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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
"Oh my God I just have to tell you..." "Hnn, what?" "I... there... those babies...*in love*" 
30th-May-2009 11:02 pm
mao distorted

A couple of days ago, Rosie came to my door and asked me whether I got some spare time - she had something to tell me. Alright, sure, (actually I'm pretty busy with studying, but) shoot ~ *prays she's neither drunk nor will she talk for more than 20 minutes*


Rosie: Awww you know, today I went to this MarketY ... instead of the MarketX I usually go to for cat food... and well, that girl behind the cashier desk already knows me quite well, and she knows about how Charlie [The 13 year old Persian] isn't eating well, and how Lily♂ [9 months old domestic/Main Coon breed] seems to be bored because the old gentleman isn't playing so much with 'her'...
Me: *nodnod*
Rosie: ... well... and then this girl tells me how her family's Main Coon had just littered... and... *teary eyes* aww... what have I done what have I done... *even tearier*
Me: *somewhat askew grin* Yea~h...?
Rosie: Well she showed me some pictures ... they're just soooo gorgeous, and aww, that little girl! And... and ... aww, they're so tiny and... and... *flails*
Me: *huge grin* Mmhmmm~?
Rosie: And... and... *tears of joy* Well it's MAIN COON! *tears* Main Coon, I tell you...
Me: *chuckles slightly, waiting for her to finish*
Rosie: I... I think... *turns away and runs in a little circle on my doorstep* I think... *whimper*... I think I'm gonna get that little girl........
Me: *chuckle* Yappari~
Rosie: *sigh* Well... What... what do you think? Is it wrong?
Me: Hmm, well, so it's gonna be three again, and then in a bit, four, five ... six.. *grinning*
Rosie: *flails with arms* NONONO! No~~~, I can't afford more than three! I won't have more than three!

So there was that. The next evening, she came to talk to me again.

Rosie: OH MY GOD......... *turns around self a couple of times on my doorstep*
Me: Yea~h? What happened? *puts papers down and grins at her*
Rosie: Ohhhh *groan* I... I... I went... *stops, stares at me, puts a hand against her forehead and turns in another circle*
Me: *watches amused*
Rosie: I... *teary eyed again* ... I went to see them! *catlover-when-meeting-baby-cats-Phase* They're so cute, so~~~~~ sweet and... *flails* *tears of even greater joy than the day before* ... and yeah... we'll... I'll... I'll definitely... *stops and looks at me*
Me: *smiles* Yes~~?
Rosie: ......... I... *quiet, continuing in a voice almost like a scolded child* I'm going to get that little girl.
Me: You are, hm~? x3
Rosie: Yah, uhm well... it's just such a dear little creature... and it's red! [she loves red fur] ... and Main Coon! [one of her dream breeds] And a female, a girl at that, I so had wanted a girl... and it's said that girls are even cuddlier... and... awww... *suddenly looking at me* Hmm, but you know what...
Me: Hm, what is it?
Rosie: *sigh* Well the thing you said yesterday about three, then four... and so on~
Me: Ye~ah, what about it?
Rosie: *si~gh* Well ... you know, there were three little babies in that litter. One of them already had a family to go to, then the little girl... but she's got a brother, and their human mom wanted me to have her brother too, as there was no one who was going to take care of him and... but...
Me: *waits*
Rosie: Argh... *pulls at her hair and turns in a new circle* I just can't do that... or, what do you think? It would be too much for Charlie, wouldn't it?
Me: Hmmm, probably......?
Rosie: Ahh, *exuberant* I can't afford four cats anyway!
Me: *thinking of all the times she lamented on how the cats practically were 'eating her out of house and home', when she'd spend more money on the cats than on herself* Yeah, I'm with you on that... *nodnod*
Rosie: Really? You think so too, don't you? Ah, can't afford, can't afford! *turns in yet another circle*

Ahhh... *takes a deep breath* She's got such a fiery character. *laughs* So very opposite me.

Long dialogues (or so...) short, we might get another baby. Oh, how exciting. My room will be declared to 'prohibited area' for a couple of weeks then (again). *laughs* This will be fun.

Rosie even said something like "Ehehehe, and when I'm out for work, they'll all pester you~~~ ♪"... Tch xD At least they tend to listen to me. Hehe.


Oh, is it that late already?

There was this little incident at Uni on Wednesday morning. Wednesday is the only day I'm starting most early at 8~ish, so it happens that I'm in a slight daze. One that can make me forget what time of the day it is, but usually I do remember quite well that it is morning. After all, I had to get up two hours earlier than usual. I don't forget these kinds of things XD

Anyway, after class, Irene and me had planned to pay the canteen a visit... We had only about an hour time, so we rushed through the corridors, as we met one of our 先生s on the way. "Ahhh ~ konnichi wa ;3", I lilted. And there, 高橋先生 smiled at me, and replied with all his Japanese conviction "Ah~~ konban wa!"

...Eh, what? 'Good evening?'... Dear 高橋先生, I doubt that it was anywhere close to evening yet. *laughs* Irene and me were amused. To great extent.


On Thursday, there was training ~ I hadn't been to training for two weeks now, the first week it was my birthday, and the following week, thursday was a holiday. (>_<)
Mah, 雪 didn't come with me this time. She had just gotten the keys for her new apartment, and, as far as I know, wanted to organize some stuff concerning it.

Training was good, great actually. The Chinese girl was there again... it's quite funny how she seems to have taken a shine on me so quickly. When she arrived, I just grinned and waved my hand at her. You know, the 'Japanese/Asian school girl' type of waving.
Maybe it's like "OY! She can speak my (body) language 8D" ahahah... I'm one of those exceptions she actually talks to. Or maybe, I'm one of those exceptions that actually talk to her. She's of a very silent character. *laughs* Oh well.

And training wasn't without pain this time, either. I wisely tried to stop a couple of bat balls with my left ankle instead of my glove so... 8D when I 'unwrapped' my foot after training, there was this huge, swollen, purple... thing. *laughs* And pieces of that very rough sand had gotten into one of my shoes and had skinned a rather big part of my heel. Ouch. It was ever so slightly painful ... which was the reason for why I wasn't quite as eager to sprint for flyballs anymore in the last half an hour or so ... and was glad to not yet have seen what my heel looked like actually. (-_-') I probably would have moved far less.

Well, I hope my heel's going to heal until next thursday. うん.

Just when I had packed my things to leave the place, it started raining. It made me smile. The temperature had been about 16°C (enough for me) for most of the evening, I was all warmed up and the rain, too, felt rather warm. Big, soft drops ... all the way from the field to the subway. I suddenly was glad that I came alone. I don't think I would have been able to solely concentrate on the rain if I hadn't been. Just the rain, and the music. And me. ♥


Even that man's twitters are great. Who wonders, really.

May 28th: Dear scientists, please invent a cellphone that comes when it is called. I want to shout and have lost magically phones fly into my hand.

Ahahaha... too true. I guess, Kaikun wouldn't object to this future invention either...

May 13th: I don't like being awake at 5.36 am even more than I didn't like it at 4:36. The latter still held the slim possibility of further sleep.

Well. Somehow, I know this situation all too well. *quickly reassures self that she still has plenty of time before she has to go to bed* ... Phew. 0:13 only~

May 14th: Discovered that the problems with the very slow internet earlier today was due to a colony of ants nesting in the new router. Surreal & true

... just ... lol? (Might have mentioned this one before, actually) That's not exactly what I would expect to be one of the 'common reasons' for slowed down internet. *chuckle*

Just that thursday I actually started to read Mr Gaiman's Fragile Things. There was a paragraph in his introduction that I found rather... beautiful.

As I write this now, it occurs to me that the peculiarity of most things we think of as fragile is how tough they truly are. There were tricks we did with eggs, as children, to show how very strong they really were, tiny load-bearing marble halls; while the beat of the wings of a butterfly in the right place, we are told, can create a hurricane across an ocean. Hearts may break, but hearts are the toughest of muscles able to pump for a lifetime seventy times a minute, and scarcely falter along the way. Even dreams, the most delicate and intangible of things, can prove remarkably difficult to kill.

Firstly, I had to think of what orange_coconuts uses to tell me. Titanium.
Secondly... the fascination with 蝶々...
Thirdly. 70? Ow, let me think of some certain things, it will go +50% easily. (^//^')
And last but not least... Dreams. Yes. ♥

Thank you.

Just remembered I might want to mention this here: I ~might~ meet up with my best friend tomorrow. (^ω^) I think the last time I've seen her was some time last autumn. So far she hasn't cancelled our date, hehe, no, she even replied to my message, saying that it's still fixed.
Maybe I'll meet her mystical boyfriend this time. She mentioned his name the first time last summer when we had our first 'ice-date' [lots of talking about マオ for some reason ahaha (照)]. I've never heard the name Alex dropping from her lips ever before, and suddenly his existence was like a natural law. キャハハ… Well, we'll see. No Jrocker talk when he's there though, I'm pretty sure. 壁(つ>\\<)壁

31st-May-2009 06:24 am (UTC)
Would you like to tell Rosie, that there's another Maine Coone cat (silver/white fur she has) pregnant at the moment, and the only claimant for a baby at the moment would be me???

So, ya see, there's no problem to enlarge her zoo up to 4 or 5, and the possibility to really have a female one this time increases by minimum 50%. I know that she has some problems in really differentiate between male and female (look at the paws, if you can't see the little balls, GOSH!!)

Hm. Could it be that Rosie is sort of Cat-Messie or what??? *sighs*
Poor Charlie, anyway. I don't think he can bear another baby-cat.

Next topic: Neil Gaiman
Aaaawwwwwwwww what a wonderful Neil-typical introduction. His way of giving words a vivid picture, oh how I love that *sighs even more*, fuck, reminds me of the book you left for me to read and I haven't started yet, as usual, me being a bit afraid of starting coz that's like a spur of Cocaine lying there, waiting, for a former drug-addict, who's afraid of what will be happening and that he can't stop reading once turning the first page coz diving into the NG-universe is fascinating and troubling and hurting and stirring and so much more ... and the worst thing is that there IS a last page, you never want to reach once you started reading...

Oh honey, I hope your feet will heel and you can wear that gorgeous green shoes again!

Topic 4: Katharina (?!)
I guess you mean her, do you? But it can only be K., as she's the one cancelling dates or usually being late hehehehehe
31st-May-2009 05:30 pm (UTC)
Sheesh, no, she really won't be able to afford another cat.

Well Charlie felt so much better ever after Lily came here (and Beluga died, actually), he's really at ease, despite Lily being such a wild thing, actually~~ But we'll see.


He's fantastic. My uncle of choice. (etc). Full-stop.

Oh yeah, pray it'll heal enough. Looking better already though, so I guess it will.

Surrre, there's only one Katharina, and she's my bestest friend. :3
I did enjoy grea~~tly. It was wonderful (^ω^)
1st-Jun-2009 06:24 am (UTC)
Sure, Charlie felt better coz he lost Beluga. But if there's another little wild thing, the two little wild things will play together and will more or less ignore that "old fart" in the corner, I guess.

Heel must heal, yepp.
Ah, I could go crazy about Screw's "Heel" - makes me jump and scream and headbang ...

Don't know what a Messie is? Somebody who collects things, can't throw anything away till the apartment is stuffed til the rim ...
(Granny could be sort of book-messie, hehe)
1st-Jun-2009 10:03 am (UTC)
Well, we'll see about that.
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