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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Days full of adorabilities ♥ 
24th-Jun-2009 11:01 pm
mao passion
Hmmm there have been a couple of things lately that have been... sort of adorable, in one way or the other.
I'll start with the very first one...

Hahah... I guess I'm going to confess something here~

I can't quite understand how this total adorability had managed to escape my eyes, or respectively, my heart, for so very long... I know there must have been a time when I had seen it, and yet... just somehow... for all these years, it had escaped me ♥

Just how.

Can one man be so fucking adorable... ♥♥♥♥


I don't really know how it came over me, really... It happened as one link of a chain of happenings, one of the links probably being "Hey, you don't detest their music, there are a couple of songs you really like, some you actually love, so let's try out a bit more~" So that's what I did... got more songs...

And I guess at the same time, for some reason, I found that PV.


The first time I watched it, I must confess, I didn't really watch it. When it started, I kinda raised my eyebrows and thought something along the lines of "ugh... sorta techno-ized... don't really like... >.>"
For some reason, I watched it again, a day later or so.

Really watched it. Uhm. Hyde's movements... ♥ Okay, I gotta say, the first thing I ever saw of Hyde was "Hello", so the Hyde of my very first contact was the drop dead sexy Hyde, not the terribly adorable Hyde, you know~ I also had seen the films he's starring in at that time... plus that FAITH tour concert. So the idea of linking him to something adorable never really came over me. (despite his 'height', which already is an adorability in itself *laughs*)

Anyway. I got totally hooked on that song. I mean, hel~lo~, that dancing... And I love the way he sings his hey~hey~. It's addicting. So addicting, the song already has 50 plays or so on my itunes, and Larku's songs on my playlist have increased exponentially *laughs*

Well, the second 'adorable thing', it happened today.


At work... Most of the time was terribly boring. Hasn't been that boring for a long while... but I really just tried to not count down the minutes. Besides, there was hope of seeing people later, more or less seeing, and all, so time merely crawled... At one time though, I don't even know why I bothered, a dog was barking outside. The sound seemed to come from the other side of the street, and it seemed to have been a huge dog... so for some inexplicable reason, I got curious, and walked to the door.

Indeed, there was a huge black dog leashed to the wall next to the supermarket on the other side of the road, and well, what creature was he barking at lazily just when I got to the door? *laughs*

Well, a young Asian guy who had just parked his bicycle close to it... and his face, Gods how adorable. You know, he looked at the dog and his whole face and body went into "UWAAHH HOW CUTE, IT'S A DOG!!"-mood. *laughs* The dog was a giant. If it had stood raised up on its hindlegs, it would have been taller than the man. And yet, he seemed enrapt by the sight of it. Now, that is what I call adorable. It made me grin.

... Mew?
And then there was a third thing...

And this one is tiny, fluffy, has blue eyes, red fur, a white bib and white shoes.

Un... Rosie got the 9 week old kitty today...

It's ... deadly adorable.

It's ... one ball of fur. And so cute. I just saw her for maybe 10 minutes or so when I got back from work, but I'll definitely see to take pictures of her one of the next days. Such a cutie...

So now we've got a 13(I think) year old red Persian man, a 9 months old B/W house tiger, and a 9 weeks old red/white Main Coon kitty.

... Ri~ght~


And with that I'll be off again~
25th-Jun-2009 12:46 pm (UTC)
Well, I adore that little man. To the point of... uh, tattooing something heavily Hyde-influenced on my body ("heavily influenced" being an understatement), right. *laughs* So what I said yesterday night, about considering, was not that far-fetched... At times I feel like living in the world of "Memento", if you happen to know the movie. So far I've managed to resist the other urges and temptations of similar third party influenced tattoos. ...Except for this one thing I've already got planned and ready, which would have some not-so-clear シド/清春 references or so. Nothing like the previous one anyway. *flutters in the air* ... *shoots herself down* ... Ugh, lame wing jokes. *regains herself* How did I manage to stuff that into a comment about Hyde?

Uhhh. So, him. Guess it's needless to say that it makes me immensely happy to see people get into Hyde, or L'Arc, or VAMPS, or whatever he's ever been a part of (Moon Child? Bloodsucking Hyde? Huh yes plea~~~se). Laruku's got to be my favourite 'senpai' band, even though I haven't given them so much attention lately... they are on a little hiatus right now, anyway. Until their 20th Anniversary in 2011... ♥ (o///O) ...All of my Asian celebrity "crushes" seem to be VK-seniors these days. *giggles and clings to 先輩達* Hyde, Kiyoharu, Sugizo, Teru. Oh dear. (That'd be another reason for why I tend to shudder at young indies bands and be so fond シド, they're already halfway up there after all *shot*. wwww ...Though no, not really.) They usually are exceptionally charismatic and so, in comparison to younger and not yet that experienced バンドマン, anyway.

Right. I don't really know what the heck I'm blubbering about. Sleeping too much is definitely not good for me. *taps brain*


*restrains herself from booking a flight ticket to Munich right away* ... Want to see the kitten... Or even better, all of them. All five. Mewr.

Edited at 2009-06-25 12:51 pm (UTC)
25th-Jun-2009 10:12 pm (UTC)
Oh I see~ I love wing-tattoos... Nn, I love his, anyway, and many others I've seen *laughs* Or not seen, for that aspect, but still loving them 8D And to him, they just so fit... The first time I saw them (uhm... years ago... Shallow Sleep? Evergreen? ShootmeIdunremember) I just... smiled... that little angel. ♥
I do know the movie, and I did love that movie. Only ever seen it once, but I frantically scribbled everything down from it, just so I could understand it better... *laughs* Confusing films that amaze me sometimes make me do that... or just generally when they really make me think. Not many films can do that... David Lynch's for example can~ And I liked that idea. I do love tattoos anyway, too much I guess but... well. *soft sigh* I've ever wanted tattoos since I was a young teen (maybe even earlier), but I've always been conscious about that it would have to be something special, nothing that I'd ever get tired of, something that bears meaning... and so much more. Then, I wouldn't want anyone to be able to see... and all... hnnn... Some tattoos I could spent all day looking at. Touching. Kissing. ... Well as I said, I really love them, generally. Not all of course but.

Hnn, 'getting into' isn't quite right... more 'getting into again'. Hyde (solo) was one of my first J artists anyway so... *laughs* I think I got Faith and 666 back then... And oh did I love it. It's just that that music, next to the couple of songs I had of Laruku, were all linked to Ireland (because I listened to them a lot back then), special moments, or just the feeling itself, and listening to the songs later just brought it all back. Good things for the most part, but it were special feelings so I didn't want to wear them out... if you know what I mean.
And since I'm pretty overloaded with Jmusic from all sides, it just needed something to get me back to listen to them. Luckily there are so many Larukusongs I've never known so *laughs* nothing of that really is linked to anything special. apart from his voice

... Ahh these discussions of Gackt's and Hyde's voices with my ちび wwww~ 懐かしい… And of course, the movies :3 Knew MoonChild by heart to some parts, that time *laughs* *rrrr* That look Kei gives when Shou fights in that... whatever it was and... aaaaaaarrrrrr 萌... ... Right, that's old fandom-mementos *laughs*

Hnn, I've never grown up with either, the young or the old bands. It always was a mix, and I do love all the little quirks and whatnot the young bands sometimes have ♥ They do have something the 'old' ones don't have~ (and vice versa)
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