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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
The day I almost couldn't keep my promise ... 
20th-Aug-2009 09:35 pm
mao distorted
I realized I should start upping earlier in the day. I also realized that it is generally a bad idea to go to my room right after (early) dinner, or generally sit and use internet in my room, as I tended to be too tired to really do what I want to do. Down here in the kitchen, I at least have a chair and table to use, and can walk around to get something to drink, or stare over the table to the huge (over 1m 0-0) flat TV (currently showing the athletics. I wondered why the heck there should be a German quasi-folksong playing on Norwegian TV about the athletics >>) for some distraction.

I'm tired today too, even though I only spent three hours in the woods, practically just sun-bathing *laughs*. Yesterday however I was too exhausted to even move my fingers properly. To... type, of course.

Did I blog about how I wondered that I didn't cut myself on the shells or whatever there might be to cut one's feet with, the day I went to the sea? Well I found out I had cut my right foot six times XD (and only the right foot).
Today as I examined my legs, or body in general, I found 17 mosquito stings on my right calf, 12 on my left... well, about 17 and 12, as I'm not sure how many stings some of the huge blots really are *cough*, about 5 on my arms and 4 on the rest of my body. And a couple of scratches on my legs, too. w They look wonderful, and so, so thankful. XD Most of those stings I was bestowed with happened in only two places in the woods yesterday. All in all in about 15 minutes. But well, let me tell you of my tour and detour through the forest yesterday. (that I am glad that I can tell of anyway 8D)

Ah first of all...

Lars-Helge's drumset.

Warning! The pics will mostly be trees 8D

Maybe I should also mention the food... as everyday so far, it's been delicious. As usual.
The first day we had chicken with corn, broccoli and rice.
The second day we had that lovely lamb/tomato/else veggies stew and potatoes.
The third day we had barbecued trout with dill, rice, and blue mussels in a creamy soup with dill and veggies, carrots as a side dish.
... I've never had blue mussels before but... *__*

Okay well, so let's get to yesterday.

11:49 As I set of with the bicycle I always used for going to the woods. It's far too low for me (and only the seat is adjustable, the rest too rusty >>), only two of the originally 18 gears work, and only the brakes for the front wheel is working 8D Well! Off we go!

12:04 Arrived at my destination, and that's where I'd head off to.

12:10 And as I stagger down and through the spinney to my first destination... that I hoped I might find again just like that~ w

12:33 As I am at Point ONE, relaxing before the actual trip.

Sights from where I am at. Good for trips - it was mostly cloudy, yet warm in the forest itself. Unfortunately that's bad for taking pictures. You'll have to bear with unimpressing, dull colours.

The little pieces of civilization you might be able to make out are the city. City, or town. 8D

13:55 As I head off to just walk, and walk, and walk... as usual.

And I did just that, walk and walk and walk... there were a couple of very distinctive sceneries here and there, and I did walk quite straight, as I tend to... just when I came to this place in the woods (did I mention I don't use paths? I just walk?) that consisted of mostly thicket and bushes that weren't easy to get through, I somehow got this feeling that this won't be good. That was where I got most of my scratches, and it also was where the first major attacks of mosquitos happened.

After a while I just kept smacking at the insects... well uh, there weren't just the normal mosquitos, there was some insect I found rather highly creepy. It looked like a predator. It looked as if it wanted my blood. It was hard to shake off. @_____@' And while smacking more than actually concentrating, the strange feeling got more.

And I decided to not head on in that direction. ...

Well, walking back suddenly turned out to be a much harder task than it usually would be.
Instead of getting back to all the rocks I had been walking on, suddenly there was nothing like rocks. I was in the middle of a foresty forest with no signs of rocks whatsoever.

There's that. If you just walk a nuance different than you did before, just a tiny degree ... the more you walk, the more discrepancies about 'correct direction' there will be.

So... right.

After a while I really didn't know anymore where I was. I only knew the rough direction I would have to walk, however I also knew that 'rough' doesn't always help too much. It was also then when I realized I forgot to take food. There was one time I lost my way in a forest (of Norway of course XD) before, and came to a point when I almost panicked, because I didn't even have an idea which direction I had to walk. Gladly I had some food back then, just sat down, ate, listened to music, got my spirit back and zing, I found the right way again.

14:30 As I slightly lose my way.

Walking half an hour will take you quite a bit, ne.

14:49 As I find at least SOME sign of civilization, つか, a walkable path that would lead to something to be sure... after there hadn't been anything but trees. I was just about to fall to my knees as I saw this marked tree XD

So I guessed, if I just followed it (question was, which direction was the right one >>... as both didn't seem to be straight to where I believed I should head to), at some point I'd naturally (lol) come across some signs of civilization. The problem was only that by then I was losing my energy rather quickly. Climbing rocks all the time does use up energy after all ^ ^

14:49 As I -maybe- found a path that would lead me to somewhere I might want to be

14:57So I just followed the blue dots~

15:07 Until I reached some signs. Not that I had any idea which was what xD I also had seen a tower by then, one that I thought might be the one that I'd been at before. At the farthest point I've ever wandered through the woods.

It's on a pretty high rock plateau from where you can see pretty far. I used to love it there... and as I've never seen any other 'sort of tower' anywhere close before, I was pretty relieved to have found something familiar. (even though I still didn't really have an idea which would be the correctest way back >>) And I was surprised to find an observation tower right next to it. [= the somewhat ... tiny-in-comparison thing to the left]

And well, it was newly built - in 2008, by the Red Cross.

I kinda laughed out loud because... well, there was this lovely hytte next to it (a sort of small tree house) that a) only opened in September, b) read something like "do you want to participate in the Red Cross to help us help find people?" and I went like "ah... lost people? Like me? 8D"

Well I climbed up the 15m high tower. Concentrating to not get too dizzy >>

15:15 Ah, I love that. As far as you can see, the horizon is... woods... No matter which direction.

And here I went jubileeing slightly... because for one, I could see the town, so I knew the about~direction I would have to head to. And besides that, down there I saw a road. Well not that it would directly lead to where I needed to get to, but it was another sign of civilization xD There scarcely was a day I was more glad to find those.

And when I had made my way down the tower, I also remembered that I did have something to eat with me! Ahhhh, I rummaged through my bag, until I found the mini-bag of sweets. Sugar! That was just what I'd needed.

So with an 'idea' where I was, and the thought of just trusting the blue dots and follow them, as they would lead to some 'idrettsplass' ~ a sports ground ~ and well, I started from one. That might well be that one. If I was lucky.

15:29 And if there were two different ways down to it, I surely would not want to choose the one that was 4.4km, no... I preferred the 2.7km one.

So I headed off again, at ease, knowing I had some path, knowing that I would get somewhere after those two kilometers. I just had to ... walk.

Surprisingly, just when I took the turn from the rocks area down into the woods again, I saw... you'd never guess.

Both of them were busy with talking into their phones, or listening. I almost got the impression the one was talking with the other lmao

15:38 Setting off down the path that might lead to the right place. Or not.

15:45 And that was the point when I decided I would need music. For the first time today.
And of course whatever came up was just perfect.
I'll never forget the way COLD RAIN lead me through the woods.

And how 皐月 came on after and I just knew that the next would either be EMILY or 輪廻. I just laughed when it indeed was 輪廻.


16:00Oh yay, Signs. And 泣ヶ原

And there were more and more signs, and more and more songs and pictures, and at one point I was incredibly grateful as I saw a mushroom that looked intriguingly yummey... even though there had been snails on it but... w So I tried it and found out it WAS extremely yummey... So good I almost cried for happiness to have found something so good in the middle of the forest *laughs*, plucked it and ate from it while walking on. *cough* Even though I have no idea of mushrooms... really >> But as my tongue hadn't gone numb by licking it, instead it tasted fantastic, I thought 'why not 8D'. And from then on my spirits only rose again.

16:16 休眠〜お休み〜


At some point then, the whole area changed again. There was this little 'cave' of young birch trees in front of me... with muddy ground... (that's where I got the other stings...)

And not only birch trees, mud and mosquitos, there were blackberries! And plenty of them at that!

Ahh, how wonderful.

16:30 it really looked quite different there.

After a while I was so annoyed of all the itching stings and the mosquitos, I just grabbed a bit of mud and smeared it over my legs. =___= Should have done that ages ago. It wasn't only wonderfully cooling and soothing, it really seemed to keep them off 8D Well, I'll do that next time xD >> [should I take a mud-bath before going to the forest? www]

16:33 The next sign-post I came across had been destroyed slightly... however you could still read where I'd have to head to. And there it didn't seem to be long anymore at all. No number given x3

And yupp, just a couple of minutes I saw this...

No, I've never been more glad to finally have something very very human-made in front of me. Even though the last part of my journey wasn't bad at all. I was in even higher spirits than when I had set off in the beginning. But that is the spirit of "I'll make it" after you had a phase of "Oh Gods, will I get out here today? Alive? 8D"

16:36 That was the path behind me

And in front of me suddenly was this...

And then I just knew I was as right as right could be.

This here was where it all started:

And lol. Of course, just opposite my bicycle, there were uhm... sign posts. =_='

I got back home at around 5pm then. Pretty exhausted, and just as I went in, dinner had been served =3

What a wonderful day~ ♥
I'm living for days like these. Things happen. You actually struggle. You overcome things. Nothing too life-endangering after all and all in all...

Perfect. ♥
20th-Aug-2009 11:19 pm (UTC)
Wow I love the photos you took! Its so lovely and inspiring.
I wish I could live somewhere like that!!
20th-Aug-2009 11:52 pm (UTC)
Aww, thank you...
I love it. My heart and everything about me finds peace here.
And living some place like here still is something I really want to do. *smiles*
21st-Aug-2009 07:34 am (UTC)
Gosh, your report scared the shit out of me. Getting lost in the woods, having nothing to eat, murder-mosquitos, eating mushrooms you don't know ...

When I read your report, my heart started bumping more and more and more ... suddenly I remembered a Stephen King novel: "Das Mädchen". It's exactly the story you told. She gets lost in the woods and she has to fight against this and that ...

Gosh. My daughter LIVE in a Stephen King horror novel.

If I were catholic, I would go to church and donate lots of money and buy lots of candles and would pray lots of prayers now ...
21st-Aug-2009 09:21 am (UTC)
Aahahaa... it's not that this hasn't ever happened before XD It just belongs to the whole thing. *smiles* Forests are there to get lost in them at some point... before finding your way out again. That's just what you get, it's called life. ^---^

Ah, I read that novel. Don't really remember much of it though.
And it wasn't horror lol.

But you aren't ^ ^
21st-Aug-2009 03:44 pm (UTC)
Oh my, you got lost. o_o
I would've panicked, I hate not having control of things. I'm glad everything turned out okay, though. Glad you're safe too! Apart from the mosquito bites. xD

Loved the pictures, btw. :3
21st-Aug-2009 09:16 pm (UTC)
Hahaha... well that just belongs to being in woods as huge as those. ^___^ As long as one finds the way out again :3 And that I did... (it's the times you get lost that you remember best from foresttrips xD)
I hate the mosquito bites.. x-x' I tend to be allergic to them, at that... My shoes rub against them it's a pain in the ass X-x'

Nyan~ they seem a bit dull the way the sun didn't shine and so on ,_, But thanks =3
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