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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Short Update (... or so I think), Jrocker-Gender-Confusions, and is it already Friday? 
29th-Aug-2009 01:17 am
Actually I do not have much to say, but well, we all know where introductions like these can lead to. *laughs*

EDIT: Just when I went to bed, I remembered what the one thing I definitely had wanted to say with this entry was...

I'm getting notifications from LJ again! But well, the entry wrote itself nonetheless, lol

Well, it's Friday night, I'm sitting in my room on my bed, my dear laptop is providing me with mostly heidi., ClearVeil, DELUHIとか, and as usual, I'm pretty tired already. Probably also to be blamed on the fresh air. Or generally, on air. (In comparison, other 'airs' wouldn't even have counted for air... Ahh, I missed that...)
Currently, it's full house here. Helge's grown-up-and-married daughter Eli came over for a visit with her husband and her 3 year old son. Next to those, an ominous young man stayed here... I am not so sure whether he's still there, and I have no idea, what his connection with everyone is. He seemed to be good friend with Lars-Helge but... Lars-Helge is *thinks* 13, and he looked at least 17 xD

Lars-Helge wanted him to meet me (as he tends to, when it's about his friends), and not knowing that I wasn't in his room at the far end anymore, but in mine right next to the staircase, he was talking to him while leading him to his room, and I overheard him saying "But she's too old for you!" ... lmao Gods...

Well, the guy, Fredrik I think, was kinda much too shy to say anything apart from Hei anyway, as he was confronted with the in-front-of-the-laptop-on-bed-doing-translations-me. Lars-Helge told him how I'm "Norwege-Germ-Japanesish" and Fredrik almost doubled over backwards "Uhhh no, that's definitely nothing I'd ever do..." *laughs*

A couple of Larsi's friends however were pretty interested in Japanese (Anime-from-the-internetz-generation) a couple of days ago. They were about his age, and well... asked me about German and Japanese ... expletives. We were amused. All of us.

By the way, he's very much convinced that our guys are all girls. Of course. Or, on accepting they're somehow guys, he shakes his head and states that they must be gay. And according to him, I ought to address Maoご夫人様 more as 'ola chica' than the ways I might do. *cough*

L-H: Is that her *points at blog header* blog?
Me: Uhm... it's a he, yeah. It's his blog.
L-H: Uh... *laugh* No. That's not a guy.
Me: *knows very well how much guy that guy is* >> Sure is.
L-H: Ahaha... no way. I mean... hello~? That face doesn't look like a man's and...
Me: *eyebrowraise* *thinking ['Wellll...']*
L-H: *continuing* and uh... is that lipstick? Oo'
Me: No... ['Itslipcreamitslipcreamohgodsitsonlylipcream8D] >.>
L-H: And ... right, uh. Silk scarf draped around his neck? That shirt? Tahahaha...
Me: <.< Well. They all kinda dress like that...
L-H: GAY! 8D
Me: ... No lol. They just have a good taste about clothing.
L-H: *just stares at me, both eyebrows lifted*
Me: ... *chuckles* and the style is different, that's all.

Ah, I'm really not used to conversations with total disbelievers and deniers anymore. *laughs* Well. He calls them 'my girls' now. x3 Wanted me to show him others, I showed him a couple of the guys from some ameba blogs, and some he even believed could... ma---ybe be guys. Like, woah, vistlip's Rui was believable XD Can't even fathom how... that beauty.






Seems I'm slowly waking up, just a bit before heading under the blankets.

Just something I found highly amusing... While I sat there and tried translating the latest song I did, I put the lyrics into an online translator to see whether it would make any sense out of it. Most of the time you get just "...", [...] or the words in romaji and a lot of free space where there should have been translated words.

Well, there were a couple of interesting passages but...

Just where in these lines...


may you be capable of reading kanji or not, but where in there did they get the slightest hint of uhm...

"It endures seeing you who is strong at that time and endures, the swallow of the desire, and the massage. "

... Massage??? oO'

Have I mentioned already that it's Friday night? I might have.
Well anyway, I guess, you'd be able to see it at the date posted. >>

My point... my point is, I guess... that I'll go to Oslo on Tuesday. Which means, bye-bye here, bye-bye fam, actually bye-bye my time here. Which was, and still is, a good [not quite the right word] and needed time, no matter where exactly I was or am. *smires*

今日のこと 今日の一日のこと…つーか、明日のこと…明日の2,3日のこと…

Right, which reminded me of a very recent マオphayl I had today. *sigh* I just never... orz

Well I was sort-of-chatting with some Japanese girls on ピッグ, and well, they were both シドfans. So at one point, they started minimizing themselves (or rather, their avatars), it was all pretty lightheaded にゃん&あはーんing rather than talking. It only lasted five minutes anyway [Not sure whether that is a good thing, or rather indicates how I can totally fail in just 5mins...]

So at one point, one of them typoes ミニアム and writes something like ミニマム instead... and *cough* that's when I went like




Just when I had written that, and five seconds without reactions followed, I actually realized what erm, a Minimao could mean and...



Well luckily they found it seemingly extremely funny but... *cri*

I was merely thinking of a minimized version of hisself!!! *CRI* ... If I was thinking at all Uh Gods. -_-'

Well. 8D For some weird reason I fled the room soon after.
No wait. That was because just at that time, 迷宮ちゎん came online so... so yay.

Well then. So much about 最近など. Gonna see what I can do tomorrow ^-^
Have a good night everyone~ ♥
I'll go and snuggle into the blankets while dreaming of ... さぁ... *laughs*

29th-Aug-2009 08:56 am (UTC)
rofl hahahahaha massage!! XD
I have NO IDEA where they got that from....
29th-Aug-2009 09:44 am (UTC)
Lol, I guess one would have to both be lucky in guessing, and have a vivid imagination. It probably will remain a mystery forever. I mean, I have no idea how these tools work but... if they made the もう耐える into も打ったえる in some way uh, one would at least have some motion that might lead to some way of massaging but... >>
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