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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[mem] Favourite artists 
2nd-Sep-2009 08:37 pm
edy 出口
I got back from a day in Oslo just a couple of hours ago, checked my FL and so on... Well, found this one on tonbo_no_arashi's, and felt this slight hint of me wanting to do it (again).

Off topic, I can't really understand why people go bashing about マオ's outfits or clothing styles 8D But maybe it's just that I'm so terribly biased, that I love his terrible green/pink/flashy-something shoes and all the rest. ... orz

*sigh* Or maybe everything else just distracts me too much to... hey no, actually... Their style has always been pretty... sort of 'unique' [the shoes anyway 8D silvermoonbootsclownshoessilvermoonbootsclownshoessilver...] ... and unique things always got... something... *smiles*

Anyway... The meme reminded me of the long ago discovered genius of some exist†trace songs, and the long ago wish to actually listen more to them. Right.

Harald and his girlfriend are both out still... met Harald in town, as he, dusten, forgot his lyrics that he was supposed to practice. So I had to carry the heavy sheet of paper [it's heavy metal after all w] around lmao... Well, he's at the studio ~I think~ and she's at work, or on her way back...

My own self is not as calm as it usually is 8D
... I'm not as nervous and wracky as I'll be tomorrow though, I know as much 8D


Anyway, off to the meme!

I) List your top 10 most played bands on iTunes/whichever/last.fm:

Okay, 問題. My first two share place no.1, as they're in a steady race against each other...

☆1 ガゼット/シド
♡2 Dir en Grey
☆3 Kagrra,
☆5 UnsraW
♡6 Sadie
☆7 heidi.
♡8 清春 *cri* omgs I just started listening to him in June 8D
☆9 Gackt
♡10 Dio - distraught overlord

Mmmm I always get such a warm feeling when I look at my library on last.fm *giggle*

What was the first song you ever heard by 6 (サディ Sadie)?
Sheesh, I actually don't know. Maybe サヨナラの果て [Sayonara no Hate]

What is your favorite album of 2 (Dir en Grey)?
UROBOROS. All of them have their great songs, but I guess that one moved most about me. Possibly also the live's fault *laughs*

What is your favorite lyric that 5 has sung(UnsraW)?
Aw, I thought of UnsraW coming up for me when I read that question. *smiles*
Well there are some but...

羽のない小鳥よ 何故に窓辺に
それでもまだ飛ぼうとするのは何故? 教えてよ

もう少しだけ もう少しだけ
だからせめて今だけは 「君」の声に委ねて

They might be simpler than so many other lyrics but it still moves me so much ...

What is your favorite song by 7(heidi.)?
儚花 [Hakana Hana] was my first, and one of my favourites~ along with その行方。 and 死んだ世界. Lately I'm extremely into ディープ though :3

What is a good memory you have involving the music of 10(Dio - distraught overlord)?
*shudders* Uhhhrrrrrgawds~~~~~~~~~~~~ I guess that everything happening at the live 'involves the music', so... that.

Is there a song of 5 that makes you sad(UnsraW)?
Uhm, well. 休眠〜おやすみ〜 [Kyuumin~Oyasumi~]

What is your favorite lyric that 2 (Dir en Grey) has sung?
Sheesh, there are too many... I love for example this line from 腐海 [Fukai]


How did you get into 3 (Kagrra,)?
By chance, just the way I got into most artists in my beginners-phase. Later, when I rediscovered them... and really, really got into them, that was after the first time I saw them live. いーーーっし〜〜〜〜ぃいい〜*____*

What was the first song you heard by 1 (ガゼット/シド)?
For ガゼット, it's Reila. For シド... I think it was Sweet..? Which was not the song that convinced me or got me into them in any way <<

What is your favorite song by 4 (RENTRER EN SOI)?
I love lots... *smiles* 神話 [Shinwa] …微熱下で写実した深層は宛先不明の手紙と成る [Binetsu shita shashin shita...] ... I might actually like STIGMATA more ... I don't know *laughs*

What is a good memory you have involving 2 (Dir en Grey)?
The hours before my first live with them, hours that at times felt like ages in the blazing heat... the moments after that live, with my new treasures, and especially the last live I've been to...

Is there a song of 8 (清春) that makes you sad?
... まぁね… Not directly... yet... maybe?

What is your favorite album of 5 (UnsraW)?
There is only one album :3

What is your favorite lyric that 3 (Kagrra,) has sung?
Oy... Well now I must say that of all about 一誌さん、his lyrics are something I ... haven't yet had the courage/proficiency to dive into but... Let's say うたかた [Utakata]... and 雫 [Shizuku] *smiles*

What is your favorite song of 9 (Gackt)?
Lust for Blood. o(*_*)m

What is your favorite song of 10 (Dio - distraught overlord)?
;___; 踊り狂え〜俺は灰とかす ... Uhm. CARRY DAWN. And the Album Vs of Last Dance.

What is your favorite album of 1 (ガゼット/シド)?
Oh hm... that's not that easy... I usually put NIL as answer for the first... Yet there's so much... wonderfulness in DIM, wonderfulness based on things they didn't yet have in NIL times... I guess I really can't say.
And for シド it's slightly harder but... maybe... 憐哀 [Renai]. 星の都 [Hoshi no Miyako] would be very close to that one, though.

What is a great memory you have considering 4 (RENTRER EN SOI)?
Hmm... revelations and feelings conveyed through the music. I might have named watching the DVD, but well... it's their last live, so I'm not convinced it counts as 'great memory'... though actually... you just gotta twist the meaning of 'great'... 微笑

What is your favorite cover by 7 (heidi.)?
Errrrm... Don't really know their covers. oO' レム or 慟哭... w

Wuah, that was that, it's already past midnight now...

Mom, I tag you, just use the 10s you think you listened most to ever XP
And whoever wants to do it <3

We watched a norwegian film just now (that's why the huge break of not... doing this) ... and lol, forget huge flatscreens! Harald projected the damn film against the fucking wall LMAO.

And I was very .... surprised/amused to find my name in the end credits. Last name: Cornelius. Sounds lyrical. *smiles*

Okay so... I gotta go to bed soon I guess. Well okay, that's not right. I don't ~have~ to yet but... >>
Another flight tomorrow~ ♥
... as long as I get to the airport in time, things are okay *laughs* ... but it's quite a way 8D

Don't know when I'll be back *laughs*
But... see you then~

3rd-Sep-2009 08:07 am (UTC)
I'll do this! It looks fun... hehe~

3rd-Sep-2009 09:23 am (UTC)
Nyan... It's a nice one. ^-^ Makes one reflect a bit about the music and the bands one likes.

Have fun~
3rd-Sep-2009 10:43 am (UTC)
Ohh nice meme! :D
I like UROBOROS too! Thats the only album I have of them. X
4th-Sep-2009 11:42 am (UTC)
Hehe ^-^
I really do like it :3
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