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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
While I'm staring at a blank page and don't know any title I could write I just slowly slip away... 
15th-Jul-2009 09:28 pm
aoi thinking
Today, several things about today... were exceptionally lovely.

Not the fact that I was much too tired, had far too little sleep... the only one to blame is me, I think I got to bed in time. *laughs*
I realized how bad I am at reading Japanese texts when I'm overly tired. Couldn't concentrate at all. And promptly forgot how to say 1920年... *sigh* Ri~ght. Time to get dates into my head in a way I know them by heart... in a way that if you woke me up at 4:10am, I would be able to tell you flawlessly of historical or non-historical dates in Japanese. うん。*nods*

I still could produce things that made people laugh. w Even though this time it wasn't about Einstein... I don't even remember what the question was at that time... maybe why we thought he stuck out his tongue at the reporter who took that famous pictures. When 石川先生 asked me what ~I~ thought, I raised an eyebrow, cocked my head, wrinkled my brows and said something like "んん…たぶ〜ん…*thinking*頭がおかし〜かな〜〜〜"
Sensei burst out laughing. I was merely thinking of 彩冷え's song and well xD~ thought it fit... It had amused her to no ends, I figured it was worthy to keep that peculiar thing in mind 8D
Or... I don't even know xD

Anyway, today it was slightly different. We were to answer questions on the text. Irene and me did them together, some were pretty tricky. Q5 we had to pick one wrong out of five possibilities, and weren't really sure at all. I thought the right solution was B, she thought no, that was in the text, it must be some other.
So when Sensei asked us what we had chosen, I prompted her with D (because the sentence in itself had been rather... おかしいw)
Everybody else had chosen B 8D

So Sensei asked ~me~ why we had chosen D.

Me: <_< まぁ〜
Irene: *looking somewhere*
石川先生: どうしてDを選びましたか? (or something)
*everybody who was awake's eyes on us, sensei particularly intrigued*
Me: ん... 自分自身はビーを選びましたけど…
石川先生: ア...ハハハハ!!!あっ、そうですか?アハハハ!グェンさんは…アヒヒ〜
People (incl. sensei): *chuckle* *laugh*
Irene (simultaneously): *glaring at me with a smirk* You are so chummy, really.... -__-' ... XD
Me: *giggle* Yeah kehhe... sometimes I am XP~

... Hnnn~? It was the truth 8D I didn't even get to finish my sentence XD~
I must say. Japanese people have an interesting sense of humour 8D I'm realizing that over and over again *laughs*

Well, had some errands to do, some appointments that took longer than I had though they would, and that way I was su---per late (sorry, not very me-typical speech but 8D I'm influenced sa~) at work... Half an hour too late actually (I'm usually in time), but luckily it was at a store

A) I haven't been for ages
B) where the heads of the store sorta 'fancy' me it seems...
C) where no one had expected me to help out there today

So that means, I was warmly welcomed. Very warmly actually, as it was broiling inside the store. *laughs*

And I got some surprise I wouldn't ever have expected... One of them told me something that hmm... it was a lovely thing to be told. Sort of unexpected as during the first times I had worked there, she had been one of the most bitchy and strict colleagues I have ever had the 'pleasure' to work with. You just had to do something in a way she didn't fancy, and there you had that hurry-scurry person being all harsh and whatnot over you. Besides, she's one of the slandering kind at times, too. Depending with whom she's there. So I tended to be slightly reserved when it came to her.
One time in the past she'd actually called me "The Queen of mirroring". [We call it 'to mirror' when you pull all items to the front of the racks in a way that seems as if no one ever had bought anything on that day. One of the things we always have to do.] I had actually thought she was joking at that time... There have been people telling me I don't do it nicely enough but heck... she's one of the most finicky ones, and she had actually meant it.

Well today she, Constanze, told me this.

"Du bist mir die allerliebste Aushilfe von allen."
"O.O... Eh?"
"*lächel* Hmmm ja, echt. Weiß nicht... Du hast so ne beruhigende... Ausstrahlung. ^__^"
"... *lächel' Oh... echt... *stilles Lächeln'"
"Ja, echt. Du wirkst beruhigend auf mich... ^_^"

Well, it was extremely busy... so I had a slightly guilty conscience, as I hardly had any time to mirror at all...

Later, when we were just about to close down, the other one, Madlen, was mopping the floors. Suddenly she called out

"Haha... one can ~always~ see when you've been here!"
I didn't know what she meant and defended myself abruptly over the racks... because I had just overlooked one place she'd already mopped and accidentally stepped into it... >_>' Not a biggy, but still xD
So it went like

Me: "UH! Sorry!! I hadn't seen that there was water and uh, just accidentally stepped into the water uh thingy and...
Madlen: *acoustically not having caught that* ... huh, what?
Constanze: *laughing* She just said she's sorry that... she stepped into the water...
Me: *correcting* Uh, the wiped floor and...
Madlen: AHAHAH! You thought I was about to bollock you? AHAHAHAHAH!!!
Me: Uh. >///< Well. *silenced*
Constanze: *grins*
Madlen: No~~ ahaha... whenever you're here, it's so nicely mirrored... ^w^
Me: oO' Oh...

So I had done it well enough after all *laughs* So ni~ce...


Uhm wth, it's 1:48 now, when did I start this entry? oO Four hours ago? Gawds... uh. Aoi's nape kinda... distracted me 8D

*still not fully conscious*

I wanted to say...

I don't know... Most of all I gotta smile. My tickets are booked... finally... finally I'm gonna get away from here again. And gonna get there. And there. And... while I could have said a hundred words and more just about going there and there, too, I'm okay with saying nothing...

And just feel...
17th-Jul-2009 05:50 am (UTC)
This is a formal confirmation:

You DO have a calming, soothing feature.

And that's great!! (coz sometimes I badly need it, and we are heading towards a moment where I will need it badly, again ...)
17th-Jul-2009 07:07 am (UTC)
Ahahaha... formal? Isn't it rather biased when it comes to a person I'm close or related to? XD

But, I've been told before... Guess it must be true *laughs*
*radiating blue energy* ~

Oh we do... Are you that shaken about the next live? :33
17th-Jul-2009 02:57 pm (UTC)
I don't think I'm biased coz I'm very well aware of "bad" features, too *smiles*

Hmmm, now you ask me if I'm shaken about the next live. I thought I wouldn't be, but nervosity starts creeping up and down my spine ...

I hope I don't faint at Zero's beauty ...
So: Yes, I guess it's more than just "let's rock" (what I stated before) ... *swallows*
17th-Jul-2009 07:42 pm (UTC)
Hmm right, there's that, too XD

Hehe... I'm still all cool about it. I feel almost more excited about the fact that I go to Cologne ahahah... But well, we'll see once we're at the venue, with all the fans and the tension and all hehe... (Dani is panicking about what to wear XD how cute~♥)

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