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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[翻訳] D'espairs Ray - PARADOX 5 
18th-Jun-2009 12:59 am
This was a request somehow, for Tiger and Dragon. I actually had it up a while ago, but it was all still quite 'raw', so I finally adjusted it, and here we go.

I haven't yet crossposted it anywhere, not sure whether I actually will. I guess there are a lot of Despa translations floating around to start with~

Got the 漢字 from a friend, ローマ字 and translation done by me.


月へと昇る 懐かしさに満たされた源へ
絶えない愛 流れの中

全ての始まり の海で消える淡い記憶

月より降りて 大地雨となり降り注いで

体内へと 息衝いた
絶えない愛  痛みの中

絶えない愛 流れの中
再生へと 歩き出した
君だった... 無口な魂...


honoo ni tsutsumareta nemuru kimi wa tabidatta
haruka tooi yasuragi o motome...

tsuki he to noboru natsukashisa ni mitasareta minamoto he

taenai ai nagare no naka
kaihou to sukui he kaeru...

subete no hajimari no umi de kieru awai kioku
haruka nagai jouka no hate ni...

tsuki yori orite taichi iwau ame to nari furi sosoide

tainai he to ikidzuita
hajimari no muyoku na tamashii
taenai ai itami no naka
atarashii inochi he yadoru


taenai ai nagare no naka
kaihou to kibou ni afure
saisei he to arukidashita
kimi datta... muguchi na tamashii...


The sleeping you, who has been enwrapped by flames, has started out onto a journey
To seek the far off distant tranquility...

You ascend to the moon To the source that has been filled by what is being longed for
Inside the stream of unceasing Love
You return to liberation and salvation...

The faint remembrance vanishes in the sea of everything’s beginning
In the end of the far off and lengthy purification [1]

Descend from the moon and as you become earth-rain, pour down incessantly

Breathed deeply into the insides of your body
The unavaricious soul of the Beginning
Inside the pain of unceasing Love
You dwell to a new life

samsara… [2]

Inside the stream of unceasing Love
Overflowing from liberation and aspiration
You started walking towards reincarnation
It was you… reticent soul…



[1] The 'End' - rather than the ending of something (as opposed to beginning, it is more the 'Extremity'.
[2] Samsara, the cycle of life, being born, die, be reborn again. Check wikipedia for more.

What a wonderful song.

My translation archive can be found HERE
5th-Jul-2009 05:20 pm (UTC)
You're welcome~
Just not really what you would expect from Hizumi, or Despa in general. It's quite an unusual topic. Or well, maybe not the topic itself, but that much of east-'religious' content is rather rare.
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