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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
† I'm moving out † 
2nd-Nov-2007 04:09 am
mao distorted

Thank you...

I don't know why... maybe. But things still fall into place ~ more or less. Yesterday morning, I decided to not go to college XD well... to not go to that class in the morning. I more or less know all that already. So I stayed at home and thought 'Why not look if I find some ads for a room or an apartement'. So that's what I did. I found one really nice room really cheap... I called, but they wouldn't give it to students. [Because 'They won't like people coming home at 3am, slamming the doors. And they want people who are working. I'm afraid that won't work out']

The next one I called... and the woman sounded really nice. She has two cats...so she asked me if I liked animals, and I said I loved them, I have a cat myself. She loved that XD I asked her if I could take a look at the room straight away, as in, today, and she said yes, so we said for 6pm, after college.

First Try

... Well I arrived at 6.30, because I left college at 6, never been at that place before, and then I didn't find the number XD Well I FOUND it, ne, but... The housenumber is 40. It's the last house in a street. But the number 40 was a restaurant XD Sure there were apartements above it, ne, but how to get there was the question. I ran around and around the block... Until finally I went into the restaurant to ask someone XD I went right through it in that 'I'm here and I want something look how lovely and convincing I can smile now help me okay?' manner ... hehe... So I asked the waitress. She didn't know, but asked some of the guys sitting at a table. They all were easteuropean... czech or slovac... Something, I can't differentiate their languages. Well, the guys seemed to know how to get to that number 40, and pointed and spoke. I knew what they meant... thanked them glad and walked out of the restaurant to explore.

The entrance had been a little hidden, behind the building. The main door was open, so I went in, up to the fourth floor. I rang the doorbell... but noone opened. It seemed very quiet too. But as soon as I saw the door, I already liked it. The doormat had a kitten imprinted on it, there was a plant next to the door, the nametag was a brassplate and a lovely engraving, and there was a halloween festoon at it. Most other doors in the building had been normal, unadorned doors, only one other had a plant... and many had nametags that had been written hastily, by hand. I liked the door. ... Well, I waited a bit, then rang again. ... No, she wasn't there.

In the meantime, the light had went out, so I was standing in a rather dark... place in the 4th floor. Not knowing where the lightswitch was I fumbled around in the dark, finding two switches near the other two doors. Might be a doorbell. Might be the lightswitch. I pressed the first one... and heard a bell on the inside. I twitched and had the urge to run (XXD isn't it strange), but I pressed the other one just a second after it, and again, a door rang. Uhoh... But since I hadn't found any other switches while fumbling around [that word makes me think dirty things... fumble... I like it... fumble... *chuckle*], I just stayed... An elderly man opened the door, looking at me. Due to the light flowing from the antehall, I found the lightswitch with my eyes. "Ohhhh! Um sorry, haha, I was just looking for the lightswitch! Sorry!" I said. He smiled and said no worries, before he shut the door again, after I switched on the lights. Heh. That would have been one of my neighbours.

Well... I drove home again. [Which is... 1 and a half hour... up to 2 hours]

Second Try

I rang her again today in the morning, asking if I still could come today. I knew she didn't remember my voice, because she again told me she had cats... and again we laughed on the phone, and she told me how nice and lovable I sounded [...XD], and she'd love to see me at 3pm.

I had a free day today... since it's a holiday day in Germany. I arrived at quarter to three... my heart pounding when I arrived in front of the door (actually, it was because I had been walking quite quickly XD). I rang the bell... ... ... twice... ... ... again, no one there. XD I laughed. Okay now this is... one woman with her mind over the place. I waited a bit more and went outside, went for a walk in the area to come back a bit after 3pm.

And I must say... I mean, it's in a big city, ne. Yet, I loved the area. There's the Isarauen only a few yards away. ... Isar, that's a river in Germany, and you can walk along it for ... a long long time. Hundreds of kilometers? I hink. It's all trees and lovely around it. You could bath in it too... So... that was... lovely. And the zoo, my beloved zoo, it's only 2km away.

Well, so I went back. But... again, still, noone there. *sighs* Well, actually I didn't mind so much. I sat down and waited, and wrote on a fanfiction instead XXXD It's a great thing to do when you have to wait. *imagines person you're waiting on to peek over your shoulder wanting to surprise you with his presence and accidently gets to read a bit* Muahaha! I actually... got very curious and peeked through the post-slit XD And I liked what I saw. No cats rushing about, but a very neat entrance, nicely and lovingly furnished, very tidy.

Ne... after... about 40 minutes or an hour, I decided to find a public phone and ring my mom for the woman's number. Because, I don't have a mobile phone yet [well, I have the PHONE, but not ... a number XD], and intelligently, I forgot to take the paper with the number on it. Luckily I knew exactly where I'd tossed it in my room, so I got the number quick, and called Roswitha. She didn't take it the first time... Mmmm well in a way she did XD The answering machine did [grrr I could have saved that moneys], and in the middle of it talking, it stopped and I could hear her ask from far away 'Where is the star button?' ... I had to grin, and called her again straight away. She took the phone and I asked her if I still could see the room, *cough* and if she was at home *cough* and when she'd be home at XXD She was all like "aaahhh ogodogod you're already there??? I'll be over in 5 minutes!!!" Haha...

So I went straight up to the apartement again, and only one or two minutes later I could hear her coming up the stairs.

Finally, an encounter

When I stood in front of her... well the first thing she said was "Na! Des gibts ja net!" ="Naah! No wai that's true! That can't be! Impossible!"... because the day before... she had seen me.

"Weren't you at the restaurant?"

*thinks how to say it, not wanting to make her feel embarressed because I'd waited on her* "Ummm...yeah."

She said that (after a lot of "oh no! No, not possible! Oh God no!" XD) she saw that young lady coming to the restaurant... and she thought that that girl lookes so friendly and nice, and she even turned her head after me when I walked back out, thinking and actually saying to her friend 'Mightn't that be the one that wants to see the room...' Her friend more or less telling her she's crazy XD Well... she had so many people wanting to see the room that she messed up with all the dates and times, so she had no clue when people would be coming. I avoided the issue of why I had been at the restaurant. She'ld have been so sorry XD I didn't want her to have to apologize that much haha... [She already did when I answered her question on for how long I'd been there today haha]

She welcomed me heartily. All out of breath. She's very... lively hehe. I liked... the whole apartement. I liked my room. It's quite big, or at least, big enough, I can like, roll around a few times on both my bed and the floor [gosh did that come out dirty? Miaaao? XXXD *cough*] ... Ummm anyway. We sat down in the living room and just chatted and talked. She was laughing a lot. She ... gets my humor hehe.

We were telling each other a bit of our lives, and... inevitably, I told her what kind of music I listen to. I mean... it's only fair, ne, because she really wanted me to have the room, and I already told her I'd take it, and so she should know what she invited into her house ne hahaha. So I explained to her... what JRock was... the terms... Visual Kei... (I only mentioned it, I didn't explain XD) ummm... that some of them wear make up and extentive hairstyles, pluss the clothes, and some might dress a bit like women do. [I mean hell, how to explain it to a about 50 year old woman XD] She was intrigued though, and wanted to know more.

An Evil Initiation (maybe XD)

I told her proudly about Gazette, how great they are and why XD, ummm and about fangirling, about me and ちび "fangirling", about my mom and Kai, hehe, about so much... And she wanted to see pictures, in the end. Well, I don't carry my laptop around with me all the time XD, but of course, my iPod... I have about 100 photos on it ehehe... [I noticed I have to up them... there are some guys on it I don't really think about so much anymore and there's a huge LACK of certain other...persons.] So I told her I don't really have them, but I have some on my iPod (and patted my iPod while I said that XD) so first she looked nonconcernedly, as if she didn't quite grasp what that ominous thing called aipod was XD Ummm well but she understood then, and came over, with her reading glasses, and I... initiated her.

The first picture that came up was 葵様. This one:

Her reaction was "O______O OHMY!" and she had to avert her eyes. [I told her there's ... pawnage xD He's already... 'taken' A lot of times over and over again muahaha] And I went on and on and showed her all the pictures on my iPod. She... screamed at a lot of them. Had to take off her glasses a lot. She just couldn't manage, nor understand, how men could be that beautiful. ... I found that quite entertaining.

"What... WHAT are you doing to me? What on earth are you DOING to me??"

"Hmmm? Me? *far away look* Oh, there are loads more to come, see." XXD

Yes I can be cruel. And I enjoy it. To ... g r e a t amends.

Hmmmm~ *smirks* I told her before hand that it's all only boys. No single girl in the pictures that were to come. Or, actually, she asked me after one or two pics XD

Those are a few of the pictures that got... more attention than other XD

It's Hide-Zou isn't it? I sometimes have this black-out and can't differentiate between him and Ruiza on some pictures huh... Anyway... When she saw it she said "... ... WoW! I like him... Very... nice..."
Haha! [remember she's over 50 XD]

She liked that one a lot too XD She... stirred muahaha.

She ummm... twitched slightly when she saw that one...

And this she appreciated haha! The other pictures of Kyo... she said "Mmm he looks very manly." XXD [one of the few that do huh hahaha that sorta goes recognized.]

Here she said that it was "Oh... it's a very nice picture. Very well done. Good shot." ... well I agree. It's one of my favourite Nao pictures, pluss it's one of my 2 favourite Alice Shoots.

Here she winced. *evil laugh* She really did. She had to take off her glasses and avert her eyes. Repeating "No no no... that can't be... no..." And "WHAT are you DOING to me??" *lol*

"Like a woman... just like a woman...", she said to this one. But... she didn't exaclty mind hehe.

That one made her twist and turn, too, hehehe.

And now, the killer. That picture absolutely killed her. And it was before most of those I posted up there. She saw it and went
"... ... ... WOW!!!! That... no! That... ohmy... no... noway... a... he's a... a... guy?... No... way... Wow... that is... wow..."

*grins evily*

That picture is actually in my personal hall of fame. A lot of... ummm innocent people liked it more than... just a bit XXD

I must show her a lot of... PVs hehe.

I told her that there will be... a lot covering my walls, and she said that probably sometimes, she's come and knock at my door...
"Gwen...? Ummm... can I just take... a look?" HAHAHAHA! She's such a love isn't she XD ... Later she said that she can't fathom how a man could possibly be as beautiful as... *points upwards* hehehe... *smirks*


Well my feeling about it all has been absulutely positive that I want to live there. Already the first day, I looked very closely at the U-Bahn station, took everything in...

Of course, my mom, worrying Virgo as she is she had a lot of things to ask me about afterwards, and worry about... Ummm but I mean... it's abrupt. It's so sudden. I won't be... here in about a week. Never more... Really... This is the place I have been living at for the longest time of my life, even if you count that I have been away for 2... And now I'm moving out. Next week, it seems. ... My mom... is sad, ne. But it's the best... for me, now, in a lot of points, and for her, in the long run. *sighs* Well... I'm used to living away from home. Still... this is different, ne.

I know I want to be there... I mean... she even has two cats. (_ _) You don't get that when you live in student homes... And the site is perfect. Shops around... The park, the Isarauen... The Zoo so close... The apartement is lovely, bright and tidy... even if not everything is like... BIG. The price is right, and though she's not exactly... organized in some points... I get on well with her. Though of course... there are moments when everyone can annoy me, especially when I'm that close to someone [speaking in living terms] But at least... the rest is okay. The... interpersonality. More than okay, ne. That is important. ... *sigh* My mom always worries so much... But it's natural, ne. I'm going to live with a person she doesn't know, and I've only met once. But... my mom managed just fine when I went away those two years, ne.

Still... it's different.
2nd-Nov-2007 03:25 am (UTC)
Well, honestly I only read what is not cutted and the pictures as well. *a little bit tired, not enough for bed, but too much for too much english*

She has not seen Uruha up to now or he is not listed here, because she said this: Later she said that she can't fathom how a man could possibly be as beautiful as...

It's really great, you found something. ^^
2nd-Nov-2007 03:33 am (UTC)

Oh but I told her about him XXD About his... thighs XD She saw pictures with JRockers wearing... not much... [Ruiza to be exact muaha]

And seriously... The first Gazette video, or maybe the second, that I'll show her is going to be Silly God ... absolutely. She'll be a slave to Uruha just like the rest of us faithful... thigh worshippers.
2nd-Nov-2007 03:59 am (UTC)
It was my first video of Gazette, and I got attracted by him very very fast, but it weren't his thighs. First of all it's his beautiful face. This was why I really forgot everything around me, when he entered this little stage at the signing session.
2nd-Nov-2007 04:59 am (UTC)
>< My attraction or whatsoever with Uruha only started... maybe 3 weeks ago? Or say... maybe 4 now. October I think. *shuffles feet* So I actually never really... well I always noticed his thighs, ne, but I only ever smirked at them/him, until suddenly something caught me offguard. And there I was totally hypnotized.

His thighs are just one thing about him that's mesmerizing. But sheesh. Don't mention him on the signing. What do you think I was staring at the whole time we still stood on that side? His face. Only and ever. That man is just too... beautiful to be... I don't know. He IS true so ... ummm I don't know what to say XXD *embarressed laugh* He flusters me. ehehe. Quite a shitload much indeed infact
2nd-Nov-2007 11:50 am (UTC)
That's it. There are no words to describe this. There only is this fascination.
2nd-Nov-2007 03:44 am (UTC)
Oh yes, we must turn every woman of every age into fangirls! XD LOL. I'd be scared.. if that were to happen. You've seen a naked Gackt picture before right? My friend sent it looooooooooooong ago and I'm not a big fan of him at all so it caught me off guard. That picture distracted me a lot. Still, I'm not a big fan of him. XD
2nd-Nov-2007 04:55 am (UTC)

WHICH one? If it's not of the commercials, but one from AT the shoot when they caught him with nothing on then I've only ever HEARD of a photo existing, I've never... ... seen it.
2nd-Nov-2007 04:42 am (UTC)
This lady sounds so cute-hee! I was giggling reading her reactions to the photos ^^ Thats so cool your moving out but Im sure your mom will understand. All moms worry no matter how old you are-hehehe!!!
2nd-Nov-2007 05:01 am (UTC)
XD I had a hard time supressing my giggles and laughs. I actually laughed out loud. It was just too... too funny XXD

Yeah I can totally understand my mom ^^ It feels a bit strange for me, too, leaving everything behind me and ... having to buy my own food XD Ah well. *swings the frying pan* It'll work out ...somehow.
10th-Nov-2007 01:56 pm (UTC)
You're right: I DID enjoy this entry!
It was wonderful and I love the story behind you moving out! I'm so glad you found such a great place to move in to; the woman seems really nice (and is automatically awesome since she loves cats <3)
I'm glad she was fascinated by the boys instead of repulsed ^^<3 (though how any woman can be repulsed by such gorgeous men... *shakes head in exasperation*)

10th-Nov-2007 09:00 pm (UTC)
Haha, glad you liked it.

Well well... women who don't like the Asian type probably wouldn't like them, or... hmmm but well XD
My mom already talked to her (Roswitha, by the way XD WHAT a German name haha), and they get along with each other, too... so that's great.
I'm going to move tomorrow. ... ... And I LOVE the fact she has cats. ^^
10th-Nov-2007 11:48 pm (UTC)
Well... they'd be insane XD

That's quite great, yeah; she'll probably worry much less this way.
Good luck! (and wow, that seems fast XD)
I don't know what I'll do when I move out, though... something tells me that my parents won't let me take my Fuuf-chan with me *cries*
10th-Nov-2007 11:54 pm (UTC)
Oh? But she *IS* yours, ne?

My mom even asked me if I asked Roswitha if I could take my Mirobabe. After all, she already has two cats. Of course I hate to leave him, but ... then my mom would be all alone. Can't do that to her. Pluss... I'd have to buy all the cat food X_x That's an Xtra Xpense that I don't have money for.
11th-Nov-2007 05:24 am (UTC)
Well, she's technically the family cat but she's usually around me the most. Like, she'll bug my mom to give her food but she only does that because she knows my mom will come bug me to do it. Smart cat XD
However, it's always me she waits for on the stairs when we get home and me she comes to see in the morning. It's the little things that count, ne? Anyway, it's true that having pets are an extra expense and she'd probably be better off just staying with my family but... *sigh* I'll still miss my Foofie.
[XDDDDDD I can't believe I actually called her that somewhere other than in the secrecy of my room XD]

Maybe my future roommate Rishi and I will just buy a kitten together. We'll both miss our kitties at home, after all T^T
11th-Nov-2007 06:39 am (UTC)
WIth cats, it's always the little things that count, ne.

xDD Maybe you so easily can call her that outside of your ... bedroom here, too, becaue it's not that unusual we two use 'bedroom-language' XD

Who was Rishi again?
11th-Nov-2007 07:06 pm (UTC)
Very true~ <3

XDDDD I call her Foofie quite a bit XD
i have lots of different nicknames for her XD

Rishi = ms_arishi_akira
Although I wouldn't expect you to know her; she's basically my best friend in RL [and we've known each other pretty much since we were born because our moms were best friends. Ironic, ne? XD]
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