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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Horrid (or so) Exams 3/4 
30th-Jul-2009 05:40 pm
aoi thinking
And to the third part of it ...

Horrid, terribly important exams 3/4


Today, it was the translation's turn.

We were supposed to start at 9am ~ [meant getting up a bit after seven うぅう〜w] I arrived there at about 8:37


And waiting... More and more of the 32 that were supposed to be there dropping in.

That was while Moさん explained to all of us about a pretty handy function about the 電子辞書 we were supposed to use for the exam that he'd only ever found out yesterday *laughs*
Well, we hadn't known about it either, so that was pretty handy, hehe~~

Irene arrived at about 8:55, luckily the seat to my left was still vacant so にゃ〜ん we could sit next to each other. Still no prof in sight. I... didn't worry, but I raised an eyebrow. (it was supposed to start at exactly 9 so... xD)


Well, Fujimoto先生 arrived a bit after 9, a~ll relaxed... I raised my eyebrow again. ... Or maybe both of them. And told us how they never started before quarter past, as there always used to be people who thought that that's when they'd start, and be late, and all. *laughs*

Okay so... 緊張緊張… or well, not really *laughs* Translations aren't exactly one of my weaknesses, so I shou-ld be able to pass that part. Could pass it barely if the text were to be really hard and me doing a lot of mistakes and all, but I ought to pass this, I thought, so I was relaxed.

Well, at 9:15, two people still missing, one sick, one - no idea- , Fujimoto explained some procedures to us, handed out the sheets of paper, and off we went.

And you know what...

There they had drilled us for a year at least that we always have to translate the headings as well as the rest of the text, and so many students forget to translate it so aaa~~ahhh, drama, but *laughs*

This Time There Wasn't Even A Damn Heading!!

Hahahaha... gotta be joking us... and I was so sure that for this exam, at LEAST 99% should have remembered that one XD [... as we all talked about it before the exam started, too ww]

Oh well~ Too bad *laughs*

Anyway, the text was surprisingly short and even more surprisingly easy. It was even so easy I fear that they will be more 厳しい with the marks uhh... >ー<’ Gosh, just hope that a sma~~~ll mistake won't already be .5 less of a good mark or so argh...

Well but beyond that~ it was pretty relaxed ^w^
We were all done well in time, and Irene ... took out her NintendoDS and played lmao!!! [well okay, actually she had her 漢字training program running but... you wouldn't see that from the outside *laughs*] Ahhh, I love this course. The classes. All. ♥ [exxxxceptforsuchexamsandthesuch*cough*]

After that, Irene, Daniさん and me went to the canteen to grab something to eat.

And hey, we arrived before opening time, so when we got there

 A) there was food in abundance, nothing whatsoever was out of stock
 B) you could choose from about a~ny seat you would have liked to sit in...

Well okay, Daniさん corrected me...

"Nooooo look, *pointy point* THAT seat (big man occupying it) you cou~~~ldn't have chosen *kyaheeheekyahaha*"

*giggle* Well, apart from that ... xD

How utterly relaxed. And calm, for a change.
One of our fellow students arrived there a bit later, too, found us [wasn't that hard with that number of people there *laughs*], and sat down at our table. Talked a bit about the exam, and about this and that~

After a while the conversation's topics split up into Irene-him and Daniさん-me -topics. *laughs*

Well, so much about that.

Ah, a random picture from yesterday... because I like those type (old, abandoned, discharged...) things:

Don't know when we'll get the results... latest beginning of next week, she said. Un~

Wellywellywellywell... Gonna go back to my studies~

30th-Jul-2009 09:33 pm (UTC)
Only one more test to go, yay~! ^^
I'm glad this one went fine~.

Your canteen is sooo big, omg. Mine is like one fifth of that. xD It's really noisy too, it gets crowded easily, lol.
30th-Jul-2009 09:44 pm (UTC)
Yay... or so -_-' Tomorrow might be the worst. Not from the stress but what we Ha~~~ve to know and all argh.
Me too w

Nnn, it is a big uni xD (we have another canteen at the institute...) What you see on the picture is about 3/5th of the room I think ^_^

yeah, that one gets crowded, too.
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