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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Beautiful Sea 
19th-Aug-2009 01:01 am
Before it gets too late...

I'm pretty exhausted (again) ... and despite that I still went out for a little walk after Dinner.

But first things first! I guess I'll have most of all pictures in here. Not sure whether I'll make it to commenting them properly. *laughs*

Okay so~
Very convenient. When I got up, everyone was in work/at school. Well, Lars-Helge actually woke me up ... again, after Helge had been calling to him through the whole house, and that close to my room X_x'""

So I had breakfast ju~st the way I wanted. Was a bit in a rush though, else I would have taken pics of my typical mixledixle norwegian morning-'sandwiches' *laughs*

Instead ~

09:13 おはよー冷蔵庫さん
I love that やつ. You can find so many good things in there... *__*


09:53 Tried to catch one bus earlier than what I had intended, passed this morning reflection on the way


Well, just turned out that that bus to town did not turn up, so when I had already given up the idea of making it to the bus that would go to the sea, it actually arrived... just much too late. Nngh but well. Had already arranged myself with the thought of having to take a bus later (= an hour later)

I walked through one of the shopping centers while 'waiting', and then a bit through town... Just once down the main shopping street. It was nice to see what still was there, and what was new. I was extremely relieved to see that the cafe with the best milkshakes in the world still is there *__* But I'll have to go there later some time, I guess I'll post pics then x3

11:35 Almost on my way back again (the bus would leave at 11:50), I found what I hadn't been so very fascinated in when I actually lived there, but... it kinda changed. *soft smile*


Well, didn't take any pictures on the bus. It's so long ago that I took it (not even sure whether I'd done so the last time I was there... maybe~), I got nervous when I felt the stop I should go off at nearing. *laughs*

Also there, everything so familiar. Took the right path without thinking, through the forest... Ah well, I happened to take one wrong turn after a while of walking the correct way... I had already had sand under my feet, but then I didn't rea~lly know where to go at all, chose the wrong turn and ended up somewhere totally wrong and at places in the forest that didn't have paths anymore XD Worst, I couldn't even see the sea from a higher point on some rocks, nor could I really hear it from there.
Well, found my way back ... the funny thing is, if you get lost, there's about no chance to meet another person on the way *laughs* ... I just happened to meet a woman with a baggy at the point I got out of the forest, and though she had already passed me and rolled it up a little hill maybe twenty metres away from me, I called out to her and asked whether the strand was out 'that' direction. (She wasn't so sure either, but it turned out to be right)

So then, when I could see, hear, smell the familiar sea ... everything was about perfect again.

13:14 The sea...


I went to change (and put on obligatory sun-lotion) and then went to find a place on a rock to lie on. :3
There weren't many people there at all. *smiles* A group of maybe four was around that place I had been the last time, and around the whole place that I was able to overlook, there were maybe about four more groups.

13:22 Found a place that seemed suitable... It's important to get a site that's not too windy, as the wind is the one thing to totally cool you down, despite the wonderful warmth of the sun.
This was just behind me:


To my right~


And in front of me.


That's where I stayed. To my right there was a little wall of rocks, the bay I used to swim in on the other side of it.

Here's a little video of a view around the place. *smiles* (uhm, disregard the (^,^)v and (^,~)d *laughs*

13:23 Went to say 'hi' to the Sea, and shortly after that, and after arranging my things somehow, I was going in.


Of course the water was cold. :3 Just the way I like it. *laughs* I had actually tried to go in close to my spot, but there were too many small slippery rocks and stones, it was a bit hard... funnily enough, there had been this steal-ladder attached to the huge rock to my right. So I thankfully used that one to go in, bit by bit by bit, the cold water first swapping against my feet and legs, then, as I took another step down, the whole of my legs, and depending on the strength of the waves, my waist and stomach as well. It was quite breathtaking, literally. I held the steal strongly and pushed against it, facing the Sea that tossed me around just the way it was - as if I were powerless. *smiles*

It took a little while before the cold masses of water did not make me gasp that much anymore. I went another step down, and had everything under water apart from my shoulders.

Once I was 'perfectly' used to the cold, I pushed myself off the ladder, and there I went.

Over wave, over wave, over wave, sideways, across, facing, the glittering of the sun on the surface, the pleasant smell, the slight taste of salt on my lips whenever a wave swapped over my face...

How wonderful. ♥
I didn't even cramp one single time. Though it's been, what? One or two years that I've actually been swimming in proper water. o-o'

And how much I love just letting myself drift on the water's surface. Granted, that works better on lakes, however... the Sea, tossing you around ... that cannot be replaced, either. I took a couple of dives too and...

Well it was particularly amusing to be in the middle of some bay, water all around you, and suddenly you realize you can stand up! *laughs* I did that at two or three occasions. Just suddenly there were rocks in the middle of the water, and woosh~ rising up and out of the water until my stomach, or chest *laughs* Amazing little things.

I actually wondered... I had been stepping so much on sharp shells, I thought I should take care to not cut myself. Also when I walked barefoot in the middle of the wood, and over the rocks, and so on... My feet haven't gotten used to being bare this year either, so hn~ ~ they weren't really inured to anything. I wondered that I didn't cut or hurt myself - just to find out later after my nightly shower, that I had indeed cut my foot... six times >>' I never noticed. *laughs*

14:10 Outside again~ And whoo, the wind was freezing.


14:15 Getting warmed up from the sun...


14:17 Listened to my iPod then. For the first time for today, and the first baby coming up was DIM SCENE.


14:21 Heaven. Earth. Music ... Life.


15:05 Hmm... I have this slight fascination for shadows. *laughs*


15:26 How wonderful...


15:31 Just somehow I couldn't really get warm again, so after a while outside, I decided which bus to take back, and then, left ~


15:46 ... through the woods.
Not that typical of the woods there. *smiles* But I guess pictures of their typical forests will follow in some later post.


Well, in the morning I had left my norwegian fam a note that I should be back for dinner... Well. It just turned out that the bus I took back needed 1.5 hours instead of 50mins to get back to town, as it was taking a lot of small routes... and then I had to wait 45 minutes for the next bus back home. So I did not make it to dinner time *laughs* oh well. And that was what reminded me of why I always had had a book to read with me in Norway... Bustimes! *laughs*

18:50 Oh sheesh how yummy though... Lamb at that *___________*


Well as I said, even though I was pretty exhausted (from whatever, really oO), I went out after dinner. Took one of my usual routes, but didn't go all the way up the road to the skog (forest)... not yet. *smiles* I didn't want to stay out for that long, so I thought I'd reserve that for another day.
Instead I went down to a place where you can see the fjord.

I'll just post a couple of pictures from on the way~

19:35 A very typical house *smiles*


19:36 And one totally broken and unused... Ah, fascinating.


19:40 Arrived then where I had wanted to go... or well, my first stop. Stayed there for a bit, just looking out over the water.


19:44 Went on then, had to clamber a bit~ That thing wasn't exactly stable, but it did its job well enough. *laughs* totally did not wear sandals for these kind of things. Fjell (rocks/mountain)+ sandals? Nope, no way. No grip at all. So the more to do for my virgin feet. *laughs*


19:45 Sat there then... Just that area around there mystifies me a bit. There are old... I don't even know how to describe them. There had been something earlier on, maybe in war time... maybe some basement... there are still rusty barb wire fences, some standing up, some lying around, grown over...
I just sat and watched on~


19:50 There were a couple of boats driving along.
Where? Wait~ www





Well, just a little bit after that, I went home again. Mmm... Someone from the neighbourhood looked curiously at me... *laughs* Even our closest neighbours probably don't know me anymore. Well, I'm not too sure of that, after all had they seen and greeted me all the time we met (which wasn't that often x3)

That's about all the pictures and tiny vids I took today~ *smiles* (well that about the vids isn't all that true, but... *laughs* I made one to demonstrate the softness of some of the moss there, too ♥)

And of course again it's late XD Well, if I got on earlier, I might make it earlier to bed as well but hnn~~
I was being good and did kanji, while a friend of Lars-Helge and him amused themselves and me with all possible things. Funny enough, she's totally into anime and manga (she's probably around 13 as well), and interested in all things Japanese. She's pretty good with expressions of all sorts already. We went on about Lars-Helge and called him 'Aho~ :3', 'Gakki!', 'Bakaoni~' and all kinds of things *laughs* ... well, he had wanted his mom to make tea for us, but she just told him what to do (it's too easy for him apparently >>) Well, Kristin did the hardest job of all the steps, and brought him two bags of tea. Lmao.

I let her flip through my beloved Kodansha Kanji book, haha... And scowled at how long Lars-Helge sometimes needs on the loo (uhm... 20~30 mins is kinda normal...) She started playing with her DS then, while I went on (more concentratedly) with the kanji work. Haha... Ah, she's fun, that girl. We laughed a lot when Helge (Lars-Helge's father, just in case it wasn't clear XD) distorted some songs in the other room, making the singing voice all gassy hi~~~gh or manly deep *laughs*

Okay! Ugh. Guess I'll involuntarily wake up EARLY tomorrow again x-x'

But ~ I'm done with this!

Have a good night!♥
God natt og ha det godt~

(Deleted comment)
19th-Aug-2009 05:03 pm (UTC)
Yeah it does. It's quite wonderful. ^---^
19th-Aug-2009 09:13 am (UTC)
Relaxing, but busy day you had:D

Enjoying the see, the sun... ちょっと羨ましいよ^.^

Love the picture of footprintXD
19th-Aug-2009 05:08 pm (UTC)
Nah, not busy at all. I was just doing things. *laughs* ... or not. ^-^ I can't really call waiting for a bus for 45mins is busy xDDD

Nyaa... it's been a long time for me. *smiles*

*giggle* are you a foot(print)fetishist~?にゃんw
19th-Aug-2009 11:44 am (UTC)
Just imagining you entering that water makes me shiver, heh. I'm used to the warm water I have back home. :)

Everything looks so calm~, it's great. Seems like it's really windy there too. xD
19th-Aug-2009 05:09 pm (UTC)
Cold water is really great though. Not sure which one I prefer. :3 And well... it's not feeling cold anymore after a while, but rather comfortably warm ^-^ Or.. so~ *hehe*

It is calm... and hey, where would you possibly get so much beach to yourself :3
Well it just tends to be a bit windy at the sea xD
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