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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[翻訳] RENTRER EN SOI - 神話 
7th-Jul-2009 12:56 am
I haven't yet had this check out by any of my darlings yet, but as it does not not make sense to me, meaning, I seem to be more or less sure I'm at least somewhat right, I decided to post it after all.
If you happen to see this though, tonbo_no_arashi-love, and see some 見難い details or anything, do kick and shout please. ♥

I got the kanji lyrics from the booklet (The Bottom of Chaos). Romaji and translation are done by me, as usual.

Here goes ~



無力な現実 儚き真実

誘われてゆく  閉ざされた心の壁
罪にまみれた 彷徨う人々




禁断の果実 口にしていなければ








konna ni mo soba ni iru no ni anata ni tadori tsukenai

kisetsu wa meguri hana wo sakaseru
kono omoi wa doko ni mukaeba ii no?

haruka mukashi no uruwashiki rakuen no hate
muryoku na genjitsu hakanaki shinjitsu

sasowareteyuku tozasareta kokoro no kabe
tsumi ni mamireta samayou hitobito

kanjou wa kieteyuku utsuro na hibi ni
semete soba ni ite hoshikute

anata dake wa wakatte kureru darou ka
kokoro ga kowaresou

dakara nandomo kono ude de dakiyosetai no ni
doushite doushite hanareteshimau no

kindan no kajitsu kuchi ni shite inakereba
chigatta mirai wa tashikani koko ni atta no ka?

doredake gaman sureba ii no ka? doredake kurushimeba ii no ka?
doredake kodoku ni shizumeba ii no ka? doredake namida sureba ii?

hatenai oozora kegare wo shirazu
yasashiku yasashiku furisosoideiru

hitomi wo tojireba osanaki hi no kagayakashii shikisai ga yureteiru
konna ni mo soba ni iru no ni anata ni tadori tsukenai

kisetsu wa meguri hana wo sakaseru
kono omoi wa doko ni mukaeba ii no?

togireta kokoro wa kotae wo sagashi
itsushika namida ga afuretekuru

nandomo nandomo dakishimetai no ni
doushite doushite hanarete shimau no?

Myth [1]
Even though you are next to me like this, I cannot manage to reach you [2]

The seasons are circulating make the flowers bloom
Where should these sentiments go towards to?

The end of a beautiful paradise from long ago
A powerless reality an ephemeral truth

Going to tempt the walls of a locked up heart
Smeared by sins, people loiter about

Sentiments are going to fade away in the hollow everyday
At least, I want you to be by my side

I guess you're the only one who will understand [3]
My heart seems to break

So why, even though I want to embrace you with these arms many a time
Why do we end up being separated?

The forbidden fruit, if I hadn't tasted it
Would a different future certainly have existed here?

How much patience shall I muster? How much shall I suffer?
For how long shall I sink into solitude? For how long shall there be tears?

Without conveying the impurity of the unending firmament [4/5]
Gently, gently, it is pouring down

When I close my eyes, the brilliant colours of the immature days are swaying
Even though you are next to me like this, I cannot manage to reach you [see 2]

The seasons are circulating make the flowers bloom
Where should these sentiments go towards to?

My interrupted heart is looking for an answer
Before one knows, tears are going to overflow

Even though I want to hold you tight so many times over
Why, why do we happen to be separated


[1] The kanji for 'myth' originally mean 'tale of Gods'
[2] that barely reaching implies a sort of barely reaching after a heavy struggle, or much effort put into the process of getting there.
[3] Implying that the 'you' will do him a favor in understanding, as in 'endowing him the understanding'
[4]Convey in the sense of 'inform about'
[5] It could be any pronoun instead of the 'it'. What or who is conveying isn't clear. The way that there is no particle between the two nouns had made it slightly unclear to me how do deal with them - whether it is a sort of unending firmament-impurity, or two nouns (the firmament and the impurity). That way it could have been something like The unending firmament conveys the impurity [...]


What a song. What an... entity.

*posts and aims for the next ReS lyric*
11th-Jul-2009 06:11 am (UTC)
ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...

Am so much into ReS these times ...
only listen to ReS in my car (special CD, hehehe),
was looking for ReS pics and found some in Lovtrekvist's photobucket ...
yesterday I watched the 2nd DVD (hope you don't kill me now) as I can't remember if I ever watched a ReS PV (I guess, no!),
fell from the couch when I watched "A Prelude",
then I watched the "History" and found out that ReS was only once in Germany.
Only once in their whole band-lifetime:
It was 2007, and they only visited Kassel. Think about this: If you would have had the chance to visit them on their ONLY live ever in Germany!!! A historical event!! (That's why I won't miss ANY live from anybody again!!) They were once in Paris and once in Newark - that were the only lives outside of Japan!
btw., they started in 2001 ...
11th-Jul-2009 01:38 pm (UTC)
*smiles* There are quite a couple of pictures on that account, eh? xD
Un... And old band indeed~
It's not quite correct though, they've been in France at least twice. A couple of years ago and for their last tour, too, as far as I know~
But yeah. Don't miss out the concerts ^_^

And 'A Prelude' hnn~ hehe, totally Visual ReS ^w^ He sure has a beautiful female form nya~
You have seen a Rentrer PV: Unending Sanctuary. I showed you just about the time it was released, and you said something along the lines of "Pfff, kann der ueberhaupt growlen? hihi" ... Shame on you XP

Btw, I edited the entry, I found a mistake. Or rather, suddenly I saw much more sense in the line hehe~ it's the one with the forbidden fruit.

Edited at 2009-07-11 02:01 pm (UTC)
12th-Jul-2009 09:07 am (UTC)
Uuups sorry, I was rather sure that you would lift your eyebrows on me when I state that I didn't see any ReS PV before ... but really, HONEST, I couldn't remember ... sorry, pls forgive me ... don't raise fists ... pleeeeeaaase ...
(you know old brains don't works that good)

I guess it must have been the time when I was very much into UnsraW, ne???
12th-Jul-2009 09:48 am (UTC)
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that was about that time, hehe~
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