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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Horrid Exams 1/4 
27th-Jul-2009 04:35 pm
May I announce ...

Horrid, terribly important exams 1/4


Today was the presentation about whichever topic, in German~

I don't mind presentations (... in German/English xP), and had the thing wound up nicely yesterday, so I didn't really fear anything apart from unjust questions I couldn't answer, collapse of vocal chords or forgetfulness at parts I shouldn't forget anything... 8D

Concentrated look

Before leaving~ too diligent to be 本間?w

I was supposed to talk at about 15:15 [... nice, actually ahaha, just realized now], well it got just a ti~ny bit later. Others sitting on the corridor, さすがに making each other slightly nervous, staring at their papers and trying to keep cool. I arrived more than half an hour before xD~

I only looked at the teeny weeny papers of mine once or twice before I went in, I knew I might'nt even need them... probably...

The professors to test me would be one I don't know at all (8D his speciality is economy, and as that is something I'm not particularly interested in at all, I never took one of his courses... he's said to be nice though), Mr Waldenberger, and Zachmann先生, one particular... subject... I had the pleasure of having a seminar with in my very first semester ... *laughs*
Well, he's actually quite friendly and nice, a little [very tall] dreamer, sometimes starting to grin for no apparent reason at all, one who watches people rather scrutinizingly and at times seems to be a bit condescending, but hey... that's a bit too much myself to not like him ahahahahha! [hey actually... he could be ... uh lmao... *stops there*]

Well the reports of those before us were all rather "It was good" to "Yeah was okay, the questions are really nice so..." and "Oh well" ... so uhm, no real panic arising.

Just hoping my circulation and vocal chords would play along *laughs*

So when the last one before me had walked out... and we had talked... and then that DOOR had opened up again for me, a long haired, black-clad Zachmann先生 looking out to call me inside... [could I hear a 'muahahaha'? oO]

Jingle-clatter-jingle, in I went.

... just got to make clear it's me com-... arriving... lol.

Waldenberger: Soo~~ Ms Stone... hello~ *friendly smile*
Me: *putting down my stuff and getting seated* Hello~~ (*thinking 'ah, now I know who you are 8D'*)
Zachmann: *getting seated and getting paper and pen ready, filling in some form*
Waldenberger: You're topic is death from overwork, karōshi?
Me: =D YES, a nice topic isn't it! *sparkle* Well first I'm going to talk about what it is, and then [...] and then [...] and [...]
Waldenberger: *nod nod nod* ... Mmhm, okay... *nod* *looks as if concentrating* *smile* *nod*
me: *starting straight away*

Okay the thing was, one of the guys whose turn had been before me said that Waldenberger never really looked at him, instead had looked at the blackboard, the wall, the window, his notes, but not really ever at him. Zachmann however, the one who was 'just' there to make notes and listen, he had been looking at him the whole time ...

Well when it was about me...

Waldenberger didn't stand a chance >D I fixated him about the whole time, unless I let my ... gaze... wander to Zachmann and his interesting ... whatever he was doing, really xDDD.

I didn't really need to check my notes, which was good~ グッド!

Zachmann really was rather interesting XD~ He either stared on his paper, scribbled, doodled, rubbed his eyelids with his thumb and forefinger, leant back, or looked at me at rare occasions. *giggle* That's pretty typical him. In the course I had he a~lways seemed as if he was just a notch away from sleeping, but in truth he knows exactly what's going on. *nodnod* His ears are everywhere, too... *radiates air of eeriness*

Until one point after the talk, when Waldenberger started to ask the feared questions, and I said something, suddenly Zachmann ...

Zachmann: *staring at me with a piercing gaze from down upwards*...
me: ... *grins somewhat at Zachmann* ... *looks over and grins at Waldenberger* ... (*thinking 'uh erm, just smile and wave, smile and wave, whatever you actually said, just smi~le and wave 8D*) ... =DDDD ... *not waving, but almost*
Waldenberger: *going on with question*
Zachmann: *looking back down*
me: (*uffff~~~~*)

I tend to go with that strategy. Just smi~le and wa~ve...

Well in the end it was like...

Waldenberger: Yah, Ms Stone... so... definitely passed! Your studies will go on! =D
Me: ... Uh well *other three exams in mind* we'll see about that 8D *getting slowly up and getting things*
Zachmann&Waldenberger: *doing something with their papers* You'll receive your results per e-mail.
Me: *already stood up and on my way to the door* Ha~i, ok, thankyou.
Waldenberger: Good-bye Ms Stone! =D
Me: ... *grin* *looking back and waving* G'd bye~~~♥

>>’ Erm. Or so. Did I really wave? I hope not 8D

Anyway, so that one was clear.

I saw these builders on my way there, and well... their positions were somewhat amusing.

Oh right, I spied on someone on the subway... I just accidently happened to be in the same wagon as that uhhhh uhgodshotAsianyoungsomeone... he had tattoos on his arm, beautiful long hair and a piercing and uhgods got slightly warmer... /8D/

Uhm... *censors picture*

Well, went to buy some greens and stuff before I got home...


Really felt like having this as I slumped down in my seat and started up my baibeh~
ルキ seems as if he'd ponder about whatever it is I'm holding XD

葵 too seems sorta wretched about me having ice on a... stick... キャハハハ~

And with that...

Gotta prepare for tommmmorrow...

... 4 parts of Japanese talking.


27th-Jul-2009 03:54 pm (UTC)
Yay, I'm glad the presentation went well! And this was an amusing entry too, those teachers seem interesting. |D

And I just noticed, I think you're taking the same course I want to take when I go to the university. Just a thought.
27th-Jul-2009 04:13 pm (UTC)
Lol, our teachers are all interesting in their ways www My favourite is and will stay Holgerさん though... he's so... funny xDDD He keeps saying 'whatevvva' when talking (whateva in English ne XDD) and his hnn... comparisons that he draws are always such a laugh. As well as his personal experiences in Japan... As it was about love-hotels and the such, especially their handiness "And when me and my girlfriend had sex, her whole little hut shook! o-O" it was like "HEY LOOK TOKYO, we're sexxing 8D x-X"... *bol*

Ermm anyway...
Same course? ... Japanese studies, or what? xD
27th-Jul-2009 04:50 pm (UTC)
LOLOLOL, that teacher sounds awesome. XDDD I wish mine were like that too. xD

Yup, I'm thinking of taking English + Japanese studies. But I'm still not sure about that, there are other stuff involved and... yeah. |D But that's the course I would really like to take.
27th-Jul-2009 06:36 pm (UTC)
Well, to save yourself from becoming one of those pitiful creatures who

A) are studying something they don't really like
B) sink in self-pity because life isn't running their way
C) become adults with a study life they didn't like and a job-life they hate

... well. The list can go on.
It's crucial to do things one actually ~wants~ to do, and not doing what you want to do is a waste of your life.
27th-Jul-2009 06:43 pm (UTC)
*nods* I agree.
Before, I was thinking of taking a course that would include me in type A, but now that the time to make a choice is approaching (only a year till I enter college), I am seriously thinking of taking what I really like. You see, my dream job is to become a translator/interpreter. I already know Portuguese, and I would like to delve more into English and learn Japanese too. Some people say that afterwards I won't be able to find a well-paid job, but I'm starting to think that, even if I don't get paid that well, at least I might as well be doing something I like, ne. ^^;

Tell me a bit about your course, I would love to hear about it, like what subjects you have and what are their contents. If it's not too much to ask, of course. |D
27th-Jul-2009 07:20 pm (UTC)
Hmmm, so I guess you didn't know that interpreteurs are paid a hell lot of money? *sweet smile* I'm aiming in that direction as well, ~if~ I can manage. ... it is already hard for me to formulate correct German the way I always write in English xDD

Ohhh my course.........(s) ♥
Well... for one, I am lucky to be at the best uni around the country for Japanese Studies =D [it's decided by the libraries and the professors] and hnn... I have all kind of different courses.

For one, there are the language courses, naturally. They would be about 8 hours per week, all in all, sometimes more sometimes less, depends on what you're taking. next to the normal language courses (meaning those that orient to the books used) there are conversation and reading courses, as well as extra grammar courses.

Then there are a lot of courses to choose from every semester, like basic knowledge courses about the history, or literature, religion, society, economy, politics, etc etc. Usually those basic ones are in parts of three (so if you'd want to learn ALL of history e.g. you'd be 'finished' with that after 3 semesters), circulating - so after the 3rd semester, it starts anew. Those courses are all lectures.

Then there are more specific courses that deal with more 'advanced' topics, for example uhhh... 'Autobiographical Witnesses of the Edo-period" or "Healing or salvation - xy-religion in Japan", even "CHAPON! Japanese commercial slogans" or "Traditional Japanese Folksongs and -tales", "Japanese Puns and Riddles"..."Bushido - the way of the bushi", "Kobun", "Politics after 1945 and their consequences for society" ETC ETC whatever you can think of really.

Was that too much of an answer? XP

There's really so much to choose from, it tends to be hard to decide. My personal focus is on linguistics and the social/history part of the whole thing called Japan. So depending what you're interested in, you'd visit more courses about history-topics or topics about literature or economy etc etc~~~
27th-Jul-2009 07:32 pm (UTC)
I guess it also depends on the country you're in, and mine doesn't really go that way, unfortunately. But anyway, I'm not considering coming back, so maybe I'll stay in England (which is where I'm going to study).

And no, absolutely not, I'm actually even more excited now (I didn't even know that was possible XD)! I already have a uni in mind, and with my grades I'll most likely get to enter it, so I've spent some time going around the website and getting to know the course a little better, and you just gave me an even better overview, so thank you. ♥ And the course sounds so awesome, Iwantotakeitsobadlyomg. I think that my focus would be similar to yours, since I also enjoy History and Sociology (and Linguistics is a must for someone that wants to be a translator, ofc).

If you wouldn't mind another question, did you enter the course already knowing some Japanese, or did you start learning it from there? Unfortunately, my country doesn't offer Japanese classes anywhere, so the basic stuff I know is from self-study, anime and music. |D I guess it'll be kinda hard at the beginning, but I love challenges anyway~.
27th-Jul-2009 09:29 pm (UTC)
Mmhmm, I remember the part of you going to England. ^ω^

Well, I did enter the course knowing some Japanese, but it's not really necessary, as you start from scratch. However, it is more than useful to at least know the basics. Makes it easier ^_^
Others had troubles with kana... I just leant back and enjoyed XDD that's a privilege *laughs* You'll be fine with your self-studies ^____^
27th-Jul-2009 03:54 pm (UTC)

Crossing my fingers for tomorrow *it's hard to write with crossed fingers>.<*

Poor Ruki and Aoi, they want ice-cream too! ^m^
27th-Jul-2009 04:14 pm (UTC)

*giggle* thank you ung... I'll definitely need that tomorrow I think -_-' Yesterday I wasn't that nervous about that day but uh today I again noticed how bad I can be at conversing in Japanese so 8D

They seem to neee... *grins slyly* Well well www~~ gotta struggle for what you want, ne xP
(Deleted comment)
28th-Jul-2009 09:28 am (UTC)
Uh gods yes. In... 5 hours =______=""""""

... u...

yaaaah... I love that sparkly bubbly whatevery green thing on top... Chocolate you say? oO" ...

U... Ixwcream....ahgods,something'sditstracingmeitseems8D... well sure~~~ you could always have some ice on a stic-------er... 8D Don't mind what I said.

*gives icecream and runs*
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