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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Trains and strikes don't go well together 
27th-Oct-2007 12:23 am
mao distorted

Fucking strikes... I never get to my classes in time anymore ... *hisses* I got up 'early' only to go to one class... Because I already got to know that there won't be any trains again between 7 and 11am... and the train that went was a little too late, so I travelled one and a half hours for nothing because I was all too late anyway.

Getting back was even more fucked up. There I stood at the station well before time, the train was supposed to leave at 2.04, and what do I behold... It's not going to go. So I checked what it said for the next train, at 2.24... Nope, that won't either. So I went back into the city, to some shops to conquer time ehhh I was so tired... (>_<)
I got back to the central station after half an hour or so, and tuh! The next train that would have brought me home, at 2.44, wasn't going either. So I waited at the station once more for the display panel to show the next one... at 3.05... ahaha. *grrr* Slowly slowly I got pissed. That one wasn't going either. Next possibility at 3.24, and so far, it didn't say whether it was going or not. Just like it had been with the one an hour before that.

So, again I left ... and came back at 3.10, to see that YAY, the train was there.



What did I see? Ehhhh... for the whole length of the train... People were... stuffed into it. It was full to bursting. Overspilling. Literally. At each door, there were about a handfull of people trying desperately to get into it. But no way... Because of COURSE people on the inside didn't care about those still having to get on the train. A la "Ohh I'm all set, lets go. What, others? *shrug* It's their problem, ne."


I mean, seriously. People tend to be all egoistic and bullish. There would be LOADS of more space if they just went in the corridors, there's always more space... but no, they have to cram up in the entrance areas. Where's the sense in that.

We got one to move a little, so he moved like... 50cms and a girl and me were able to press inside. Tuh! EVERYbody would have able to get on the train, if people just weren't that BULLISH! ARGH! "I have my place now. I'll stay. Tsuh." *growls at them*

So... I was a little pissed when I FINALLY got home, still tired, and hungry, pissed that going there, going home took me ... about 4 hours? So when I entered the house, I smelled some nice baked things... and I SO hoped it would come from our apartement. Then, as I opened the door... smelllllllll~~~~ Ahhhhh... good baked apple mmmmhhh... in rum... a... an apple bread! Oh yum. AND a carot cake... ohhh yum... Perfect.

I officially allowed myself to read/look at the new shoxx then... XD Or... go on looking. I had to stop before I got to SID *cough* I mean I... I sometimes just can't bare... it... Um anyway (^^;)

It was Aoi's time with the red corner. And grrmyself I didn't understand a lot at all but the thing understood had me the same way as his latest blogentry ... sudden shivers and slight twitches and... umm... nnghh. Lately, ne... Aoi didn't only change his outter appearance. o.Ó Ummm... *cough* *tries to distract self*

And マオ。。。ね。アノね。He and his Mr.ダル様 hehe.


Sheesh, seriously... I had my head on my arm on the keyboards and slept up until now... lucidly, for about ten minutes. Before I realized it I had my face down on my arms... it's just something that happens... completely lulled in... you don't really know what you're doing though of course you know. But some part of you just doesn't care. And then Malice Mizer lulled me in and woosh there I went.

I better post this XD

____888b___"'' _______(.)_______"''__.d888_______
27th-Oct-2007 01:46 pm (UTC)
*Wants to hear what Aoi posted in his blog. heh*
27th-Oct-2007 04:59 pm (UTC)
O_o You... don't.

You would lose every bit of ... ... ummm... conviction or ... ummm anything you'd thought of him rly. Óo
28th-Oct-2007 04:51 am (UTC)
Woah.. so is that.. bad or good? D:
28th-Oct-2007 02:06 pm (UTC)

Depends on how...depraved you want yourself to be... how dirty you want your mind to be and how much... influenced you want your mind to be, by... him

30th-Oct-2007 02:32 am (UTC)
I'm very curious now.. T.T
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