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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Trips around lakes with Dr House ... or something close. 
9th-Jun-2009 10:36 am
mao distorted
Ri~ght. Had wanted to update long ago, actually, however unfortunately, I didn't make it. As anybody can see.

Well, first of all I'd like to kick someone softly for updating their profile picture and giving me a slight electrifying shock right to the core of my heart this morning.
I mean, HELLO?! Must that man bring that teasing appealling curve of his lips to perfection? Isn't it enough already the way it was? ε-(;-ω-`A) フゥ… はぁ…
I ought better not to mention that the picture he actually used as profile pic was already known to me, and how I still stared for longer than was necessary. Probably.

Well, right.


I think I'll start backwards - or so.

Or, as one of my co-students put it 'rather, having some nice time on the trains together'

On Satyrday, a 16 of us japanologists gathered at the central station to set off to go hiking around the Eibsee, a lake close to the mountains. I would have seen our highest mountain, if there hadn't been all those clouds *laughs* [Edit: wow. I said 'our'.]

Irenechan came late, as she always does when it's about things that have a certain point of time of leaving, or starting, like trains or films on the cinema. The looks I cast left and right while we were waiting accumulated.
She arrived at some time though, so everything was fine. Indeed everything, as slightly horrifying Schulz先生-Prof wasn't taking part - against expectations. Instead, there was Döll先生, one of my two favourite profs/lecturers. With him another guy that seemed to be around his age (say, end of 20ies, beginning 30ies), whom Irene and me both called Dr House as he looked just like a younger version of Gregory. Even the way he walked [well, imagine a Dr House without pain], his observing gaze, the amusement and slight stuck-upness in the back of his eyes... Right, he was interesting. [And we kept pondering the whole trip what Dr House's first and second names were... I was close to calling my phone-joker, known by the name as 'mom']

The whole hiking tour was rather interesting, too.

As Irene and me are something like exemplary students [実は, we just pretend to be 8D], we sat brooding over Kanjilists the ca 2 hours of going there. *laughs* Well of course we eavesdropped on everyone's conversations. Amusing.
As was the whole trip going there. We always had reasons to laugh, I don't even remember them in particular. *laughs*
Also amusing: to watch Irene frolic over everything edible outside the train windows, things that looked like mushrooms, elder, or wild garlic. *laugh*

Anyway, when we arrived at the lake, we noticed it was somewhat cool... there had been plans of having picnic and/or swimming in the lake after one round around it but... bye bye swimming plans.

Right. This is in the middle of nowhere, by the way. And I never saw any Japanese there. Strangely. oO'
The girl on the left is one of our group btw.

I really ought to have checked the weather... I mean, I don't have any problems with cool weather, the way I was, with my skirt and t-shirt, right... but...

... when it suddenly started down lashing when we were about half way... 8D~

We hoped that the weather would be one of these 'mountain-weathers', changing quickly, but in the end... it just kept lashing down more and more. *sneeze* There you go.
At least I had brought my umbrella, else I would have been drenched. And probably rather gravely sick.
... Some of us got drenched though. Dr House for example. *laughs*

You would have been able to see more mountains if it hadn't been for the clouds *laugh*

Remember that red haired girl from the first pic? Well, Irene and me had the pleasure to walk close to them for a while... something about that girl is just extremely loud. Not only her voice, her whole being... so when we 'shook' her and her friends off, suddenly it went so quiet around us... It's funny, Irene and me often think alike *laughs* We both went "Ahhhhhh *content sigh*" at the same time ahahahaha... And she always looked for food. That is, mushrooms. And the longer we walked (and the hungrier some of us might have gotten), the more we talked about food (°A°;) We always end up talking about food, and she ends up reprimanding me for not being a connoisseur of the Japanese kitchen. *laughs*

When we all found each other again after the round trip, standing like chickens under a small 雨除け (love that word), we decided that about seven of us would stay for a bite to eat/get dry at a restaurant close by, and the rest of us would go home. Irene, the sensei, Dr House, I, and three others whose names I don't know, stayed.

One of the waiters brought me a towel as soon as he saw me *laughs* How cute. The only thing wet about me were my -granted, bare- arms, and a bit of my skirt, though... And my shoes.
We had some interesting talk with Döll先生. He loves animals just as I do... We [= him, Irene, me] talked about all possible things. Moose in the middle of someone's garden. Cockroaches in 名古屋. Spiders above one's bed. The coolness of spiders. Not being able to differentiate between tapirs and vampires when a kid (he nearly exploded from laughter). Hippos being rhinos. A discussion whether zoos are bad or good things. The coolness about sharks and the lesser coolness about them being close to one which I still thought being a coolness. Deadly jellyfish in Australia. And so on. ♥ {Though... I do wonder now that we know each other slightly better than before, he'll expect me to be 200% more ... sedulous in class... o-0"]

To Irene's after Hiking.

Going back was about as much fun as going there, even though it was much quieter (or maybe that's why), and we all were slightly 疲れた. Not as much from the walking (or rather, running xD) as we were from the rain, really. Not in the spirits to brood over kanjis, Irene produced her Nintendo DS and I borrowed it for trying out the Kanji learning program she had on it [Noticed the slight trace of irony? xD]. Without understanding the instructions. *laughs* Well to me the fun part is in finding out on my own how things work.

... Just at some point, while doing a game I still had not quite grasped, and randomly failed, suddenly my sensei stood behind me and gazed at the screen.

I went like "EEHHHH!!?????" when I noticed, whirling around and protecting the screen from his looks, while he cruelly said "Batttsuu *kehehehe*" before the Nintendo did so.*sigh* ... orz

Anyway, Irene had planned to make ginger tea for us, to fight against our running noses, so we went to a super market close to her home - by chance the one Rosie works at. And, by change, both her and her son were behind the express cashier desks that day. So that would have been the first time that I've been to 'her store', and the first time I saw her in action at work. *laughs* She herself was so irritated [or rather... diverted.] at seeing me there though, she forgot to give Irene her change and we had to wait until she'd cashed up the customer after us. *laughs*

Home to her place then - had never been there before, either. It's cute. She still has little Post-Its with the Japanese names attached to all kinds of things.

Ginger tea... aaaaaaaahhh... with real ginger. So great. Talked the whole time about this and that (... and food...) while she prepared our katsudon and sakuramochi. With bean paste that had started to taste 'funny' already and made her giggle to no ends, something that's meaning I couldn't quite grasp at the moment, not even after I tasted the beanpaste myself... however... after enjoying the whole funniness of the taste, it suddenly started to get funny for me, too 8D. ... Needed about an hour all in all for the food. *laughs*

Watched Pan's Labyrinth then ~ lovely movie. ♥

When I got home, it turned 1:11. *laughs*

まぁ〜 So much about that Saturday. Want to update about a couple of random things later, too. Maybe I'll make it kaha... Gotta leave now though.


あっ、ちなみに。昨日間違ったごめんね!(>_<;)まちゎん〜許してね…? 許させたいから許してあげてくれ〜〜〜〜〜許してくれませんか?*ダーリ*
9th-Jun-2009 01:42 pm (UTC)
Awww, it seems to me you had lovely Saturday:D

Hehe, I so understand what you meant about 'loud' girl. Have friend who's exactly the same. She's nice and interesting and funny, but she's LOUD in every aspect ^^;

Ginger tea... mmmmmmm :)~~~
9th-Jun-2009 03:57 pm (UTC)
I did =D
It's amazing how much a Saturday can turn into when I happen to NOT work....... as is usual 嗚呼

Haha... well I'm a very quiet person... and Irene also finds tranquility rather precious, so ... out in the nature it was better with less human loudness.^w^

Mmmmmhmmmmmmmmmm~~~~~ :3
9th-Jun-2009 03:38 pm (UTC)
Huuuuuhhh, thx for making me your phone-joker, hehehe ...

I guess I never was at the Eibsee. Or at keast, I can't remember. Poor guys - such a fucking weather on Saturday, what a pity!

I washed + polished my car on Saturday. Took me 7 hours all in all, and I said, I would never again leave the garage when the weather is NOT bright sunshine ... well, Monday morning it rained. Bye-bye, glimmering blinking nearly-new-looking Dodge ...

Oh, back to your entry, sorry.
Sounds great, your trip, the conversation you had about zoos and mushrooms and rain and Rosie in the supermarket, oh it would have been fun to be with you, HAI!!
9th-Jun-2009 03:58 pm (UTC)
Hahaha, well I didn't call you in the end... but do you happen to know his other name? It's some rather unusual name as far as I know...

It's a beautiful lake. Looks like Malediven... when there's sunshine xD

It was fun indeed ^___^
10th-Jun-2009 04:37 am (UTC)
Dr. Gregory House / Hugh Laurie
That's all I know, no other names.

So please think it over before you choose me as your phone joker, hehe ...
10th-Jun-2009 05:25 am (UTC)
Mah, well at that time, we didn't even know Gregory. I had been thinking of 'George' though. And yet, we thought there was some other one... Some extraordinary name. Irene thought, maybe Philenius or something of that kind xD
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