautiful PING-sounded hit in direction second base. *sways*
All that even though my hands hurt from the typical beginner's blisters and skinned parts on my thumbs. I really need my batting glove(s). (>、<;)My right thumb looks horrid にひひ

After me, there still were some people who hadn't been batting yet, though it was already about 8:30 (training is ~8pm xD) I didn't mind... and when Chris asked whether there was anyone who'd want to do some more throwing while waiting, I went like "*hand up high* ME!!!! MEHH!" *laughs* However, simultaneously, the tall blonde guy, and Mike(?) had also picked up their gloves.

Me: ... Meh, battle for it.
*blonde guy pairing up with Chris*
Mike: Hey no, it's fine, if you want to throw, I'd like to~
Me: =D

I'm not totally sure whether he's the pitcher Mike or another guy, I just know he's one of the four from last time, and that guy throws fast. He's really good. *grin* So throwing nicely with him was just... nice? *laughs* I threw so much better than during the warming up. Lovely throws. So we threw, and threw and kept throwing even when the others had stopped already... hahaha...

Have I mentioned that I love baseball? ラブラブ[Ignoring that it's more softball than baseball... xD]


Edit... ドクロさんはペタを返しちゃったの?アハハハ…ありがとうね。At least he knows who I am. *笑* "Ohhh right... she's on アメーバ too... ← the one to be prone to write over-sentimentalised comments to my entries..." ふふ〜(ハアト)
1st-May-2009 08:18 pm (UTC)
Sounds like fun:) I've never tried baseball, but managed to go to baseball game in Seattle, it was interesting^_^

Outori-chwan and muscles...hmm...XD
1st-May-2009 08:35 pm (UTC)
Baseball is the best sport 僕にとって evvverrrr...

... ん?想いが何?…







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