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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
ガゼット in Munich [Part 1/3] 
28th-Oct-2007 01:03 am
mao distorted
Before I went to bed, some time after the concert (a longlong time after it ... I guess it was about 5am) I was really tired, but thought I should probably write down some of my thoughts and impressions, before I went to bed.

I actually managed to only write a list of things before I collapsed. When I woke up... I stayed in bed and started writing. Not about the songs, what they played. If you want that, read normal reports. It's about them, me, my perception of them and my feelings and I'm not even sure I want to post this at all. >_>

24. October 2007

... I just woke up again. I feel good. Very very good. 「Slow Cold Rain...
Ruki's dances... right from the start. It's a little strange to see him dance and rap and let it all go, with your own eyes. His show on stage [eh? is that what "Bühnenshow" would be?] is amazing. Several times I was being reminded of Kyo... The way he stretches out his hand... the looks... even the robot-dance somewhere in the beginning.

When I breathe in deeply, I have to cough... *arching eyebrow* I don't think I've ever screamed so much, that way, before. They released so much, made us release so much... I was jumping so HIGH damn, and screamed, screamed feral screams I didn't know I could produce. Wow.

One time, Uruha got on the pedestal, after the encore, and stood there on one leg, the other angled and raised in the air O____o Holy my...

Yeah his legs... In the beginning I was only ever glancing over at him, not much looking directly and long, checking if I could get a glimpse of his legs. I mean, sorry but they're just friggin amazing, I was curious how they would look like live, in real life. But I couldn't really see them at all at first... he wasn't standing that much on the speaker, wasn't doing much that would reveal his thighs at all... Not before later XD Guess they had to warm themselves up a bit. He, Uruha, really let go, too.

Often after a song, they went to the back of the stage, backs to us, and staff started running around, giving them instruments, different microes...

Drain Yourself, Self, Self, Self...

I had the impression that there were some technical problems in the start. I think that the guitarsounds weren't perfect then, and it was hard to hear ルキ singing. They had that fixed, though. I also had the impression that they didn't feel all that well either... ルキ and ... Hmmm well because the staff frequently was there right next to or behind him, Ruki, hand on shoulder, talking to him.

Aaahh... at one point, or two, backs to us, Aoi and れいた were talking to each other for quite a while (^^) Often when they still had their backs turned, turned around, and people call out his name. He always smiled then. So lovable. [I wonder if he did that turning around on purpose... when no one else had turned around yet. He really did that... quite often heh.]

It's just so amazing... All their typical movements, those you always see in PVs, comments, DVDs... suddenly they're making them in front of you. Aoi's head-lean-back, whole-body-lean-back, the shaking of his head... [He sang along in Cassis, without a micro, just for himself. Such a beautiful song... ルキ did MC before it, saying that the next song would be Cassis (saying more than that XD) Everybody had screamed in anticipation when they still had their backs turned to us and Ruki was handed his guitar]. His smiles, the way he moves... Reita's firm stand, little smile. ... Very BROAD stand indeed XXD, nodding with his head with the rhythm, often looking down, then the glint whenever he lifted his head, his muscled arms...

Scream your self...

Oh, Aoi! During Linda, when he stood on the pedestal... his arms... oh sheesh... He wore sweatbands, not around the wrists but his arms and his forearms... the veins... the VEINS! Argh.

Actually it was funny to see... when he leaned back in that graceful, elastic, flexy, terrible sexy way *COUGH* I know I'm drifting away ummmm well when he was doing that... his head all back and down... um... his HAIR! HAHAHA! XD... Japs hairspray is just awesome. Because the hair on the sides of his face was all straight down, you know... well you know his hair ne. But when he leaned back... it was pointed... straight UP haha! Defy the gravity haha... ... Mmmmm and such a beautiful long neck.

Ruki's moles were visible. Under his eye and the one on his chin. Lovely. [yapp my fetish XD] Sweat glistening... on his face, his neck, his chest... Hmmm and he was frowning a lot. Not in the way you frown when you're annoyed or wonder... he didn't frown vertically, just horizontical. As in, lifting both eyebrows at the same time.
Sheesh, his lips are so red. Without lipgloss, lipstick. So red and full and... uh his tongue. Even when he DIDN'T lick anything, he stuck it out at times, ne, licking the corner of his mouth... Mmm...

Unstable Hobby

Oh ummm... their typical movements. I actually was still on that XD I drifted. *cough*

‘s way of moving his body from side to side, the way he holds and plays he guitar (nnng so much s e x... Held the head to his mouth he almost licked it... In Taion, Aoi did the whole holding up/sliding down... just like in the PV), the way he looked out over the people, his beautiful slim arms and hands... mole on his right I'm sure. I seem to remember that mole close to his thumb when I held it. He, like Ruki, reached out his hand to other people.
I didn't SEE everything all the time, I missed things, like... XD ^^ れいたs spinning for example.
s head movements. He leant back his head so often... when I could see his profile just perfectly, oh sheesh that neck. That adam's apple that NECK! s is so beautiful and long... the lines... oh umm... umm... Uruha. He *cough* didn't have his legs on the speaker so often in the beginning but ummm later he did. So much. So often. I was like X_____X" The WHITE! The smoothness! The muscle... the SHAPE! ちび says 'no bleamage whatsoever' but that wasn't true. He had a little scratch on the left thigh.

Mmmmm I really liked it when they had changed into the T-Shirts because... s legs weren't covered anymore XD. I liked those legthingies, not graters, but the ones he wore the ... whatever they're called. They weren't graters as such. The silver at the side. Lovely.

ルキs top, the silver stripe down the middle, lovely, his cross-necklace. れいたs hair, the spikes directed to the front... Really nice.

Yearn for liberty

I can't bear typing more just now... I don't know... *sigh* I don't know...

28th-Oct-2007 04:57 pm (UTC)

*My gods...breathes in and can visualize it all..with you. yeah..you have a way with words.*
30th-Oct-2007 06:09 am (UTC)
*gives you O2 to breathe"

Thank you _(_ _)_
30th-Oct-2007 02:39 am (UTC)
Yay. I was waiting for this as well. =D
Thanks for sharing so much. ^_^
And I'm glad you had fun.
Too bad with all the technical difficulties.
30th-Oct-2007 06:12 am (UTC)

Welcome~! ♡ The technical difficulties, if there were any (I do believe so xD) they covered up nicely (with their assesI MEAN backs XD) It was grand hehe. he. Hehe. ... ... ... X_X
30th-Oct-2007 07:01 pm (UTC)
*melts D:*
thanx for this ^^
30th-Oct-2007 07:39 pm (UTC)
XD You're welcome love.

The signing report is HERE, at least the first part, but there are links to the other 3 chapters (cough) xXD If you havn't read them yet.

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