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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Yakuza, Bateman ♥ and all kinds of people I know... 
7th-Aug-2009 02:22 pm
I had this dream... finally one I remember properly again. Or at least, from which I remember bits and pieces 'properly'.

I know that I must have woken up once before, but I didn't manage to check the time at that point of time.
I woke up with a シド song in my head, being replaces by DELUHI's Orion once again (live), and smiled as I remembered that I had dreamt of jadako in a way that was more than just one little thought. There were people, she was laughing, she seemed happy, それだけでいいの〜

I fell asleep again, and dreamt...

And again this habit of mine to wake up before the alarm rings. 珍しい〜

Anyway, the first part of it was that I met my best friend Katharina again. She's living ... well I would have liked to call it a far away city just to make it sound dramatic, but in truth it's not that far away. Not when one is used to other distances. *smiles*

Anyway, we had met up again, and probably had been walking around downtown the whole day. We were in a store at the moment my memory enters the dream, buying wafers and... baby food *laughs*
She had talked a lot about some film she's seen a lot lately, one I hadn't yet had the chance to see. Somehow I thought we might see it together afterwards - that's why buying the wafers - yet, plans seemed to be different.
At the cashier desk, the woman looked at us weirdly because of the glasses with baby food, and said something like "Huh... how weird, I just had some others buying those... "
I replied "Well, when it's not bad for the baby, then... *laughs*"
Woman: "Uh, well no, actually there's ingredients in it that aren't that good for the grown-up, they can't tolerate it well..."
I just shrugged and we left. As I've never had any problems with them...

Suddenly her mom was there, outside. We got in her car and chatted on, then after she dropped her off at the station she'd needed to go to, her mom dropped me to the one ~I~ had to go to. Or actually, while I still was in the car, ...

That was one of times when I'm not sure when happened what. It must have been before the part with Katharina, I had been with some friends, and one of them had talked to a man who worked as security. There was some pun going on, he was quite funny... left to work then. Sadly I can't remember what he said, it really was entertaining, witty...

And something between the one and the other had happened. As I was still in the car, I agonized about something I was going to have to do just after she'd drop me off. I was checking things on my phone, messages maybe, I'm not sure. The thing I had to do wasn't that legal maybe... and definitely not safe. It involved Yakuza and... to do what I had to do, I had needed an 'address' of a bank account, of some sort, yet since mine was an online bank account, I didn't have any. Without knowing what it actually was about, yet knowing that it might be highly dangerous, kazamesu provided me with hers. What a friend. o.O

I went underground then. It seemed as if there were a lot of little market stalls or bazars, however, most of them led into actual buildings within the ... ground, practically. There was someone with me, a person much older than me... probably male, I can't remember.

When we reached the place I had to go to... - seemingly one of these little markets... but if you watched closely, you'd notice that there were five particular male persons who would never move on from the store, always sitting here or there, or standing, seemingly nonchalant and only minding their own business... Yakuza.

We went up to them. I didn't say anything at all at first (I think I remember I looked frail. Not like myself. Lighter hair, longer, thin actually, in a white, fairy-like dress... everything to accentuate innocence? *laughs*), my 'guardian' spoke. Yet, when we were about to use the 'code' that we had needed the bank account number for... one of the Yakuza forbid the man to speak.

"No. Let her do it."

Oh Gods, okay, here I come, getting myself really involved.

So I did... frightened actually, most of all because I was scared I'd get kazamesu into severe trouble now... but well.

So much about direct involvement with yakuza. Whatever happened directly after, is a mystery hidden by the mist of Dream.

However... then there was this huge banquet of some sort. *laughs* It was held in quite a huge all, with commoners and ... well yakuzas as well. All of them had to be satisfied with the menu, and it was me and a couple of others who had organized it.

I was somewhat surprised to find one particular person amongst the persons to-be-dining there that I knew... and that I better satisfy if I didn't want bad things to happen...

Right. In the middle of all of them, rich and less wealthy, seated at a single table... perfect... perfect with all his mistakes, Patrick Bateman. ♥ My heart ahahaha... I instantly(while other waiters/waitresses served others) served him the first round of our menu - the finest of ... well I called it tatar in the dream, maybe it really was that. It was raw meet, to be sure *laughs* and prettily decorated.

Well, I elegantly slid the plate in front of him... Interestingly, just then I, and also he, made out one of his (business) rivals, seated at another table. A blond, tall kind of a yuppie. One he couldn't lose to in any way.

So when I, all ready with a second serving, just in case, asked him whether Sir wanted another serving, he said no thanks. I knew he could never be filled up lest satisfied with just one micro plate of tatar, but as diet was important, he couldn't possibly let the other guy see him eating as if he actually were hungry.

Which was grand, that way I was safe *laughs*

And that's it to the grand dream of mine *laughs*
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