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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
I think I found a new love. 
28th-May-2009 12:45 am
mao distorted
Ken Tanaka.


Just kidding there.

gazerockgirl sent me this rather awesome video on "How to learn Japanese without saying (hardly) a word" [posted later in this entry]. Priceless.

I then went off to find my own priceless Ken Tanaka videos.

This is what I found.

My stomach. Ahahahaha...

Okay there's a lot of truth in what that guy said, I think, but it's still amusing.
[A co-student is writing his hmm, I think his dissertation, about host clubs. Quite interesting. Not an easy job at all. *hats off*]
I shared with 7strange_voices, and this is what she found:

Asked? Pray, which word would she have used in Japanese? XDDDD~ And... asked? Mmh. Of course, well, I mean, domini&dominae, they can be extremely polite, can they not. *laughs* [I can laugh because... someone is currently absent 8D]

Here's one of those 'Speak Japanese' videos:


... Oh... my... Gods...
(yes they'd probably be with me on that one, and enjoy...)

I... like... blended out everything he said... that guy was like non-existent.

There was just one thought.

One word.

(or so)


Ohhmyy... *has one fit after the other* ... Seriously, YES!
Oh sheesh, don't be such a jerk, yuppie. GO IN AND HAVE FUN 8DD
5:40... *dies again* Oh lol, that guy is so not from the scene at all. "Hey dude, that's a guy?!" ... Ahahahah~~

Anyway. Hell. 10$ to get in? Lol.



I think I need to... go... to ... bed.
And whenever I'm lonely in Japan... 8D~
There surely must be some hostclubs that have cosplayers as hosts, yes?

... Not good. 8D'
28th-May-2009 08:09 pm (UTC)
なるほどね…Thank you.

Ri~ght. I'm pretty interested in that sort of business in general, really *not mentioning how she used to find it greatly unfair that there are just so many brothels for men, a long time ago already, like "but what about us... ;-: " and had 'ideas' to establish her own brothel for females (and gays 8D) ... or so.
And it's definitely not the same as it is over here. I mean, lol, most Western people do think that Geisha = prostitute. *sigh*

Anyway. Sure I'll find out myself XP …メービー. It's not like I have that much money to start with, but if I were invi~~~ted... 8D

And this cosplayer-hostclub-possibility definitely must be found out about. うん.

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