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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
☆ Exam - Over ☆ 
19th-Jun-2009 04:39 pm
mao distorted

Finally, the Japanese exam for this semester is over and done with. ε=(‐ω‐;;)


I can't really say how it was hnn~ the text was much more difficult than any of the others before, as well as the questions to the text... and of course there was my usual guessing at some of the grammatical questions ( ̄△ ̄ゞ

Luckily I wasn't nervous ... even though I got that slight dizziness before we started. And that was not 村田先生のせい ww

I was pretty surprised at the 漢字 part though. There was only one out of 20 kanji I couldn't reproduce from the kana, but a couple of [for people who the exact number of blunders I made concerns......... 後で発表しまーす…もしかしたらw…ねーあぶーかなーwww] compounds that I wasn't able to read... or only remembered faintly. Usually, reproducing them is much more difficult than reading, so that it was the other way around was pretty interesting. *laughs* And he did not ask 責任. I don't quite know why I wanted them to prompt that word. ... There was none of our beloved セキs actually (°A°')

... and Alc

Anyway. Our (group of ca 6 gals) traditional sparkling wine after the exam made me sli~ghtly dizzy ... as... I had to help emptying the bottle before we'd enter the Italian restaurant kahahaha... At least I had had breakfast... Irene hadn't ORZ It was like...

Upon professionally opening the bottle
Juliane (it was hers): *takes second gulp* Ugh... that one doesn't taste ...
Me: Doesn't matter 8D It's alcohol~
Katharina: 8D Exa~ctly! *takes huge gulp and passes on*
Me: *takes normal sip, passes on*
Irene: XD .... Hm. *takes a sip, passes on*
Juliane: *eyes bottle* *takes sip* Bleh... uh... but ah well 8D *takes huge gulp*
Jessica: *not drinking with us this time* Why is it actually we're drinking? XD
Me: To celebrate it's over 8D
Katharina: Yeah!! We're like... drinking after the bad things, not before... *swallows*
Juliane: But after is before, isn't it... xD
Irene: *chuckle* *drinks*

after bottle had already circulated a couple of times between Juliane, Katharina, Irene and me;
about to leave the premises to go to said restaurant;
bottle half way emptied

Juliane: Gwe~~~~~~~n? ♫
Me: Nnnn? *just having mentioned to Irene how she already feels the alcohol's effect* *also having thought she shouldn't drink too much anymore*
Juliane: Won't you he~lp u~s? ♪
Me: :3 *occasionally bad at resisting pleas* Gi~ve~


So I bravely emptied the bottle. Until some yucky somethings swapped into my mouth *shudders* xDDD Someone said something about lime... I didn't know that wine could have lime in it oO' I thought it was part of the aluminum wrapping or something. I don't know... I just know that you're not supposed to be chewing wine 8D

Katharina disposed of the bottle then, and we went to said "restaurant".
Or well, couldn't really call it restaurant. It's cheap, in many aspects. Some of their food looks like ready food. Especially the pasta. Katharina had lasagne - it really looked like the one you get cheap at some supermarket. I get sick of that smell, really ... ugh. (At least I couldn't smell hers)
But well, I'm spoilt when it comes to lasagne. (*w*)

I just sat there and watched the others eat, as usual *laughs* ... And was being fed. Kay, joking. But I did get a bit of pizza from Juliane ... not really fed off the palm of her hand シクシク, but still. *laughs*

Mystery Suba

Huh, right, I just remembered. Yesterday morning, I saw Suba at the uni's subway station. I stayed inside the subway, as I needed to exit at the next station, but seeing him was, hmmm... in some way, I was relieved, knowing he was still alive. Listening to his iPod, lip-synching and moving his hands around that way, he seemed pretty much alive to me. I have no idea what happened. I haven't seen him online for a couple of weeks now. Maybe his internet connection failed... or maybe it was cancelled... or maybe he really kicked/blocked me. (O-o") Which would have been extremely childish, we didn't even have a fight or anything. I'm supposed to be one of the more important people to him, out of all the human race that he hates, and yet... you'd never know his reactions.

The last time I heard of him was two days before we were going to meet up at my place to watch Dr.Who together and eat pizza... had it planned out pretty nicely, just without a set time. Well, just that day I asked him to please bring along the DVD he had borrowed from me. It's one of those I got in Norway, and just happens to be one of my treasures - the first season of a comedy show. Knowing Norway, it might already be out of print.
Well, and he just happened to not know where that DVD was. Whether he'd actually taken it with him when he moved, or whether it's in 'some box somewhere'. ...

Ah, I didn't like that. So I told him that I Want It Back, no matter how, as it IS a rather important thing to me (people that have been highly important to me appeared at the show...), and if he lost it, he shall replace it.

Hn, that was one of the last things we talked about.
He hadn't been online anytime after that... And as we hadn't decided on a time yet, and that guy does not own a cell phone ... mah. Don't know. Well, he could have still logged on at college and sent me a mail or something but... hm.

So I just really don't know. But yeah. At least he's alive. If I ever happen to meet him like that again, I'll get off the train and say hi. Maybe he thinks I'm angry at him or anything, and that's why... He's extremely prone to think that people are angry with him, but on the other hand, he's the one to get blocked, not the blocker, and he's always been extremely clingy to me... Oh well. I'll know some day, I guess. Un. ε-(´・`) フー

Back Home

Well anyway... I went to that 'best bakery' I know of with Irene, got the keys to the store I have to work at tomorrow, and went home all happy, knowing that for today, there will be nothing, absolutely NOTHING that I will ~have~ to do. The rest of today's off. Un.

... And just as I got back and switched on my laptop, sinking down relaxedly in my chair... Internet fucked up 8D

*laughs* But as you can see, it's working again. After consulting some person on the other end of that to me already well-known line for over 20 minutes. If it hadn't, I would have been considerably moody by now *laughs*

Suprise surprise~
葉月 informed us yesterday that his vocal got a blog now, too. ... he also informed us about his new, supercute plush tigers and leopards... (萌) I uh... I was so erm... 'moved' that I left him a novel-like comment.... 8DDD Again. 888DDDDDDD

Anyway... Gods... When he first talked about that they finally settled on a bandname and all, mwah, I felt so happy for him. ( ̄▽ ̄*)
Couldn't quite express my happiness, but then somehow I could. *laughs*

So now that his "very very very good friend and loved bandmade" (nn... Knister? x333) got himself a blog, of course I went and applied as アメンバー 微笑

... And had to wonder whether that guy actually knows how to work アメーバ ... *laughs* He didn't only confirm my request and sent a thank-you mail, he applied for my amemba, too! AHAHAHAHHA... Oh well. That is interesting indeed. *laughs*



How fine... *smiles*
It's like we're holding the others in an embrace. 微笑

Ah, it's already evening~
Will go and do some things not obligatory. Yosh.
20th-Jun-2009 06:43 am (UTC)
It's good to read your entry.
First step done, congratulations!

So you had some kind of Prosecco *hehehe*
That's good, too!

Sad to learn about Suba. Very sad that he retrieves from you. He's feeling bad coz he can't find your DVD. Hm, that's no way how friends should act. I would be very pissed off if somebody doesn't take care about such precious things. VERY! I hope he finds it again and everything will be ok then!
20th-Jun-2009 03:25 pm (UTC)
Un, thank you~

Moeh, Rotkäppchen Rubin to be exact XD

Well, I don't know whether that actually happens, ne. Something else could have been up, too (You could randomly log on to msn in the afternoon/evening and see whether he's there. If, then he probably blocked me). I was just thinking about possibilities... don't know what really happened.
2nd-Jul-2009 02:09 pm (UTC)
I tried for some days now at MSN, never reached anybody. Suba was always off-line (like you, btw)
2nd-Jul-2009 06:46 pm (UTC)
Okay, thank you~

Yeah, I'm offline... always am, nowadays. Just get on around 10pm or so. ^ ^
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