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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[mem] Personality Disorders 
13th-Jun-2009 03:59 pm
Found this on jadako's a while ago~ にゃん〜...ahright.therestillwasthisthingInevertoldyouxD... Notthatitwasimportantinthefirstplace.


-- Personality Disorder Test --
-- Personality Disorder Information --

I like that 'moderate' color...

Hehhh? This test didn't believe me ... I didn't lie, though. I just read the questions over-carefully. There always was something about them that did not have me click the yes or no that might have led to a more... higher... result... thing. ah, you know what I mean.

Oh lol → "Do you lie often?" Hmmm... Only if this is called lying:

Person X: *stern* Did you drink my last fanta? -____-
Me: 8D NO!!! *beaming brightly in an attempt to blind X*
Person X: *cold facts* You're blushing.
Me: I'M NOT! 8DDDDD~ *totally doing so*
Person X: Uhuh... Well. *coming closer, staring at me with a dangerous flicker in the back of X's eyes*
Me: O.o' Wh...at...? O\\O
Person X: Hmmmm...
Me: ... *shuffles feet, heart beating harder* Uhm...?
Person X: *scrutinizes me with a hot gaze*
Me: *tries to hold back a little whimper*
Person X: Hmmm... *suddenly leans in and kisses me*
Me: O/////////O *toowarmtoowarmtoowarm*
Person X: *leans back, licks lips and grins self-satisfied*
Me: *insecure for some reason* Uh... o//O
Person X: *self-satisfied grin growing wider, one eyebrow twitches*
Me: .... *on the border of imploding from not knowing what he's all about* Wh...what?!?
Person X: ... You ...
Me: .... Hnnn? *soft whimper as I stare into X's eyes*
Person X: ... You... taste like Fanta.
Person X: あはーん!

... Er, yah. *cough* So. Uhm. Where was I?
Oh right. So only if this is called lying, then I might be... lying... a bit... ^ ^'' allonpurpose 8D

However, I do seem to read those questions too critical after all. 'Do you often, do you frequently, do you find yourself recurrently in ... situations, ...' Hmmmm but what if it's only 'sometimes', and what if I see situations described in their completion and consider reasons for why it could or could not be so and... ah, do I make sense? At least I know what it is I'm talking about... -.O

... One thing I find worth mentioning ...

Lol... Uhmm... y/y? 8D
I mean, when it's about certain issues, a hundred thousand times 'yes' might be sufficient ... only.

Hay wait... I guess I'll take the quiz again, and this time tick the other regardless of there being an 'often' when, to me, it is only a 'sometimes'-occasion.



Second results, by disregarding the fine-tune of the questions.


-- Personality Disorder Test --
-- Personality Disorder Information --

Did I say something about liking that colour?

Ahahah... Hey I know I'm なるしすこ, right *chuckles*

So yeah, I did do the exaggerating bit in this round.
Mix both results, and you might get something closer to reality. *laughs* But hey, I find it interesting how one LOW went allll the way to HIGH ahahahahha...

Should I comment on all of them? Well if it's about those I scored higher in the first (more natural) round, just take a look at what Obsessive-Compulsive is supposed to be... I don't really fit into any of those categories. I do not need excessive discipline (err...), I am NOT very orderly, I'm very flexible (*cough*), ... er, generous? I am ~Not~ hyper-focused on any rules at all (I tend to want to break them, rather), and I am not really devoted to any kind of work (except the one I love doing) ... So erm, what have I been talking about really these last couple of lines? XD I do wonder.

Schizotypical, well yeah, that's more me there, though just in splinters.

Histrionic? I do not particularly use to be in the center of people's attention (though I really don't mind if I happen to be *kee~*), about the provocative dressing, un, I used to, Shallow emotions just WHO do you think you're trying to be kiddin' here? My emotions are everything but fucking shallow. Lol. [Ever seen Saw... IV, I believe, when the main-character [the so-called 'evil' one. Anti-hero.] is dying? There is this thing he says about his assistant and her emotions. I suddenly felt very sympathetic for her.] Then... I do not exaggerate friendships at all. I might get dramatic in speech (or writing, rather), and I'm not easily influenced (unless you're certain people)

Right, with that I'm off. 漢字〜ハアト …(this is called positive thinking btw XD)
13th-Jun-2009 04:23 pm (UTC)
Huh, well. I suppose it's a good(?) thing you found this before I made a bunch of old entries private. Right. 8D *sways*

Lmao I think I ought to take this test again, though. Usually I go like "uhhhh how many questions are there still left just tell me if I'm crazy or not alreadyyy *clicks in haze*" after a few minutes or so, and then end up getting the most misleading results. XD Five Very Highs? まったくもう... If there ever should be a single Very High, that would be Avoidant. >>

Hmmm... *looks around, catches a glimpse of a Fanta bottle lying on the floor, quickly snatches it up and runs away chuckling*
13th-Jun-2009 09:10 pm (UTC)
Ahahahah... nnhh you did ~ ? にゃ〜〜

Oh dear you. *laughs* Clicking in haze.../haste, eh? xDDDDDD I can... imagine... it's an interesting image. And well, you could just randomly click anything, their quiz' filter will get you some random result, ne~ They just filtered answers that matched their stereotypes.
Avoidant? ... You? Out of all there is? Oh, why avoidant... Why ever... 分からーん…

OOOOoooooohhhwahtareyoudoingwiththatFanta? O___O" It's.. it's evidence!!!!! If he ever finds it, I'm I'm I'm... I'm DONE IN! *distresssssss* I... arghhhh... don't show him I got the Fanta!!!! *tears in eyes* DON'T!!!! *begs* Pleeeeease! *falls on the ground before you as you stand triumphant with bottle in hand* 頼む!!!!
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