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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
This time's training was... rather very painful 
9th-Jul-2009 10:23 pm
Ruki despair

Well, I'm typing this post about baseball, mushrooms at college and work now after I got back from training, had my dinner, some parts of my body hurting, and internet connection having fucked up big time. Again. It's started to be unstable a couple of days ago. Have my difficulties in dealing with that. W/e, could have been a worse situation for it to happen, but still. I really didn't need to spend 4€ on their fucking hotline when it didn't even help. "They will get in touch with you... but not today anymore..." Well thank you you fuckers! Why are we fucking paying???? W/e really.

Yesterday at work, this elderly costumer came up to me to the conveyor belt and showed me the bag he had brought with him - "See, I didn't let anything disappear in there *laugh*" and let me take a good (scrutinizing, with a hint of amusement) look at the empty bag.
He paid, and then let the receipt fall into it.
"Uh", I said, "hehe but NOW you did let something disappear into it..."
He laughed and put the items into it, too.
"Woah, it's getting even worse!!"
We laughed.

And yeah... we confine the drugs we sell.

They might jump out and bite you, after all. *rawr*

So. Today's training was fun... much fun. When I walked to the sports centre, listening to music... hm, I was just beaming at a cute Asian girl's back [I should mention she was 20+] because well... it was an interesting image. The girl was dressed a bit business like (not totally, but not exactly dressed in a way that would have signaled something like "I'm just about to hang around with my friends" either), black, white, grey, a black, fine backpack or bag, her hair all nicely done, and there she was on that tiny ... pink!... little roller with a pink! ribbon attached to it...

Well, that image had me sort of captured, I hadn't even noticed that one of our couches was walking right next to me. Lmao... "Whoops... hello there :3 Uh, I'm always spaced out like this 8D" ... I guess it would have been fine with the first part of my greeting, only. <.< It's not even true, I'm not ~always~ spaced out... *laughs* Well, I was informed about their last match-marathon (they made 4th), and how he thought that there probably wouldn't be many here today, as they're sure to still be all spent.

He was right.

Only Günther, me, and Sultan = coach. That was pretty nice... We sort of had private lessons there *laughs* You get to do much more then, run more, throw more, everything more haha and Günther always complained about how he was su~ch an old man an all [I'd say he's in his middle/end 30s]

However, that way we were only three, I also had to do things that only coaches do >_>' As... tossing the ball to myself and hitting it out into the field so they could train some fielding and so on... Uh. When I first went down there I was all like o__O" Uh well... You know this -IF I hit at all- will be rather uh... sporadical. <<

Well after my usual 5 times of not hitting anything at all, and a bit of practice, I fired the balls out there just nicely *laughs*... Sporadically so, as much was true, but hey did I make that old man run wwww [Sultan was amused. ... As was I. Less so the 'old man' who at some point just put his hands on his hips and glared at me... grinning XD 嗚呼... I love belonging somewhere... Baseball always was like home to me~]

And another fortunate thing was that there were scarcely any of these gnats this time. よかーった〜\\(^o^) Last time, they had been everywhere about me. One half of my face was pretty hard and swollen the day after ugh.


I don't know how I managed, but I ... well. Directly after training, the mysterious deep cut on my right pinky had been bleeding again, the hypothenar on my left is thick and swollen, as well as my fingers (thick as treetrunks lmao), then somehow while catching, the ball had managed to bend over the nail on my left thumb... twice. It wasn't even that long, and still. It got bend over about 4mm down in the flesh. My thumb was all bloody. Still is, somehow... and yet, the nail isn't hurt one bit. 不思議なぁ〜
The best thing yet to come is how I got thrown balls (about 70mph? ... xD) against my left ankle. Three times. The same place. So right now, still, the area around my ankle/under part of the shin steadily, steadily... hurts. It's swollen like uh ... it's at least 30% thicker as it should be.

me: *as hit* UNGHHHH--h
Sultan: ... Oo' Are you ... okay?
Man-to-claim-he-is-old: *looks on* Uihh~~
Me: Uhhhhnn.... y...yeah I am ^ ^""" *continues playing*

Yeah right XD I am ~okay~. It just... hurts XDDD My left thumb doesn't really want to get touched at all... いっってー but... it really looks fine... stra~nge. And I rather not look at my left leg. ('>,>)

So much about that~

Nya, I took a couple of pictures when I walked back from training... The sky was just too fine. Unfortunately just when we had stopped training, the beautiful scenery with the sun illuminating the houses and the horizon had vanished but...


Construction site [I never liked them when I was a child, and still, somehow I think they're fascinating. Just as it is when houses are being demolished.]
I was focusing more on the sky though *laughs*

Walking back to the station~
I think I know someone who would probably have said something like "I want to live there"...

... Rainbows...
No, don't look for them in the sky www

The subway station.
And that building behind it is the BMW-museum and the new built BMW-world.
The building is shaped like a shamrock. *smiles*

(;____;) 懐かしーーーパナマ \(T^T.)

At the station

And this is at the other station, the one I get my final subway that brings me back home at. Somehow, I found this picture interesting *laughs*


And no, I'm not spying on people.

It might turn into a hobby though *laughs*

Right... and today at college, Irene [after she glared at me cat-like and reproachfully for a while for not having been there the last couple of days, all was forgiven... *laughs*] found these charming mushrooms somewhere behind a bush. As we were waiting for lessons to start (so long there only had been us two in the room) she climbed out the window and brought one back in... What an interesting やつ. She said that there were hu~ge ones out there... as huge as dinner plates oO'

Well I found that one big enough *laughs* Unfortunately did she not remember its name, nor whether it was edible or not.

She broke a piece off and...


It turned blue!!

*laughs* Oh man hahaha... That was unexpected. I've never been too deep into mushrooms [but had just been watching an episode of the smurfs a couple of days ago, therefore... blue.. 8D] so... I didn't have an idea. *laughs*

It hath eyesh (*_____*)

... And yeah, at times I'm pretty easy to get enrapt in things. Just like a child.

Can stare for hours at the same pair of eyes for example and.... --- *shot*


Rrrr~ight. Where was I? 8D

... mussshrooms, right.

Don't really have much left to say about it. It was uh... highly fascinating to watch it turn colour when you touched it on its underside though... *laughs* It smelled nice, too...

No, I'm not gonna take any mushrooms to bed with me. Unless some people with 五百 names also have some mushroom name but... ww

10th-Jul-2009 09:31 am (UTC)
Boah, that mushroom scares me!!!!
Turning blue when you break it? I'm sure, that's a hint that it's terribly poisonous ...

Baseball & you. *laughs* Yepp, that was always special, I know. To me, it was special, too. A wonderful family, so warm-hearted.
Poor honey, hurt yourself so much .. and no Mom around to pamper you and give you medication ...

btw: concert tickets already arrived!!!!! Miyavi, we'll be there (again)!!!!! MUCC, we'll be there!!!!!
What a great great great year!!!!!!!!
10th-Jul-2009 06:10 pm (UTC)
Ahahha... no, she said it's normal that mushrooms change colour when the inside hits oxygen... or so hehe~
It might have been the Satanssomething, that one would be poisonous. But she wasn't sure anymore.

Yeah, unfortunately no one to pamper me... at all... *stares at nothing particular at her wall* ...

Uiii that's great =D
btw, saw the other entry? RES translation.
11th-Jul-2009 06:13 am (UTC)
ui, yepp, now I saw that "other entry" ... don't know how I missed it before!! ooohhhh ...
11th-Jul-2009 01:26 pm (UTC)
^__^ More to come, I guess ~ I've already almost done one of the new songs - the long title, with tsuki ga maioriru. It was the slow one at the concert, when we both went like 'how beautiful'.
12th-Jul-2009 09:10 am (UTC)
Tsuki ga ... ah yeah HOW beautiful ...
Am very much proud of you that you translate so much (even though it's just studying, ne??)
12th-Jul-2009 09:47 am (UTC)
I'm not translating much at all 8D
... Well okay, translated all of 勇企s entries so far, all his new ones that is but... I do that in my breaks. Or at night hehe.
10th-Jul-2009 11:28 am (UTC)
Oh~, I always find it very interesting to see pictures of places I've never been to. ♥

That mushroom is really interesting too. XDD
10th-Jul-2009 06:11 pm (UTC)
Hehe, so do I. Imagining where people live, how they live... all that~ w

Interesting that it was XDDD

Haahh... I still love that icon so damn much wwww *dances along*
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