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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
The Gold of the Scythians 
6th-Nov-2007 06:27 pm
mao distorted

I really wanted to blog about this, because it was... amazing, ne.

Yesterday I met my grandparents after college, downtown, because they wanted to go to an exhibition with me. It was called "Das Gold der Skythen", or in English "The Gold of the Scythians".

It was... MUCH. Really, a lot. And brilliant. Amazing.

You know, what intrigues me with museums, 'old stuff'... is that those things we look at, those tools and weopons ... they have been used a time ago. A long, long time ago, a woman brushed her hair with that comb. A man carved arroweads and made shafts. Wore those cloths we only have rags of, nowadays. Drank and ate from bottles and plates. Memories, about each and every piece. A woman might have been given that bronze mirror of someone that liked her. A horse had been adorned with that intricate bridle. Fathers were sitting down to make toys for their kids, hours and hours.

It really isn't just stuff, you know. I forgot that term now... *shakes head* It's not telekinesis... But it is when you can 'see the past' by touching things. If you were able to do that... and then, if it already kicked in by only looking... How many impressions you'd get. So many lives you'd see. Ohhh now I'm not saying I would want that. Because honestly, that overload would probably kill you.

The Scythians

Honestly, when I went ot that exhibition, I only marginally remembered... well honestly, I didn't remember anything about the Scythians. Only that I've read and heard that name numerous times before, in connection with the ancient Greek. As it turns out, the myths say that ... ohhh my head. I think, Hercules and his people either met them... or were the 'fathers' of the scythians. The amazones were the mothers, I remembered that.

The items in the exhibition were all dated between 900 and 300 B.C.

Now, think.

900 years b.c. That is almost 3000 years ago. Three - thousand - years. It already is hard to imagine how people were living... say, 300 years ago. 500. But... two... threethousand.

And the things were beautiful. Most of it was Gold. From their tumuli. They had a lot of them, and they were giganic. Sometimes, when a ruler died, every single one of their ... how do you say Gefolgsleute. Entourage? The people that were following them, their tributaries, they followed them into death, with a lot of jewellry, clothes, and the horses. The tumuli were about... ummm more than 30m diametre, 60 even, more, huge hills in the middle of the savage plains of what is now Russia, casachstan and East-Asia... mostly.

That one was beautiful, ne. I think about 300B.C. You could see every feather, detailed, the veins on the nose of the pegasus...

A tiger and a fantasy-wolf fighting

That PECTORAL! The details were amazing! Dogs chasing after hares, a cow milking her calf... so small and so detailed!

Here's a detail:

For more pictures and information of the pectoral just follow the link.

Horses... Either ornaments for the horses, hehe, or one of the Scythian's hats, or cloths.

People, in their coffins, where always lying on their left side. Women in the West, Man in the East. In one tumuli, there had been horses hundreds of horses. All of them facing one direction, lying on the same side. Imagine. That mass of bodies. I might not be psychic in the way I mentioned, but I sure do feel things about items, about people, about situations. I think everybody can do that... some to greater extent than others. And that FORCE that had been there... that had been around such a tumulus, when all the bodies had been put into their places, the items and gifts, and the horses... there sure had been intricate rituals. Just imagine. It's amazing.

The more you walk around, the more you look at... the intricate, beautiful gold, the articles of daily use, the attires. You get this picture in your head what they looked like. They looked like a lot. I can't really describe it, it's not possible to imagine it when you havn't seen it.

An artist tried reconstructing what they looked like

Another thing about the Scythians was that they had tattoos. No idea how they made them... seeing to the fact that you have to pierce your skin over and over again with a needle that has been dipped into some sort of paint. Lovely tattoos. Images of animals and plants, mostly deers though, on the arms and around the shoulders, sometimes the shin too. Both women and men had tattoos. Of course only the very rich ones.

The sensation of the whole exhibition [though I must say, everything about it was sensational... and sooo much info pooh... Anyway, the sensation was that people had found a mummy in great condition. Preserved in the cold ice. The condition is said to be better than Oetzi's, even. I've only ever seen one mummy before in my life, or, rather, a bog body, a woman... I was very young, and ummm... it didn't exactly scare me, I was more fascinated than actually scared, but there definitely was something eerie about her. I still can remember the "glass-coffin" she was lying in, I think I remember the way she was lying there, and I definitely remember her hair, the plaits. Now, this body... was very interesting. He also had a tatoo.

The way those mummified look... "Skin and bones", literally. Or... leather on bones. That's what it looks like.
I don't want to scare or gross out people, so I won't put the picture up here (I found one... it's not very good, but you can see the tattoo), but I'll give you a link ~ to the mummified Scythian
7th-Nov-2007 01:19 am (UTC)
Really interesting way of describing all this. So much passion within, if you can call it passion in this case.
I've never be close to history, I think I have been put off by my teachers, it was from 5th degree to 11th that my class teachers had chosen history und geography as their subjects and at almost every field day we had to go to a museum. Both were really boring teachers, even though they were nice off school. But you don't want to be bored by all those historical things anymore, if you see all the other classes doing nice undertakings. There are not much museums left, I'm interested in, the only one I remember at this moment is the one about musical instruments.

But reading your entry was really interesting. These facts, all this seemed to be so alive, event though it was not that much.
It's not enough to get me into it, but it really didn't bore me. ^^
7th-Nov-2007 02:09 am (UTC)
Lol... wow... sounds good XD

Never expectes such a leeeenggggthy comment about a mere visit to an exhibition ^-^ *ishglad*

Well, I think I've always liked museums, at least if they were of an interesting kind. That... 'passion' or whatever, it only started out maybe a year ago. When I really realized that one simple fact, that people used those things, that it were people's things. I really thought about that ... and my imagination is a very good one, so it starts drifting to other times, other places...

I'm glad I don't bore you XD
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